Off Topic: Postle back in headlines; Dunst tells the world about heater; Schwartz talks ‘pigeons’

Recent weeks have seen Phil Galfond’s challenge gather momentum, with trash talking enthusiast Luke Schwartz seemingly having talked his way into an online battle with Galfond. Meanwhile,Tony Dunst has been keen tell the world that he’s been running good over less than 100 MTT’s this year and Mike Postle has been hoping to ignore is way out of a court summons.

Mike Postle hides from summons

Mike Postle – Photo credit:

Publicly disgraced poker professional Mike Postle has not had the best few months. After allegations of cheating surfaced in September, he has been torn to shreds by the poker community and accused of persistently cheating in a cash game over a long period of time.

This week, the legal ramifications of those accusations have come knocking at Postle’s door. Throughout December, attempts were made to serve him with a court summons, with the plaintiff’s attorney Mac VerStandig even going to the house in person to give the court summons to Postle. VerStandig claims that he spent several minutes ringing the doorbell and even saw Postle in the house through a window. The alleged cheater simply refused to answer the door however, and his attorney also refused to accept the summons which is unlikely to prove the most successful of legal defences.

If the summons can’t be served due to Postle’s avoidance ploy, there is every chance the court will simply rule against him in his absence.

Tony Dunst opens up about his 2019 results

Opening up about your annual profits or losses can be a tough decision for a poker professional – if they have had a losing year, of course. If they have been on a heater and pocketed over $600,000 however, it’s easier to share. Dunst informed the world of his winnings vis Twitter, and spoke of how hard he has worked on his game throughout the year.

According to Dunst, he has entered 97 times, cashing 21 times for a total of $618,929 in profit. He did preface the results with an admittance that it was hard to say with certainty what impact his hard work had on such a small number of MTT results. It will be interesting to see if Dunst makes the same post next year if he has lost money over the course of 2020.

Schwartz trash talks Galfond after challenge announcement

Luke Schwartz has never needed much of an invitation to talk trash to other players, and shortly after Galfond had posted his high stakes heads-up PLO challenge online, Schwartz was commenting on it. Branding perceived lesser poker pros as ‘pigeons’ the over-confident Schwartz threw down his own challenge to Galfond, stating that he would even be willing to give odds.

In a follow-up tweet, Galfond accepted the challenge in principle, even though Schwartz doesn’t want to play the PLO games Galfond initially proposed. Schwartz then fired back with confirmation that the challenge was on, with one stipulation:

There are already four pros lined up to play against Galfond, meaning that his schedule is fairly full for the coming months. Despite that fact, we should soon get to see Schwartz do battle with the renowned online star in what will be a fascinating confrontation.

Article by Craig Bradshaw