Poker King Club announces the official Team PKC Manila 2016

Team PKC began as just a few talented Asian pros, but towards the end of 2015, PKC stepped up their efforts to begin signing the greatest talent in Asia. They have recently announced for 2016 a four man team from the Philippines, who are now officiallyTeam PKC Manila.” This talented group of players all have years of experience in the game and are well respected among their fellow players. Bringing them all under the PKC banner is certainly a statement of intent, and a great addition to the existing "Team PKC Macau"

Adrian Brion

Adrian Brion has been taking poker seriously for 5 years, and started out from small beginnings, before moving up to bigger tournaments. Across online and live tournaments, he has more than $470,000 in cashes, the most recent result being a win at the WPT Philippines 6 max event. He also finished 3rd in the APT Philippines Main Event last year, taking home $40,000 in the process. He is now officially signed up to team PKC.

He has the following statement to make about this new development in his career: "For me it's a validation of what I've been doing, of the dedication and hard work I've put in. I'm very happy to have a prestigious brand took notice of me and have me as part of the team."Also, I would like to thanks boss Winfred Yu for personally picking us to be part of Team PKC"


"Ian" Brion

Marc Rivera

The second player to be signed up for 2016 is Marc Rivera. He has a distinguished 9 year career specialising in cash games, and can often be found at high stakes live cash games. His abilities extend beyond the cash games though, a fact that he is proving by consistently going deep in tournaments. He took 3rd place in the International Poker Open Main Event, just two months ago, banking $40,000 for his finish.


Marc Rivera

John Tech

John Tech, also known as “jojo” is widely regarded as one of the best live tournament players in the Philippines today. He has been a regular on the Asian tour for 6 years, and has always posted consistently strong results. January 2015 saw him augment his many other tournament final tables with a Main Event win at APT Cebu, which makes a fine addition to his previous victories in side events. John Tech has won more than $440,000 in prize money at live tournaments throughout his career.


"Jojo" Tech

Lester Edoc

Lester Edoc is another all round exceptional talent when it comes to poker in the Philippines, and has an impressive list of results both live, and online. His most recent noteworthy result came 2 months ago, when he took 1st place in the International Poker Open Main Event. He has been building his formidable reputation for 8 years, and is a regular on the Asian circuit. He has amassed $220,000 in live tournament winnings over the course of his career.


Lester Edoc

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