Prostitution scandals in Macau

Japanese porn stars on demand

This week, Macau has been back in the headlines for an unexpected reason, having got creative in their attempts to keep luring rich businessmen over from China. Given the popularity of Japanese pornography, it was only a matter of time before someone had the great idea of bringing the porn stars to Macau, so that customers could get action at the tables, and in the hotel rooms.

A Japanese newspaper, The Shukan Taishu reported that many Japanese adult video stars are making regular trips to Macau to spend time with Chinese gamblers in the best hotel rooms. Much of this has to do with the huge popularity adult video actresses currently enjoy in China. According to the newspaper source. “Rich Chinese men come (to Macau) with the one intention of sleeping with these famous girls”.


The "Shukan Taishu" Jan,26

Prostitution schemes are not new in Macau. Ever since casinos first opened in Vegas, it has been well known that it was important keeping the men with the deepest pockets, happy. Only one thing matter for the industry at the end: how much time and money will a player end up spending at the tables?


Fifty million dollars prostitution ring busted

Alan Ho, nephew of Stanley Ho was recently arrested in Macau as part of a large operation to crack down on a prostitution enterprise being undertaken, primarily at the Hotel Lisboa. Having been involved at the very highest levels of casino management and development in Macau, Alan Ho is a very high profile individual. Formerly one of the managers of SJM Holdings, he has also been a president of the Macau Travel Association too. Reports stated that almost 100 prostitutes were arrested, all operating out of dozens of hotel rooms, with a list of 2,400 prostitute names and contact details also found. Hotel staff were allegedly involved in arranging the proceedings, but there were several men in charge of the operation who paid protection money to the man at the top, apparently, Alan Ho. The operation had been running since 2013, with somewhere in the region of $50 million US dollars having been made by those in charge.


Alan Ho is an executive director of the Hotel Lisboa

 Back in 2010, police arrested more than 100 women who were allegedly part of a prostitution ring, at the Las Vegas Sands owned Venetian Macao casino. The Las Vegas Sands company is owned by Sheldon Adelson, whose attempts to get online poker permanently outlawed in the USA, have recently been under the spotlight in poker news.

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