Mercier 3 Tables WSOP While Hunting Third Bracelet

Jason Mercier 3 tabling across the Rio

Since winning his second bracelet, Jason Mercier has been the picture of composed confidence as he seeks his third. Clearly in top form and with the cards running his way, he seemed likely to complete his goal and win vast sums of money in prop bets.

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This week however, things have started to get a little more frantic, as the number of events remaining slowly decreases. Via his Twitter, Mercier recently informed the world that he was now multi-tabling WSOP events. Just to be clear, we aren’t talking about playing two tables in the same tournament room, but three tables spread across the Rio. Having found himself on the home straight with that final bracelet just out of reach; Mercier has now truly started shifting through the gears.

Live multi tabling at the WSOP in 2013

The idea of maximising bracelet opportunities by multi-tabling the WSOP is not something new, and is in fact something Mercier has done before. In 2013, he found a moment to chat to a Pokernews reporter while on simultaneous break from the two events he was running back and forth between. Commenting on the fact that he was stood around with nothing to do during the break, Mercier said he should probably enter a third event before adding, “I was kidding about the third table, that would be outrageous.” In 2013 he was sprinting between two events in the same room, and in 2016 he is multi-tabling three events which are in different rooms of a very large casino. Welcome to the outrageous world of Jason Mercier.

Other multi-tabling pros

While he is currently pushing the idea to its extreme, Jason Mercier was certainly not the first to multi-table live. During the summer of 2013 Tom Dwan was not only multi-tabling between high stakes cash and the WSOP Main Event, he was doing it while running between two casinos. His cash games were at the Aria, and after playing for a few hours he would go across to the Rio to shove some hands and try to double up in the Main Event. Multi-tabling is in fact not confined to the WSOP, as Sam Razavi has employed this tactic at APT events while fighting for Player of the Year honours. Few weeks ago, he managed to cash two side events and make day 2 of the Main Event while multi-tabling, and his successes speak for its viability as a strategy for increasing live opportunities during a series.

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