New on PokerBROS: All in or Fold Tournaments

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PokerBROS introduces a twist on multi-table tournaments: All in/Fold MTTs

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Launching with No Limit Hold’em and 6+ Hold’em, this showdown-packed tournament variant will soon be available for Omaha. Make the most crucial decision in poker – whether to risk it all or wait for the next hand – the only decision!

Club creators and managers on the PokerBROS app can now select “All in/Fold” as one of the options when setting up games. Players can enjoy all the excitement of MTTs without the big time commitment.

There’s still skill to be shown: weighing up stacks, position and hand strength is key to success in No Limit Hold’em tournaments. Playing All in/Fold is a great way to put range knowledge into practice, for example – but it can also simply be a fun, fast-paced way to enjoy the game. From a big field to last-man-standing takes a fraction of the time of a regular MTT and with stacks on the line every hand, it’s a thrilling variant of poker to play.

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