Taiwan player Luke Lee wins the first-ever Master Poker Series Main Event

From 108 entrants to the last man standing… the Master Poker Series crowned its first-ever Main Event champion in Taiwanese player Luke Lee. Lee crushed the competition eliminating five of the 8 players in his path. He was awarded the the Champions Trophy, an exclusive MPS ring, and the NTD 364,560 first prize.

IMG 1357
Luke Lee – Main Event champion

The final tabled streamed live on the CTPClub Twitch channel, you can check out the action there. We also have a brief recap below of the final race.

Final 9 recap

The race began at 6pm and after just 3.5 hours, it was a done deal. It began with the lone female remaining, Hsiao Tsui Han and Lee taking turns sending players to the rail. Hsiao eliminated Tzu Wei Wang (9th) with AdQd over As10c to take the chip lead. Lee claimed the next one with 9c9h holding against Jun Zhou’s Kc9d.

IMG 1322
Hsiao Tsui Han

Hsiao proceeded to finish off Chen Wei Hsun (7th) with JcJh over Ac3c. A jack even showed up on the board to further rub in the defeat. Back to Lee, he booted Vincent Li (6th) with AsKd over Ah10c.  

By this time, both Hsiao and Lee were credited with two kills each and both sat atop the count with massive stacks. Lee was ahead in chips. However, the HsiaoLee show didn’t last much longer. In fact it had quite an abrupt end.

To the delight of the short stacks, both big stacks faced off. It began with Lee raising with 7c7h, Hsiao three-bet with JsJd, Lee shoved, and Hsiao snap-called. Though Hsiao was ahead, when the community cards landed 6h5d7d3c8s, it was all over for her. She took 5th place and Lee amassed nearly 65% of the chips. He had a 4:1 advantage over each of his opponents.

IMG 1334
Massive stacked Luke Lee

From there, players tumbled like dominos. Lee took out Cheli Lin (4th), Huang Chang Hau crippled out Po Hao Liao (3rd), and in just one heads up hand, Lee sent Huang packing in 2nd place to end the Main Event.

Final 9 payouts

  • 1st Luke Lee – NTD 364,560
  • 2nd Huang Chang Hau – NTD 250,000
  • 3rd Po Hao Liao – NTD 164,000
  • 4th Cheli Lin – NTD 133,000
  • 5th Hsiao Tsui Han – NTD 106,800
  • 6th Vincent Li – NTD 83,500
  • 7th Chen Wei Hsun – NTD 65,800
  • 8th Jun Zhou – NTD 50,200
  • 9th Wei Wang Tzu – NTD 36,800

The Main Event ran a total of four days with 108 total runners. Buy-in was NTD 15,000 (US$485) for a prize pool of NTD 1,414,260 (US$45,900). 15 players reached the money. 

IMG 1360
Luke Lee with Tom Wang of Visiber

Additionally, as a token of his success, Malaysian-based company Visiber awarded the champion a special lucky #1 necklace. Visiber products are very unique and quite intriguing. The company uses numerology to create personalized accessories. Upon speaking to Visiber’s Tom Wang, he explained that Visiber and poker have a numerology connection so they welcome the opportunity to showcase their products to the community. For anyone interested, just look up

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