USOP Hanoi: Clutch victory for Do Quang Trinh at the High Roller Warm Up title; Nguyen Khoi, Ng Shun Hong win trophies

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Three new players minted at Day 2 of U Series of Poker Hanoi! The latest champions were Do Quang Trinh, Nguyen Khoi, and Ng Shun Hong. We’ve got those results down below.

To date, six players have captured trophies. More USOP hardware are up for grabs with a total of 38 trophy events on the schedule. The biggest one is coming up, the Main Event 12 BN guaranteed. Scroll to the bottom of the page for all the info.

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Clutch victory for Do Quang Trinh at the High Roller Warm Up

Down to 2.5 bb at three-handed, Do Quang Trinh scored a lucky triple up with 9s6h straight on a board 4s3d2c5s2s. This was the spark that led to his first ever live tournament title. For Do’s stunning achievement, he pocketed a career high VND 900,000,000 (~USD 37,367) payout.

usop hanoi warm up highroller champion 1
Do Quang Trinh

The High Roller Warm Up drew a crowd of 50 big sluggers and 28 re-entries to send the prize pool soaring over VND 3 Billion. The money bubble burst on a short stack who pushed with Qh9s that failed to improve against Duc Hieu’s Ac2h. Another five busts later, the final table was formed led by a familiar face, Pierre Husson who just the day prior finished 2nd at the Mini High Roller.

You can relive the final table race to victory via the livestream on the USOP YouTube channel or just click the link below.

Do’s sudden rise to triumph

usop hanoi warm up highroller final table

Prior to Do Quang Trinh’s win, Husson dominated the final table and seemed destined to finally close it out. At three-handed, Husson was backed by 70%  of the chips in play when Do lost a costly double up against Anton Lu to drop to 2.5 bb. He shoved on the next hand and tripled up with a straight. A few hands after, he doubled up through Husson with Ad8h staying ahead of Kh7d to take the lead by a small margin.


After a break, Husson shoved holding Kh10s, small blind Do called with Ah9d, the board bricked, and just that fast, Husson was eliminated in 3rd place. Up 32 bb to Lu’s 6 bb, heads up was quick. On the second hand, Do’s 8c8s prevailed over Lu’s 10h7s on a board Qd7h3h4cJh.

Date: September 2, 2023
Buy in: VND 44,000,000 (~USD 1,860)
Guarantee: VND 1,200,000,000 (~USD 49,820)
Entries: 78 (50 unique)
Prize pool: VND 3,026,400,000  (~USD 125,655)
ITM: 12 places

Place Player Payout in VND
1 Do Quang Trinh 900,000,000
2 Lu Anton Zhen Zhao 570,000,000
3 Husson Pierre 360,000,000
4 Nguyen Thanh Tung 251,400,000
5 Tan Tong 193,000,000
6 Nguyen Duc Hieu 156,000,000
7 Hoang Hai Nam 130,000,000
8 Du Boisbaudry Leo 111,000,000
9 Benloch Florent Remi 97,000,000
10 Tran Duc Chinh 86,000,000
11 Nguyen Quang Minh 86,000,000
12 Pham Alan Anh Minh 86,000,000

Nguyen Khoi wins the Hyper Turbo

nguyen khoi usop hanoi hyper turbo2 champion
Nguyen Khoi

With blinds high, Nguyen Khoi and Ronak Agarwal faced off for the Hyper Turbo title, both players about even in stacks and on a push or fold situation. Nguyen closed it out to lift his first ever USOP trophy and a payout of VND 96,500,000 (~USD 4,000).

Date: September 2, 2023
Buy in: VND 4,500,000 (~USD 190)
Total entries: 79
Prize pool: VND 306,500,000  (~USD 12,725)
ITM: 10 places

Place Player Payout in VND
1 Nguyen Khoi 96,500,000
2 Agarwal Ronak Sanjeev 59,900,000
3 Yoo Eunjung 38,500,000
4 Jhon Hendri 26,000,000
5 Dinh Xuan Huy 20,300,000
6 Nguyen Ngoc Tung 16,700,000
7 Crespo Rodriguez Juan 14,300,000
8 Nguyen Thanh Song 12,700,000
9 Nguyen Dac Long 11,400,000
10 Kyle Bao Quoc An Diep 10,200,000

Ng Shun Hong perseveres at the fast paced 10/10/10 event

ng shun hong usop hanoi 10 10 10 champion
Ng Shun Hong

One of the fastest tournaments in the roster was tabled with 32 entries taking on the 10/10/10 event – broken down to 10,000 starting stack, 10 minute blinds, and 10 seconds to act. It took only three hours to find its champion with Singapore’s Ng Shun Hong claiming it for his career second USOP win.

Date: September 2, 2023
Buy in: VND 3,400,000 (~USD 144)
Entries: 32 (26 unique)
Prize pool: VND 93,100,000 (~USD 3,865 )
ITM: 4 places

Place Player Payout in VND
1 Ng Shun Hong 43,000,000
2 Suchkov Dmitry 25,000,000
3 Wong Wai Cheong 15,500,000
4 Carreon 9,600,000

USOP Hanoi – VND 32 Billion in guarantees

USOP Hanoi is the young brand’s third event since its break out to the live scene on February 2023. With its variety of offerings and buy ins that cater to all types of bankrolls, the USOP has quickly become one of the most sought after festivals in the region.

usop hanoi vietnam main event trophy 4

If you haven’t heard yet, for this edition, the brand has spiced up the schedule with VND 32 Billion in guaranteed prize pools. Games run from September 1 to 11, 2023. The star attraction is the Main Event which carries a mighty VND 12 Billion guarantee, that’s over half a million USD! Mark these dates, Main Event runs from September 7 to 11, 2023. Buy in is VND 25,000,000 (~USD 1,060).

Hoodies have become the go-to choice of table attire for poker players, and at USOP, participants who register and have their chips in play during Level 1 of the Main Event will be gifted the newest USOP hoodie. It’s advisable to join on Day 1A as supply is limited to a total of just 250 pieces.

usop hanoi hoodie

New Events

Several new events have also been added. The Heads Up Challenge is gearing up to be one of the most exciting with all 32 spots quickly claimed. Click the link down below for the list of players and their first round match-ups.

USOP Hanoi – Heads Up Challenge first round match-ups revealed!

One of the most enjoyable will be the Tag Team Event. Strategy is the key. The winning team will receive two trophies, one for each player. Buy in is VND 6,600,000 per player / VND 13,200,000 per team. Teammates must register together. Event takes place on September 8, 2023.

The first 8 levels is individual play with teams battling at separate tables. As soon as Level 9 kicks in, teammates combine their stacks and play Tag Team poker from then on. Teammates can switch off anytime as long as they are not in an active hand.

tag team format

Other new events to look out for are listed below:

Run It Twice – September 3, 2023
Mixed NLH/PLO – September 5, 2023
Freezeout – September 10, 2023

Livestream Events

Event Date
Mini High Roller September 1, 2023
High Roller Warm Up September 2, 2023
Mystery Bounty September 3, 2023
Superstar Challenge September 4, 2023
High Roller Superstack September 4, 2023
Mini Main Event September 6, 2023
High Roller Megastack September 6, 2023
Super High Roller September 7, 2023
Heads Up Challenge September 8, 2023
Main Event September 11, 2023
High Roller Finale September 11, 2023

Final table promo

usop hanoi caps 5

In addition to the Hoodie promo, players that reach the final table of any trophy event will receive a newly designed USOP cap. Three colors are available: black, white, and pink.


USOP Hanoi – Coverage
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