Online News: PokerBROS closes DSOP with 200K GTD Championship; Partypoker expands cashback program; Coinpoker’s Stardust Frenzy Summer Series; Micro Tournament Series at Chico Network

In this column, we deliver you the latest and most interesting online poker industry news from across the world and all platforms. PokerBROS closes DSOP with 200K GTD Championship Social poker applications have held its own rightful place across the online poker scene with its accessibility and convenience an excellent perk for many recreational players. […]

PokerBROS: The Family Grows.

Article sponsored by PokerBROS PokerBROS has just unveiled the latest members of its team: Kikita Ardila, Ashley Frank and Justin Crespo are joining the family as official PokerBROS Friends. The Friends will represent the brand online through their social media channels, and at the tables in live events. PokerBROS are supporting the players in their […]

Sprint to the Bubble, Fight to the Finish with Accelerated MTTs on PokerBROS

Article sponsored by PokerBROS Tournaments are a hugely popular form of online poker, with the glory of being the last player standing something every poker fan aspires to. But slow-structured tournaments can involve a big time investment; Accelerated MTTs (and Union-spanning XMTTs) are a fun, fast-paced alternative, that still leaves room for poker skill to […]

Explosive Action: NEW PokerBROS Bomb Pots

Article sponsored by PokerBROS Nothing wakes up a ring game like throwing in the occasional Bomb Pot: antes swap in for blinds and everyone sees the flop – with explosive results.  Popular in card rooms and home games the world over, Bomb Pots have arrived on PokerBROS, and (like most things on the app) they’re […]

Voluntary All-positions Straddle Arrives on PokerBROS

Article sponsored by PokerBROS Straddles have been part of the liveliest of live poker games for years – and the flexibility and fun of this pot-building feature is now available on PokerBROS. PokerBROS’ in-game options make playing online as exciting and interactive as the face-to-face game – from voice chat and animated emoticons to “Run […]

Twin Black Friday Sales on PokerBROS

Article Sponsored by PokerBros PokerBROS is extending Black Friday bargains across the in-app Shop and merch Store this year, with online offers alongside half-price quality poker gear to wear IRL. The PokerBROS Store is offering 50% off all merchandise from 07:00 CT November 25th until 23:59 CT November 28th – a leisurely approach to Black […]

PokerBROS Introduces Mixed Game: Up to 22 Games in One

Article sponsored by PokerBROS From alternating Hold’em and Omaha to setting up a giant randomizer of a table that incorporates every community card poker variant on PokerBROS, Mixed Game has the ingredients for any poker recipe.  Although the app allows play on up to four tables at once, not every player wants to multi-table – […]

Double Board Across the Board on PokerBROS

Article sponsored by PokerBROS Following the launch of Double Board for Omaha, PokerBROS are rolling out the popular variant for a wider variety of community card games. Recently expanding to five and six-card Omaha (just in case four cards to play on two flops, turns and rivers weren’t enough), Double Board is now open for […]

PokerBROS Wants to Reward Players 100k Diamonds… for Throwing Poo

Article sponsored by PokerBROS PokerBROS is gearing up for one of its biggest ever Diamond giveaways this September with a simple challenge – Can players throw 100,000 poo emojis during the month? The odds are in their favor: the mighty poo emoji has long been a favorite at the tables and is regularly used to […]

New on PokerBROS: Pineapple (and the Crazy Kind)

Article sponsored by PokerBROS PokerBROS introduces another new pair of popular games to the wide range on offer on the app with the addition of Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple.  These three-card Hold’em variants let players choose the best two of three hole cards to boost their hand – and the action! A simple twist that […]