Macau: Gross Gaming Revenue Plunges 93 Percent; GDP Shrinks Almost 50%; 6.6% Occupancy Rate in Five-Star Hotels

While the global pandemic has hit many countries drastically, Macau has been suffering exceptionally hard resulting in damaging impact for the territory’s economy. As Macau’s gambling industry is seven times larger than that of Las Vegas, as much as 80% of the local government’s revenue is drawn out from the gaming sector. The continuous declining […]

Casino Briefs: No Decision Regarding Vegas Casinos Reopening; Macau Casino Gaming Revenue Almost Down to Zero

The gaming industry has taken a huge toll since news of the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. With non-essential businesses left with no choice but to halt operations, numerous employees were simultaneously forced out of work leaving hundreds of thousands of people in suffering. The trying time for the million dollar industry is now reportedly costing […]

Six Asia poker trends of 2019

It was a dizzying year of poker in Asia with barely a break in the live tournament scene. Players had plenty to choose from as festivals sometimes overlapped. Vietnam and the Philippines were consistently busy with nonstop events both local and international. Coming on strong was newcomer Taiwan adding more to everyone’s plate. In India, […]

Macau gaming revenue continues to plummet

Macau casino industry growth once seemed unstoppable, with high rollers flocking to its casinos on a weekly basis. These latest pictures show the past calendar year has been gloomier. This week saw Macau announce the latest of six revenue drops in the last ten months which indicate that Macau’s allure as a gambling hub is […]

Macau to implement Tourist Tax?

Macau in seems to be becoming too popular for its own good. 2018 saw 35.81 million visitors, a 9.8% rise in numbers compared to 2017. According to forecasts, 2019 could bring this number up to 38 million. Communities in Macau have raised concerns about the increasing number of visitors and are calling for measures that […]

Macau’s new super development: Hengqin Island

Hengqin is an island west of Macau and south of Zhuhai, also known under its Portuguese name Ilha de Montanha. Parts of Hengqin have been leased out to Macau in order to support the massive plans of developing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. Since 2005 there have been conversations around a multi-billion dollar plan […]

Cancelled events and rumors – What is happening to Macau Poker scene?

Poker King Cup postponed Poker King Club has announced the postponement of the Poker King Cup Macau 2019, originally scheduled from 15th to 21st March 2019, until further notice. No specific reasons were given other than “due to unforeseen circumstances that have arisen”. There is a compensation procedure in place for those that have made […]