Top 10 Beginners Tips for Six Plus Hold’em / Short Deck

It’s been over a year since PokerStars introduced Six Plus Hold’em and since then other major poker sites like GGPoker have followed suit. Six Plus might seem very similar to regular Texas Hold’em, except the ante structure and of course having the deck being stripped of all cards under sixes, but if you jump into […]

Everything you should know before making a deal in a tournament

Over the years, deal making has become an increasingly popular and important factor in tournaments. It allows players to flatten the payouts in the late stages which decreases the variance which can make tournament grinding difficult to manage as a profession. Most live events are happy to facilitate deals between players, and certain online poker […]

Five key areas for strengthening your Short Deck game

With Hold’em having been puzzled over and analysed under a microscope for over twenty years, the strategic elements of the game are beginning to follow a choreographed tightrope of game theory. Increasing numbers of players are playing almost every situation optimally with fewer and fewer mistakes being made at the highest level. Short Deck has […]

Improve Your Online Poker Table Selection with These 7 Simple Rules

As a player looking to improve the financial return on your daily grind, your first instinct will normally be to work on improving your game, review more sessions or learn more advanced concepts. In reality, while these are worthwhile goals, there are much faster and simpler ways to improve your win rate. Taking a closer […]

3 Big Misconceptions about Bankroll Management

Article by Tadas Peckaitis Bankroll management is one of the most important skills to master in order to be successful at poker in the long run. Nowadays, almost all players with an interest in poker have heard about it, and a large portion of them are following their own money management rules. Unfortunately, simply following […]

3 Steps to Help You With Note Taking in Online Poker

Poker is a game of partial information. Players constantly have to work out what the missing pieces are to the particular puzzle facing them in any given moment. It stands to reason then that the more information a player has available, the more accurate their decisions will become. Studying the way that your opponents play […]

7 Skills That You Need to Succeed at Poker

It’s difficult to know where to start once you set your heart on taking poker seriously and attempt to earn an income from it. In this article, we will not seek to inform you how to play certain hands or situations, and we can’t provide you with a simple recipe for success. What we can give […]

5 Myths Relating to Mental Aspects of Poker

Whether it’s tilt, fear, lack of motivation or confidence, emotions can affect the way you play poker. The mental aspect of the game has caused the progress of many talented players to stall, and while most players recognise this part of the game exists and is important – few of them are really putting enough […]

7 Simple Poker Learning Concepts You Need to Know

Have you ever felt like your poker learning has stalled, while others are slowly improving around you? Do you wish that you could wake up tomorrow with a higher level of understanding about important areas of the game? In this article, we seek to examine a few key concepts when it comes to reigniting your […]