Razavi and Yogo among the world’s most consistent cashers on the live circuit

In almost every sport worldwide, fans and players develop a fascination for looking at all the numbers involved so that they might debate how those figures outline the answer to the question of who the greatest players are. With the increasing prevalence of Hendon Mob, and also the GPI in recent years, we are beginning to gain a clearer picture of who the consistent players are, and not only in terms of how much they cash for, but also how frequently they finish in the money. Some people will attribute great importance to total career earnings, but it's important to understand that cashing frequently alongside making plenty of final tables, is the sign of a consistent player with a strong work ethic.

Sam Razavi

There are a few names in Asia who are beginning to stand out in this regard. As you might expect, serial tournament crusher, Sam Razavi has been near the top of the worldwide cashes list in recent years, finishing 3rd on this list in 2012 with 38 cashes, 7th in 2013 with 33, and currently occupying 3rd in 2016, with 14. In fact, he is tied for 3rd with Japanese pro, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa.


1st United States Ben Palmer 16
2nd United States Blake Whittington 15
3rd Japan Tetsuya Tsuchikawa 14
3rd England Samad Razavi 14
5th United States Roland Israelashivili 13
5th United States James Petzing 13

Source: Hendon Mob

Sam Razavi - 2 

Sam Razavi (Photo APT)

Iori Yogo

Another Japanese player who has been posting excellent results in terms of cashes is Iori Yogo. While his 2016 hasn't entirely taken off yet, he showed his capabilities in 2015, when he finished 2nd in the worldwide cashes list, with 40.


1st United States DJ Mackinnon 42
2nd Russia Alexander Lakhov 40
2nd Japan Iori Yogo 40
2nd United States Joe Kuether 40
5th United States ichael Wang 39

Source: Hendon Mob

Iori With your friends

Iori Yogo

Men " The Master" Nguyen

It is certainly impressive too see regulars from the Asian poker scene gracing the upper reaches of these lists, but if we broaden our scope to look at the most live cashes over the course of an entire career, Men “The Master” Nguyen sits in number 1 spot, with a remarkable 460 career cashes. He is of course Vietnamese by birth, and well known in Asia, as well as globally.

Men the mAster

Men '"The Master" Nguyen

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