Swiss Casino Zürich


Swiss Casino Zürich building at night
Swiss Casino Zürich

Swiss Casinos owns four properties across Switzerland. Casino Zürich is the flagship of the fleet. A futuristic interior welcomes the gambling guest throughout the establishment.

The poker room has four 10-handed tables and is open Mondays to Fridays from 8pm, Saturdays from 7pm and Sundays from 6pm.

The casinos offers restaurant options and requires clean attire.


  Playing Poker at Swiss Casino Zürich

 Cash Games:

Cash Games daily from 8pm until 30 minutes before the casino closes.


5/5 – Min. 250 CHF / Max. 1,500 CHF
5/10 – on request
5/5 Ante 2 – on request
10/25 – on request

5/5 on request


No information yet.


«No Flop, No Drop»
0-49 CHF: No rake
50-199 CHF: 5 CHF
200-499 CHF: 10 CHF
500-999 CHF: 20 CHF
over 1,000 CHF: 25 CHF
Running Twice: 10 CHF

Casino Zürich poker room
Casino Zürich poker room

Pratical Info

Address: Gessnerallee 3-5, Haus Ober, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Contact Number: +41 43 330 30 30

  Email: N/A

 Website: Facebook

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