PokerBROS Goes in for the Kill

Article sponsored by PokerBros

PokerBROS introduces a boost to the action in your Club’s Fixed Limit games with the new Kill Pot feature. Available for Fixed Limit Hold’em and Omaha (both high and high-low), this option creates a whole new dynamic in a game sometimes wrongly thought of as the quiet cousin of Pot or No Limit poker.

kill pot bros

With the feature enabled, pots that grow over a certain size (as always with PokerBROS, this is customizable to suit your players and your games) trigger a Kill Pot the next hand. The blinds double, and a second big blind is added:

For example, in a 1/2 Limit game, the blinds in a Kill Pot double from 0.5/1 to 1/2, and the betting limits become 2/4. A third blind under the gun is also posted. If this pot grows over the trigger amount, the next hand also becomes a Kill Pot – this can lead to a bumper chain! In a chain of Kill Pots, the blinds do not keep doubling, but stay at double the initial table stakes.

There’s no upper limit to the number of Kill Pots in a row, but some situations do not trigger the feature even if the pot grows over the required size:

No scoop, no Kill Pot – if a chopped pot (or split pot in high-low) occurs, the next hand is not a Kill Pot, even if the total pot size requirement was met.


How do I set up Kill Pots?

When creating a table in your Club, turn on the “Kill Pot” feature, then choose your “trigger” – the number of big blinds needed in a pot before the next hand becomes a Kill Pot. The trigger can be set anywhere from eight to 15 big blinds. Tables with the Kill Pot feature will be labelled in your Club’s lobby so your players can find Fixed Limit action with a twist, when they want, where they want.