National Poker Champions II Schedule

The National Poker Champions II will be held from December 10th to the 17th at the Win Poker Club of Da Nang & Hanoi and at Smart Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City. 


1f538🔸 This is Multi Table Tournament play in No Limit Hold’em format.
1f538🔸 NPC have 12 Qualifying Days (Day 1) organized in HN, HCM & DN. Players can come and join this event at WIN POKER & SMART POKER location in these cities.
1f538🔸 All players advance through Day 1 will continue to play Day 2 & Final Day in Da Nang on 16th Dec and 17th Dec.
1f538🔸 All Qualifying Day (Day 1) will play down till end of level 15. Remaining players will be qualified for Day 2 in Da Nang.
1f538🔸 1 player can register and join in multiple Day 1 event and allow to bring his highest chip stack to Day 2.
1f538🔸 Day 2 will be held in 16th December at WIN POKER DA NANG with all qualified players and play down to Final 10 players.
1f538🔸 Details prize pool will be announced before Day 2 start.
1f538🔸 Final Day will be held in 17th December at WIN POKER DA NANG.

1f538🔸 Tournament Buy in: 7Mn VND (6Mn+1Mn)
1f538🔸 Starting Stack: 25.000
1f538🔸 Blind Level: 30′ (Day 1) and 40’ (Day 2 + Final day)
1f538🔸 Minimum guarantee Prize Pool: VND (2 Bil VND)
1f538🔸 Minimum GTD for 1st Place: 600.000.000 VND (600Mn VND)

31 20e31️⃣ Direct registration and buy in at our locations on the day of playing.
32 20e32️⃣ Join and get tickets from our satellite events


1f3e3🏣CLB WIN POKER HA NOI – 67 Pho Duc Chinh, Ha Noi
1f538🔸 HANOI DAY 1A 13:00 10/12/2017
1f538🔸 HANOI DAY 1B 13:00 11/12/2017
1f538🔸 HANOI DAY 1C 13:00 12/12/2017
1f538🔸 HANOI DAY 1D 13:00 13/12/2017
1f3e3🏣CLB WIN POKER DA NANG –15th floor, Ks Holiday Beach. 
300 Vo Nguyen Giap, Da Nang
1f538🔸 DANANG DAY 1A 13:00 10/12/2017
1f538🔸 DANANG DAY 1B 13:00 14/12/2017
1f538🔸 DANANG DAY 1C 13:00 15/12/2017
1f538🔸 DANANG DAY 1D 18:00 15/12/2017
1f3e3🏣CLB SMART POKER HCM – 322 Điện Biên Phủ, Q10, TP. HCM
1f538🔸 HCM DAY 1A 13:00 10/12/2017
1f538🔸 HCM DAY 1B 13:00 11/12/2017
1f538🔸 HCM DAY 1C 13:00 12/12/2017
1f538🔸 HCM DAY 1D 13:00 13/12/2017