Russia is looking for a share of the Asian Gambling Market

The world of live gambling is developing and shifting, and it is no secret that gaming revenue in Macau has been noticeably fading for some time. Big money players from China have lost interest in Macau ever since China started looking more closely at operations there, and with that, opportunities arise for other locations to try and attract these important customers. The Primorye gaming zone is one such location, which can be found near the city of Vladivostok, in Russia. The gaming zone hopes to attract Chinese, but also Korean and Japanese customers, starting this summer. Four casino developments are already planned. In the long run up to 16 casinos are expected to be built in the area.

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The Primorye Gaming Zone is closer than Macau for gamblers flying from Tokyo, Seoul or Beijing

The first of these new casinos is officially under way, although it’s name is not yet set in stone. It is currently referred to as Seaside Entertainment Resorts City. NagaCorp are casino operators based in Cambodia, and they have been the driving force behind this new development, setting aside between $150-$200 million for the first phase alone. Chairman of NagaCorp, Tim McNally, confirmed that the first phase is now in progress, and the project should be completed in 2018. Specialist architects ‘Steelman Partners’ are working closely with NagaCorp, having designed numerous casinos in Las Vegas already.

Another important development in the area is the ‘Tigre de Cristal’ casino. The first phase has not open yet, but is planned for late August. Lawrence Ho is the mastermind behind this project, and despite several problems along the way which have delayed proceedings, the casino now seems to be making better progress. It plans for 119 hotel rooms and 40 tables aimed at mass market games, along with 25 set aside for VIP guests. Ho’s company ‘First Gambling Company of the East’ are working hard on meeting their deadlines and have invested a lot of time, money and energy into the project up to this point.


Macau is facing more and more competition

Russian company ‘Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim’ have also got in on the action, with plans for their own casino in the area, although they are not as far along as the two aforementioned projects. They are currently clearing space and readying the land for construction. Reports suggest that $914 million has been set aside for this casino, which is set to be named ‘Selena World Resort & Casino.

The fourth and final project in development is the ‘Phoenix Resort’ which is plans to offer 30 gaming tables in it’s first phase, with a further 150 added over following phases. The planned opening date is currently 2017 for this project, which is led by Russian based company ‘Royal Time Group.’ This is not the first casino construction for this group, as they already have developments in Kaliningrad and the Krasnodar region. With an experienced company at the head of this project, they have also enlisted the experienced help of architectural firm ‘Steelman Partners.’


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