Meet WPT Vietnam Main Event Final 6

The World Poker Tour’s richest event in Vietnam is coming down to the wire. After five days of intense poker action that witnessed players from around the globe make the trip, only six players remain, each one representing a different flag. Within reach is the VN₫ 3,782,723,000 (~US$ 163,000) first prize and the prestigious international title.

Meet the Final 6 (by chip count)

Huynh Tan Dung – Vietnam – 5,265,000

Huynh Tan Dung Final 9
Huynh Tan Dung

Huynh Tan Dung aka Pegasus is an APT High Roller champion. His journey to the final table started in Day 1C where he bagged the overall chip lead. While Day 2 proved to be difficult, in Day 3, he emerged from  hiding and eliminated eight players. He enters with a massive stack worth 87 bbs.

Michael Seymour – Australia – 3,920,000

Michael Seymour Final 9
Michael Seymour

With achievements earned mostly in Australia, Michael Seymour’s best live score was US$ 77,960 for his victory at the 2019 Aussie Millions A$5K PLO event. To build up his stack, Seymour won five big pots at the final 9 which included the elimination of Nguyen Van Dung in 8th place. He enters with 65 bbs.

Hamish Crawshaw – New Zealand – 2,090,000

DSC 7668 1
Hamish Crawshaw

One of the most decorated of the finalists is Hamish Crawshaw with two six-figure earnings for 1st place at The Star Sydney Champs Main Event last month and 7th at the 2019 Aussie Millions A$10,600 Main Event. Crawshaw entered Day 3 as chip leader and held it for a large part of the day until Pegasus went on a killing spree. He enters with 34 bbs.

David Erquiaga – Philippines – 1,490,000

David Erquiaga Final 9
David Erquiaga

Filipino player David Erquiaga continues his solid year reaching yet another final table. The past two months he finished 2nd at the PKC Taiwan Main Event and 2nd at the APT Championships Event. Both earned him five figures each. Erquiaga claimed two double ups at the final 9 to keep him in the running as 3rd in chips. He enters with 24 bbs.

Aditya Agarwal – India – 1,205,000

Agarwal Final 9
Aditya Agarwal

Pro player from India, Aditya Agarwal, has over a million in live earnings including a long list of cashes at the WSOP. His largest score was at the 2018 APPT Macau Main Event finishing 2nd for US$ 242k. Agarwal had a strong Day 2, bagging up second in chips. At Day 3 he struggled, losing more than gaining. Two double ups brought him back and will enter with 20bbs.

Chen Da Jia – China – 980,000

Chen Da Jia 9
Chen Da Jia

China’s Chen Da Jia is a new player in the live scene and is already looking at his best score no matter where he finishes. Chen delivered the first casualty of the final nine to stay in the running. He enters with 16 bbs.

Final Day info

Total chips in play: 14,920,000
Average stack: 2,486,667
Resuming blinds: 30K – 60K ane 60K (Level 27)

The Main Event put forth the largest buy-in of VN₫ 55 million (~US$ 2,400). 373 entered for a record setting VN₫ 18,090,500,000 (~US$ 780,000) prize pool. Chunks of that massive pot were claimed in Day 2 and Day 3 with the biggest cuts to be claimed on the final day.

Final payouts
1st VN₫ 3,782,723,000
2nd VN₫ 2,648,278,000
3rd VN₫ 1,702,497,000
4th VN₫ 1,118,174,000
5th VN₫ 861,108,000
6th VN₫ 712,404,000.

Main Event Day 3 recap

The Main Event concluded Day 3 with the field cut from 32 players to the final six. Along the way, reigning champion Vincent Chauve was brought down to earth by William Kang on a lucky two-outer. Chauve recovered a little but still not enough to reach average. Hamish Crawshaw sent him tumbling in 23rd place.

Another entering big stack was Huynh Duc Tai who swung all day until Tung Nguyen railed him in 15th place. As for Short Deck winner Edgar Antezana, despite a few double ups, he still nursed a short stack all day. He fell 14th.

To reach the final nine, Huynh Tan Dung eliminated Zhao Jia Jun with pocket sixes turned set to defeat top two pair.

Day 3 closed at the fall of Tung Nguyen in 7th place after his pocket jacks took heavy beating on the board.

Day 3 Live Updates

Day 3 eliminations

7th Tung Nguyen (Vietnam) – VN₫ 596,986,000
8th Nguyen Van Dung (Vietnam) – VN₫ 488,081,000
9th Nguyen Nam Duong (Vietnam) – VN₫ 378,272,000

Eliminations 10th – 12th – VN₫ 316,222,000

10th Zhao Jia Jun (China)
11th William Kang (UK)
12th JC Sayo (Philippines)

Eliminations 13th – 15th – VN₫ 267,739,000

13th Jaideep Sajwan (India)
14th Edgar Antezana (South Africa)
15th Huynh Duc Tai (Vietnam)”

Eliminations 16th – 18th – VN₫ 219,438,000

16th Jin Yong (Malaysia)
17th Rubin Labroo (India)
18th Alok Birewar (India)

Eliminations 19th – 21st – VN₫ 182,724,000

19th Hon Cheong Lee (Hong Kong)
20th Phan Huu Minh Tri (Vietnam)
21st Thananat Therdtakoonrat (Thailand)

Eliminations 22nd – 24th – VN₫ 150,151,000

22nd Sumit Sapra (India)
23rd Vincent Chauve (France)
24th Nguyen Quang Huy (Vietnam)

Eliminations 25th – 27th – VN₫ 130,251,000

25th Le Anh Minh (Vietnam)
26th Nguyen Duc Hop (Vietnam)
27th Martin Stausholm (Austria)

Eliminations 28th – 36th – VN₫ 105,829,000

28th Hoang Van Manh (Vietnam)
29th Francis Garson (France)
30th Yuwen Pan (China)
31st Josh McCully (Australia)
32nd Nguyen Chi Thinh (Vietnam)

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