New on PokerBROS: Pineapple (and the Crazy Kind)

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PokerBROS introduces another new pair of popular games to the wide range on offer on the app with the addition of Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple.  These three-card Hold’em variants let players choose the best two of three hole cards to boost their hand – and the action! A simple twist that makes for fun and interesting decisions – whether players discard before the flop (Pineapple) or after it (Crazy Pineapple). 


In Pineapple, the discard happens straight away, before the first betting round preflop. Hands then play out exactly like Hold’em, with four betting rounds and five community cards to use in any combination with players’ self-selected hole cards.  It might not sound like a big change from the world’s most popular poker game, but every starting hand now has three possible two-card combinations; hands are stronger and action bigger!

Crazy Pineapple

Poker is a game of information, and in Crazy Pineapple, everyone gets to see a flop before deciding which of their three cards they can do without.  A bit of Omaha strategy comes into play, as three connected cards (with two of a suit, preferably) have high chances of hitting a flop.  Some interesting decisions pop up when it’s time to discard (just before the turn is dealt): keep the pair and high kicker, or go for the flush draw? 

Pineapple is a great bridge between the No Limit Hold’em many poker fans grew up playing and the more niche variants available on PokerBROS.  It’s a small step from adding an extra card to the basic game to trying out four (or five, or six) card Omaha – or even taking on the Double Board version.  Trying it out in a Club is as simple as starting a table (with every aspect customizable), so whether beginning a home game for friends and family or looking to spice up an already-popular Club, Pineapple is an easy-to-learn, quirky addition to the line-up.

PokerBROS offers a smorgasbord of poker: Limit and Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Hold’em, High-Low, 6+ Hold’em and Open Face Chinese are available any time, anywhere, along with the competitive challenge of Multi-Table Tournaments and Spin-It.  Learn more about Pineapple in the PokerBROS Blog.

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