Playing Unibet in 2021: Everything to know about its new software, promos and latest tournaments

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For over 15 years, Unibet has been one of the standard clients players look to for their poker and betting needs. Geared towards recreational players, Unibet has opted to shift to a more player-friendly platform having launched its standalone network back in 2014. With this decision came a growing success and following in its succeeding years allowing casual players a lighter field along with softer games.

With a new poker client launched just a few weeks ago, Unibet has implemented some changes aimed to benefit its expanding player base. While third party applications are still banned for the site, users can take advantage of its visually engaging unique new functions together with its added promos and latest tournaments. In this article, everything there is to know about the application’s recent changes is highlighted below. While many exciting rewards and promotions are in store for its loyal users, new poker players who wish to play on Unibet’s independent network are welcome to sign up with Somuchpoker for exclusive deals, welcome bonuses and more.

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New poker client (Upgraded software)

Known as Version 3, Unibet’s latest software upgrade promises to deliver an even better gaming experience as compared to its predecessor. The new poker client features a long list of changes that bring a fresh outlook on the lobby as well as its table games. General navigation and design have been greatly enhanced to make its gaming experience more appealing and player-friendly. Given a number of adjustments have already been made, the Unibet team remains to be continuously working on the client’s overall quality, expecting more changes to come in the next month.

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Changes on design:

  • The aspect ratio has been unlocked making resizing the client’s lobby now possible
  • Game type navigation has been moved to a menu at the top
  • Instead of having one big banner and all game types on one page, there is now a unique banner area for each game type (MTT’s excluded) with each having its own page and sub-menus
  • All game types have been changed to open the same way; HexaPro used to open on top of the main lobby, MTT’s would show the small quick access lobby and SNG and cash would open the game and stake tree
  • Settings can be accessed by simply clicking the icon in the footer as compared to its previous software wherein players had to open the burger menu
  • The game type menu has been moved to the footer when you click the profile, settings or promo icon (on desktop, not mobile). This way you’ve always got one-click access to every game type, regardless of where in the lobby you are. It couldn’t be kept at the top due to a lack of space.

To go with its fresh face, new features have also been added to extend the platform’s usability and function. While the web client and portrait mode feature on mobile devices were some of the bigger changes, MTT players can benefit from other useful features such as the estimated duration of tournaments as shown in the lobby, colored bet amounts and individual table themes which make gameplay more suitable and easier as a whole. Similar to other networks, the Unibet client has also adapted the six-minute break scheme to give players that extra minute to attend to minor tasks in between long grinds.

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Added features:

  • Portrait mode on mobile!
    • Full support of portrait mode in both lobby and on tables. 9-handed tables and the MTT lobbies may still require a bit more polishing.
  • Mobile web!
    • The web client is now fully functional on mobile devices, and it offers an almost identical experience to the one on our iPhone and Android applications, with all game types supported. This added feature allows players geo-located in countries that restrict the downloading of poker apps to play on mobile again.
  • Favorites feature in MTT lobby to easily filter and quickly see your favorite tournaments (by clicking the “Favorites” sub-menu).
  • Estimated duration of tournaments is now shown in the MTT lobby to give players a better idea of their schedule.
  • Colored bet amounts. In the settings you can enable “Colored bet amounts”, which will make it easier, at a glance, to read the action at the table.
  • When opening the settings from a table, players can now choose if they want to change the background for all tables or just the one, making it possible to have different themes for different kinds of tables.
  • MTT lobbies can now be opened in a separate window. This is done by clicking the dedicated icon in the specific MTT lobby (next to the Register/Open Table button)
  • Randomize avatar option when creating new identity
  • Option for us to pin a tournament at the top of the MTT lobby
  • Promotion icon in the MTT lobby. If a tournament is part of a promotion, it’ll have a small promo icon which sends you to the promo page
  • Hole cards are now visualized in the hand history, making it easier for players to spot the hand they want to review.

Additionally, Unibet has arranged new promotions in its latest upgrade to provide players more chances to earn extra rewards. Aside from the exciting jackpots and million dollar prize pool, Unibet invites its users to explore the upgraded software and scoop up a variety of free tickets. The four stages with multiple missions under each stage will not only award free prizes, but will also allow players to get a better feel of the redesigned platform.

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New promotions

  • HexaPro Jackpot Mania currently running
    • The high speed SNG game gives players a chance to land the maximum 1,000x HexaPro multiplier available at different buy-in levels (€1, €2, €5, €10, and €25) for a chunky payout.
  • Unibet Online Series
    • A €1,000.000 guaranteed prize pool, with €32,000 in added prizes across leaderboards, Bubble Boy Showdown tournament and mystery tournaments.
  • New client missions (explore the new client and get rewarded). Players are required to complete all missions of one stage to claim their prize, with a total of four stages and four tickets to be won.
  • Rake free 5-seat SNG’s on stakes €25-€100 as well as weekly leaderboards for these stakes, starting on 5th October and running till 1st November!
  • €40,000 Flop Race (12 October – 15 November, 2020)
  • IPO (19 October – 26 November, 2020)

Considering the numerous improvements Version 3 has come out with, the added changes have already received positive responses from its player base. As spotted in the Unibet community’s open forums, players eager to test out the new poker client were very happy with its results. While some may need some time to get used to, many players expressed their appreciation for the team’s work while providing a few constructive comments here and there for future improvements.

6 minutes breaks in the tournament, how long have I been waiting for this!”, wrote Unibet player tara771.

Unibet Poker user GothMoth likewise chimed in saying;  So many great changes/ improvements! I have some experience with most of the features already, but there are some new and quite pleasant surprises as well. Afterall I couldn’t come up with something else than ” keep up the good work“.

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First deposit package and bonuses

When you think the rewards and bonuses can’t get any better, Unibet welcomes new player accounts with a special welcome package. Not one but three rewarding benefits are in store for every aspiring poker player looking to build a bankroll. New players are instantly eligible to get a €200 play-through bonus after funding a deposit for the first time. Players can also claim an entry into four weekly €500 Welcome Freerolls and €20 in Poker Tickets which include one €8 cash game ticket and three €4 Unibet Open tournament tickets just for signing up.

Aside from the generous sign-up bonuses, Somuchpoker offers players  first time deposits along with VIP deals when you contact us. Hailed as one of the best online poker rooms for recreational players, Somuchpoker has partnered with Unibet in extending exclusive promotions for its interested followers. A comprehensive review by our team can be viewed here for more information and further technical support.

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