Off Topic: Terrence Chan brawling, the miracle of Ray Bitar, and Somerville’s bar setting

Terrence Chan wins another pro MMA fight in Manila

This week, limit hold’em specialist and 2+2 podcast regular, Terrence Chan has been victorious in his latest ring mission. We’re not talking about winning a WSOP circuit ring however, as this was something entirely different. In fact, it sounded more like Blackjack, as Chan bettered his opponent by sticking him on the canvas and twisting his shoulder up behind his head. It was of course, an MMA match, which granted Terrence Chan his second professional victory, and his sixth in total. The bout took place in Manila, with the referee apparently being unaware of the rules before the start of the fight. While the referee didn’t know what he was doing, Chan clearly did, as he added another win to his record. He remains unbeaten.

Ray Bitar and his miraculous recovery

After pleading innocence and frailty when asked about vanishing player funds during the Full Tilt scandal, Ray Bitar was spared jail on the basis of being gravely ill with a serious heart condition. This week, news emerged that Bitar has finally found his way into a churchyard….but in a miraculous twist, it was not for his funeral. Bitar has now apparently risen from his deathbed to boogie the night away at his own luxurious “$1 million wedding.” Allen Cunningham had stated in 2014 that Bitar was “near death and penniless.” It is of course possible that Cunningham had been the unwitting victim of auto correct, had seen Bitar surrounded by piles of cash and actually meant to type “near wealth and penitence-less.” Unwitting victims of crime everywhere can no doubt identify with Cunningham’s plight. Meanwhile, speculation that the devil was informed that Bitar would be popping down to see him in 2014, only to reply “I’ll need more time to prepare,” remains unconfirmed.


 Ray Bitar

10 million views for Jason Somerville on Twitch

Jason Somerville has been quick to rise through the ranks of to become one of the more popular broadcasters on the website. He has attracted an impressive 10 million viewers, which is an excellent benchmark for a poker player who gladly shares his sessions and thoughts with his viewers. His sponsorship with PokerStars may have been the result of his large following on Twitch – perhaps PokerStars were looking for tips on how to make millions of loyal followers happy, rather than angry. Somerville has certainly been doing poker a service in bringing a large global audience to his streams, with sessions of at least six hours being streamed every single day of the week. He remains the most important poker outlet on Twitch.


Jason Somerville (Photo PokerStars)

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