Videos of the Week: Negreanu Takes Down Another PokerGO Cup Event; Quad Queens at a WPT Final Table; Poker Peeker Banned From Hustlers; Lex Veldhuis in Bounty Tourney for Charity & More!

In this article, we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Daniel Negreanu’s Epic Comceback to Win the PokerGO Cup

Last July, it was in a $50K PokerGO Cup event where Negreanu ended his almost 8-year-long tournament win drought. Now, he was back at the Aria playing in a $25K event in the same series – and booking another win. However, he did not have the greatest odds for victory when he showed up to play the final day, as he was 4th in chips out of the 5 remaining players. And those 4 opponents included elite players like British high roller Stephen Chidwick and Florida all time money list leader Sean Winter. What’s more, Negreanu got it all-in for his tournament life early on in the night with A8 against Winter’s AQ. 3 out of 4 times, that is where the tourney ends for old DNegs, but not this time. Negreanu doubled up and ended up taking down the event for no less than $350,000.

Pocket Queens Compilation by the World Poker Tour

We all love it when we get dealt the Pocket Rockets (AA) or the Cowboys (KK), but can we get some love to the Ladies (QQ) as well? That is exactly what the World Poker Tour YouTube channel did when they decided to edit together the most exciting hands that were played at WPT final tables, where one of the players was holding pocket Queens. The luckiest of them was Vivek Rajkumar from India at the $10,000 WPT Shooting Star Championship final table in March 2011. He rivered four of a kind with his Queens, coolering Alan Sternberg’s full house, 6’s over Queens. However, Sternberg ended up winning the tournament for $1.039 million.

Poker Peeker Banned from Hustlers

Last week, Hustler Casino had their own, mild case of the “Mike Poslte syndrome”. While in 2019, Postle allegedly got hole card information relaid to him from the broadcast booth; what happened at Hustlers recently was a much simpler scheme. Julio Cedillo, aka “Skillrocks”, was constantly peeking at the hole cards of his opponent to his left, a player named Barry. At one point Cedillo even moved Barry’s sunglasses out of the way to get a better look… While in a poker room, each player is responsible for protecting their own cards, the efforts Cedillo made to get a good look were egregious, constantly leaning over Barry’s shoulders. Thankfully, the casino stepped in and banned the mischievous Julio from their premises. Poker YouTuber Alex Duvall made a great video about the incident.

Lex Veldhuis’ $215 Charity Bounty Tourney on Stars

Dutch poker player and poker streamer Lex Veldhuis teamed up with PokerStars for a good cause. In this $215 bounty tournament, all the tournament fees went to charities that fight Lewy body dementia (LBD), the very disease Veldhuis’ father passed away from. Naturally, Veldhuis himself helped the effort with donations of his own as well. As for how the tournament itself went for him, you can find out below through the highlights video he posted on his YouTube channel.

The Latest of Brad Owen’s Vlogs

Brad Owen’s poker vlog channel is still going strong. The lanky Las Vegas poker pro’s adventures still bring in hundreds of thousands of views per video. In this one, he goes back to one of his favorite “hunting grounds”, the $5/$10 NLHE table at the Bellagio. He even made what he calls in his title a “revenge all-in”. One of his opponents bluffed him (with a better missed straight draw, by the way) in one hand, but Owen soon hit back by stacking him with AK, after flopping top pair-top kicker. You can watch the action below.