Casinos in Asia

No Improvements in Indian and Japanese Casino Regulation

Two potentially powerful new promising poker markets in Asia, have recently taken a step back from legalised regulated casinos in their country. While there is a great deal of support from some parts of government, in both India, and Japan – There are also obstacles, which show no signs of melting away. India Two weeks […]

Russia is looking for a share of the Asian Gambling Market

The world of live gambling is developing and shifting, and it is no secret that gaming revenue in Macau has been noticeably fading for some time. Big money players from China have lost interest in Macau ever since China started looking more closely at operations there, and with that, opportunities arise for other locations to […]

Chinese VIP Customers are no longer in love with Macau

In March this year, gambing revenue in Macau has recorded the tenth consecutive month of decline, with March 2015 seeing a 39.4% decline compared to March 2014, which is a worrying trend for those invested in the area. The reasons for player migration away from Macau have been well documented, with Beijing tightening control over the […]

9 Chinese Gambling Superstitions

#1. Books Are to Be Avoided The Chinese don’t like words that sound like unlucky things. For example, “book” in Chinese sounds like “lose,” and hearing the word is considered unlucky. Carrying or looking at books are also unlucky to Chinese gamblers. #2. No sex before gambling For males, stay far away from sex (or […]

Russia wants to challenge Macau

Russia hopes to compete with Macao with an ambitious project in Primorye area outside Vladivostok on the country’s Pacific coast targeting Beijing and China’s three northeastern provinces, along with South Korea, and Japan. To attract investors, Tax rates will be low, about $4,200 a month per gaming table and $250 per machine. By 2020, fifteen […]

New casinos to open: Macau, Vietnam, South Korea

Macau: Eight casinos by 2017 There are eight additional casinos slated to be in operation by 2017. This expansion onto the Cotai strip is expected to more than double gambling revenues. The new casino projects are designed to lure a different class of gambler. Traditionally, Macau casinos competed fiercely for high-stakes players, but now operators […]