PS Live Manila Super Series 19 – Main Event Flight A – Live Updates

Main Event – Flight A – Live Updates

21:35: Lenart Ecarma tops Flight A field
Level 16: 2,000 – 5,000 ante 5,000

Lenart Ecarma

The first flight of the Manila Super Series 19 Main Event closes with Lenart Ecarma as the chip leader, having bagged a hefty 769,000 stack for Day 2. Ecarma surged to the top beginning midday after delivering a double elimination with pocket aces. Since then, Ecarma’s momentum continued all the way through the evening, eliminating several more opponents along the way to top the 14-player pack.

Flight A Chip Counts

Player Flag Chip Count
Ecarma Lenart Philippines 769,000
Salud George Philippines 359,000
Gomez Raymundo Philippines 275,000
Quiambao II Cezar  Philippines 236,000
Boligor Alfredo Philippines 185,000
Cruz Alexis Philippines 173,000
Cerbito Marvin  Philippines 171,000
Benigno Ledina Jr Philippines 160,000
Ionov Sergei Russia 153,000
De Leon Chierro Philippines 111,000
Almusajin Mark Philippines 97,000
Ganbold Battulga Mongolia 90,000
Edoc Lester Philippines 54,000
Takeda Minoru Japan 33,000

21:34: Lee Youngjun exits as Flight A bubble
Level 16: 2,000 – 5,000 ante 5,000

Lee Youngjun

Utg Lenart Ecarma opened to 10,000 and was met with a 108,000 all-in from Lee Youngjun behind. Ecarma makes the call with 7c7h and is up against Lee’s AhKd for a flip. The two run the board Qs10c5d7d3s, with Ecarma’s pocket pair holding up for the win.

Lenart Ecarma – 769,000
Lee Youngjun – Eliminated

21:20: Blinds up!
Level 16: 2,000 – 5,000 ante 5,000

Action is on bubble time with 15/93 players remaining in today’s Flight A games.

21:10: Lenart Ecarma scoops up huge pot
Level 15: 2,000 – 4,000 ante 4,000

Rundulf Gonzales defended his big blind vs utg Lenart Ecarma’s open and saw flop 8c3s2s. Ecarma continued for 8,000, check raised by Gonzales to 19,000. Ecarma clapped back with an all-in and Gonzales called off for his 120,000 stack.

Ecarma 9h9d
Gonzales 6c8s

Crushed against his opponent’s overpair, Gonzales railed shortly after the turn 5c and river Kd offered him no help. 16 players remain in the games with two more eliminations left to go.

Lenart Ecarma – 520,000
Rundulf Gonzales – Eliminated

21:07: Czardy Rivera falls short
Level 15: 2,000 – 4,000 ante 4,000

Czardy Rivera

Folded to the small blind, Czardy Rivera pushed all-in for his remaining 47,000 and was called by big blind Cezar Quiambao.

Rivera Ad10h
Quiambao KsJc

Up for a race, Rivera was left immediately drawing dead on the flop JhJd3sQs3d with Quiambao eventually taking the pot down with a full house.

Cezar Quiambao – 150,000
Czardy Rivera – Eliminated

20:58: Lester Edoc bags a double up
Level 15: 2,000 – 4,000 ante 4,000

Cezar Quiambao

Button Cezar Quiambao opened to 10,000 and called small blind Lester Edoc’s 52,000 jam.

Edoc AcJd
Quiambao As8d

A possible chop, this wasn’t the case as Edoc paired up on the river Ks7c7d2hJh to take the full double up.

Lester Edoc – 112,000
Cezar Quiambao – 102,000

20:52: Lee Youngjun outflops Rick Jason Ambata
Level 15: 2,000 – 4,000 ante 4,000

Rick Jason Ambata

Utg Lee Youngjun opened to 8,000 with KsJc and called off Rick Jason Ambata’s 30,000 all-in. Ambata is ahead with KcQc yet was instantly crushed after the board 3cJsAhAd5s paired up Lee’s jack for the win.

Lee Youngjun – 140,000
Rick Jason Ambata – Eliminated

20:40: Break Time!
Level 15: 2,000 – 4,000 ante 4,000

21 players still in the Main Event Flight A games with seven more eliminations before the day closes.

Top Chip Counts

Lenart Ecarma – 360,000
George Salud – 300,000
Raymundo Gomez – 280,000
Alexis Cruz – 230,000
Cezar Quiambao – 180,000

20:10: Blinds up!
Level 14: 1,500 – 3,000 ante 3,000

21 players remain in the Main Event Flight A games with only 14 guaranteed a spot into Day 2.

20:08: Rundulf Gonzales gets there on the river
Level 13: 1,000 – 2,500 ante 2,500

Hijack Schumann Christoph opened to 6,500, joined by both players on the blinds. Flop 9sJs3c saw Schumann continue for 15,000, check called by the small blind. Action on big blind Rundulf Gonzales, he put in a raise to 55,000, leaving only Schumann in for his entire stack.

Gonzales Qs3s
Schumann 9c8s

Gunning for a ton of outs, the runout 7c3h landed Gonzales trip three’s to earn him the pot and knock Schumann out of the running simultaneously.

Rundulf Gonzales – 250,000
Schumann Christoph – Eliminated

19:58: Cezar Quiambao shows bluff
Level 13: 1,000 – 2,500 ante 2,500

Having built up an 80,000 pot, action by the river on board 10dJd6h5c6s saw big blind Cezar Quiambao move all-in for 113,000. Cutoff Raymundo Gomez saves his 130,000 behind and shows Jx. Quiambao returns the favor and shows 4h8s for a bluff before shipping the pot.

Cezar Quiambao – 193,000
Raymundo Gomez – 130,000

19:53: Choi Jaeki runs into the nuts
Level 13: 1,000 – 2,500 ante 2,500

George Salud

Utg George Salud opened to 7,500 and was met with a huge all-in from small blind Choi Jaeki. Salud quickly called off for his 151,000 stack with AsAc, crushing Choi’s AhQd. The board 3c7sJh3dJc offered no help for Choi as he plummeted down to 18 BB remaining.

George Salud – 307,000
Choi Jaeki – 45,000

19:43: Lee Youngjun scores a boost
Level 13: 1,000 – 2,500 ante 2,500

Lee Youngjun

Hijack Lee Youngjun opened to 5,000 and called off small blind Huang Cheng Wen’s 32,000 jam.

Huang As3s
Lee 6h6s

At risk, Huang managed to flop a straight draw but eventually bricked out on 7d4s2h6d3d to land him his elimination.

Lee Youngjun – 145,000
Huang Cheng Wen – Eliminated

19:41: Blinds up!
Level 13: 1,000 – 2,500 ante 2,500

The 93 player field is down to 25 runners with the day set to close at 14 players remaining.

19:39: Raymundo Gomez claims three bet pot
Level 12: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

raymundogomez 1
Raymundo Gomez

Hijack Lester Edoc defended his open and called a 15,500 three bet from button Raymundo Gomez. Flop 10c3c4s was checked through, moving on to turn Kd. Checked to Gomez, he fired a 10,000 bet to which Edoc folded.

Raymundo Gomez – 145,000
Lester Edoc – 100,000

19:20: No sweat for Lester Edoc
Level 12: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

Lester Edoc

A three way pot saw 30,000 already in the middle on flop 9h10c5s. Utg Lester Edoc sent out an 8,000 bet, called behind by Raymundo Gomez. Action on small blind Jesus Rivera, he shoved all-in for 25,000 total with only Edoc completing for showdown.

Rivera 10s7s
Edoc QhQc

Ahead with his overpair, Edoc easily bagged the win after the runout failed to improve Rivera’s top pair.

Lester Edoc – 120,000
Raymundo Gomez – 105,000
Jesus Rivera – Eliminated

19:14: Chzhen Evgenii gets coolered
Level 12: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

Lenart Ecarma

An all-in preflop situation, Chzhen Evgenii got his 56 BB stack in with QcQs and ran right into Lenart Ecarma’s AhAs. At risk, Chzhen headed for the rails shortly after the board 6s5h7h10s5s delivered no bad beats.

Lenart Ecarma – 320,000
Chzhen Evgenii – Eliminated

18:40: Registration is closed!
Level 11: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Main Event Flight A entries comes down to a total of 93 with 35 runners remaining in the games. Play is set to conclude once the field is down to 14 players left.

Top Chip Counts

Cezar Quiambao – 260,000
Lenart Ecarma – 240,000
Alfredo Boligor – 160,000
Chae Jaeki – 140,000
Ionov Sergei – 120,000

18:18: Overpair no good for Shin Hyeonho
Level 10: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Marvin Cerbito

With 9,500 in the middle, all the chips piled in right on the flop 4s5s8h. Both with overpairs, Shin Hyeonho found his JhJc behind Marvin Cerbito’s KdKh. No jack on either turn 7c or river Qs meant Shin was shortly eliminated from the games.

Marvin Cerbito – 100,000
Shin Hyeonho – Eliminated

18:01: Blinds up!
Level 10: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

A total of 89 entries have been recorded for the Flight A games with registration remaining open until the end of this level.

17:47: Alfredo Boligor wins crucial flip
Level 9: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Alfredo Boligor

Utg Alfredo Boligor opened to 2,500 and was met with a three bet to 10,000 behind from James Dela Cruz. Boligor answered back with a 35,000 jam to which Dela Cruz called all-in.

Boligor 9d9s
Dela Cruz Kh10d

Running a flip, the board 5h7dJsAh3d dodged Dela Cruz’ overcards to send him packing out of the Main Event arena.

Alfredo Boligor – 160,000
James Dela Cruz – Eliminated

17:34: Blinds up!
Level 9: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

46/88 players remain in the Flight A games with roughly an hour left before registration closes.

17:32: Lenart Ecarma continues to ascend
Level 8: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Lenart Ecarma

Utg Lenart Ecarma opened to 2,500 and was met with two all-ins behind – Jeon Jihwan (15,900) and Tan Johnson (7,100). Ecarma makes the final call and the three run the board.

Jeon AsJs
Tan AhJh
Ecarma KsQh

Covering both opponents, Ecarma scooped up the pot after the turn 2c9s6hQc4c gave him top pair for the win.

Lenart Ecarma – 230,000
Jeon Jihwan – Eliminated
Tan Johnson – Eliminated

17:11: Ionov Sergei outpips Adrian Motos
Level 8: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Ionov Sergei

A button vs small blind battle, 18,000 was already seen in the middle on flop 4h6sKc. Sb Ionov Sergei led for 8,000 and called a raise to 20,000 from his opponent Adrian Motos. Turn 5s saw Motos slam all-in for 19,100, check called by Sergei.

Motos Kh9s
Sergei KdJs

Both with top pair, Sergei’s better kicker runs in play, successfully knocking Motos out after the river 3s sealed his win.

Ionov Sergei – 105,000
Adrian Motos – Eliminated

17:01: Blinds up!
Level 8: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

55/82 players have registered so far for the first flight of the Main Event. Registration remains open through Level 10 @18:20.

16:54: Cezar Quiambao scores double knock out
Level 7: 400 – 800 ante 800

William Ysmael

Utg William Ysmael opened to 1,600 and was joined by three opponents on flop 5c3d2c. Checked to hijack Cezar Quiambao he bet 3,000, called by button Mark Almusajin. Original raiser Ysmael reshoved for 21,000 total and saw both players behind get their  stacks in the middle.

Ysmael KdJd
Quiambao 5h5d
Almusajin 6c9c

Ahead with another set, Quiambao picked up the sizeable pot after the turn 10d and river 3c filled up his boat.

Cezar Quiambao – 250,000
William Ysmael – Eliminated
Mark Almusajin – Eliminated

16:42: Cezar Quiambao running hot
Level 7: 400 – 800 ante 800

Cezar Quiambao

Utg opened to 1,600 and was joined by four other players to make it a five way pot on flop Jc10d5h. Big blind Mark Kavaleu led for 3,000 and was met with a raise to 8,000 from hijack Cezar Quiambao. Kavaleu bumped it up to a bigger 18,000 and pulled the trigger for another 38,000 on turn 6c. Two easy calls for Quiambao with a set 5d5s, left Kavaleu’s top pair KdJh drawing dead. Quiambao bags another hefty boost and surges to the top while Kavaleu heads for the exit.

Cezar Quiambao – 180,000
Mark Kavaleu – Eliminated

16:30: Blinds up!
Level 7: 400 – 800 ante 800

71 players in with registration remaining open for three more blind levels through Level 10 @ 18:20!

16:29: Lenart Ecarma piles it high
Level 6: 300 – 600 ante 600

Lenart Ecarma

Utg Shin Hyeonho opened to 1,500, called by James Dela Cruz behind. Button Lenart Ecarma bumped it up to 6,500 to which both opponents completed. Flop As2s8d checked to Ecarma, he continued for 4,500, called by both Shin and Dela Cruz. Turn 6s was checked round, revealing river 8c. Shin led out for 35,000, called by Dela Cruz. Action on Ecarma, he raised all-in for 41,200 total, and Dela Cruz threw in the additional 10 BB.

Ecarma reveals AdAc for a full house aces over eights, well enough to crush Dela Cruz’ 10s9s flush.

Lenart Ecarma – 150,400
James Dela Cruz – 50,000
Shin Hyeonho – 18,000

16:06: Joseph Talamayan slams it in
Level 6: 300 – 600 ante 600

Hijack Joseph Talamayan sent out a three bet to 4,600, joined by original raiser Chen Ting Yi and the small blind. Flop Jc10d6s saw Talamayan continue for 6,000, check called by Chen. Turn Qh went check check, leading to river 8c. Chen led out a small bet of 1,800 and snap folded after Talamayan shoved all-in.

Joseph Talamayan – 45,000
Chen Ting Yi – 15,000

15:55: Break Time!
Level 6: 300 – 600 ante 600

Main Event Flight A has so far collected 66 entries for today’s games. Registration remains open through Level 10 @ 18:20.

Top Chip Counts

James Dela Cruz – 90,000
Shayne Villanueva – 85,000
Cezar Quiambao – 80,000
Chierro De Leon – 60,000
Mark Kavaleu – 55,000

15:32: Back to back pots for Cezar Quiambao
Level 5: 200 – 500 ante 500

Cezar Quiambao

A limp pot, five players headed on to see flop 3d5dQd. Checked to last to act John Paul Flores, he bet 1,500. Small blind calls and big blind Cezar Quiambao raised all-in, called by Flores.

Quiambao 3c3h
Flores 8c8h

Drawing to two outs, Flores was eliminated from the table after the runout Jd10d spared no eights.

Cezar Quiambao – 55,000
John Paul Flores – Eliminated

On to the next hand, Cezar Quiambao got it in with AdKd against short stacked Joseph Talamayan’s 5s5h and ran board Kc6cQcAcJd. Quiambao won the flip and collected another boost for his two pair.

Cezar Quiambao – 68,000
Joseph Talamayan – Eliminated

15:20: Blinds up!
Level 5: 200 – 500 ante 500

56 players have registered so far for the first flight of the Main Event. Registration remains open through Level 10 @18:20.

14:50: Blinds up!
Level 4: 200 – 400 ante 400

46 runners in with registration remaining open for six more blind levels through Level 10 @ 18:20!

14:36: Shayne Villanueva delivers double elimination
Level 3: 100 – 300 ante 300

Shayne Villanueva

A three way all-in preflop situation, Shayne Villanueva found himself behind with Ax 10x up against two players’ Ax Kx. Whilst dominated, luck was on Villanueva’s side as he managed to spike a ten on the turn to pair up and knock both opponents out. Villanueva earns the massive boost and rises to the chip lead.

Shayne Villanueva – 85,000

14:29: Alexis Cruz wins showdown
Level 3: 100 – 300 ante 300

Alexis Cruz

A multiway raised pot, four players checked flop 10d5h6s through and headed to turn Jd. Checked once more to Alexis Cruz, he bet 3,000, called only by big blind Gambold Battulga. River 6c completed the board, Cruz with a final bet of 7,000 and Battulga with a call. Cruz shows KhJs and claims the pot.

Alexis Cruz – 41,000
Gambold Battulga – 18,000

14:23: Blinds up!
Level 3: 100 – 300 ante 300

30 players have registered so far for the first flight of the Main Event. Registration remains open through Level 10 @18:20.

14:21: Marcial Lou gives up the river
Level 2: 100 – 200 ante 200

John Dela Cruz

With 4,500 already in the middle, utg John Dela Cruz was seen firing 3,500 on flop 8h5d9h. Opponent Marcial Lou called behind and called another 6,000 barrel on turn 7c. Dela Cruz bet all-in for 15,300 on river 7c, enough to convince Lou to give up the fight and make the fold.

John Dela Cruz – 38,800
Marcial Lou – 16,500

14:17: Richard Marquez takes it down
Level 2: 100 – 200 ante 200

Richard Marquez

Beginning with an utg open and a call, button Richard Marquez sent out a three bet to 2,000 and completed Adrian Motos’ four bet to 10,000 behind. Heads up, the flop came 4h3h7d and Motos continued for 7,000, called by Marquez. Turn 8d saw Motos check and fold shortly after Marquez pushed all-in for 10,000.

Richard Marquez – 45,000
Adrian Motos – 13,000

13:50: Blinds up!
Level 2: 100 – 200 ante 200

19 players in with registration remaining open for eight more blind levels through Level 10 @ 18:20!

13:20: Shuffle Up & Deal!
Level 1: 100 – 100 ante 100

Main Event Flight A action begins, good luck to all the players!

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A preview of what’s to come for the rest of the year, PokerStars LIVE is kicking off 2024 strong with its 19th Manila Super Series currently running through the 9th at Okada Manila. The eight day series features 21 trophy events headlined by the PHP 20,000 (~USD 360) buy-in Main Event which boasts a generous PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 180,000) guarantee.

This Wednesday, January 3rd marks the beginning of the Main Event festivities with a champion crowned by week’s end, January 7th. Flight A action starts at 13:10 with registration remaining open through Level 10 @ 18:20!

MSS 19 Main Event Schedule

Dates: January 3-7, 2024
Buy in: PHP 20,000 (~USD 360)
Guarantee: PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 180,000)
ITM: 15% of the field

Flight A: January 3, 2024, Wednesday
Flight B: January 4, 2024, Thursday
Flight C: January 5, 2024, Friday
Flight D Turbo: January 5, 2024, Friday
Day 2: January 6, 2024, Saturday
Final Day: January 7, 2024, Sunday

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