Videos of the Week: Negreanu’s Big Bluff Against Brunson on High Stakes Poker; $390K Pot at Hustlers with Garrett Adelstein; the Craziest Flops EVER by PokerStars; latest Brad Owen Vlog & More!

In this article, we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Daniel Negreanu Bluffs Doyle Brunson in Huge High Stakes Poker Pot

The new season of High Stakes Poker on PokerGO recently kicked off with a “casual” $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em cash game. The episode featured such poker legends as Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and Doyle Brunson 26 WSOP gold bracelets between them! The latter two got into a big pot against each other. In it, Negreanu bluffed off Brunson, as well as recreational player Kim Hultman, off a flush. You can watch old Dneg’s ambitious moves – that paid off this time – below.

Massive Pot at Hustlers Featuring “Gman” Adelstein

Las Vegas, Nevada isn’t the only place where high stakes, televised cash games are taking place. One state to the West, in Gardena, CA, the very same thing is happening on a regular basis at the Hustler Casino. And you can find a few familiar faces there as well – for example, cash game crusher Garrett Adelstein. He got into a huge, $390,000 pot against a player named Dylan Gang. On the turn, when the players moved all-in, the usually angsty Adelstein held top two pair, while Gang had the nut flush draw. Watch the video to find out if Gman’s hand held.

The Most Insane Flops by PokerStars

We’ve all heard poker commentators say the phrases “this is an action flop” or “everyone’s got a piece of that flop”. The PokerStars YouTube channel decided to put together a compilation of the times when those (somewhat) clichés very much applied. This video features Ryan Reiss, Poker EM Velden Champion Matthias Habernig, and Dan Smith. You’ll also see one player flop the nut flush while another flopping the second nut flush; set over set on the flop; as well as A710 on the board in a heads-up pot, while one player has A10 and the other has A7…

Throwback to WPT Uruguay from 2017

With all the events unfolding in our world these days, most people would agree that 2017 was a better time. Apparently, the people who run the World Poker Tour YouTube channel think the same way. as they decided to post some big hands from the 2017 WPT Uruguay Main Event final table. The massive $109,860 first prize ended up going to Juan Gonzalez Venzano from Argentina. You can watch the action that led up to his victory below.

Brad Owen Back at the Bellagio in Vegas

Fresh Global Poker Awards Vlogger of the Year winner Brad Owen was back on his “home turf”, the $5/$10 table at the Bellagio to record the latest one of his popular vlogs. After two and a half hours of battling, this turned out to be not our hero’s session. He ended up losing more than twice the maximum buy-in at the table, $3,900 in total. However, that’s just the way it goes for professional poker players sometimes – Owen will be back for more action soon.