Manila Super Series 19: Russia’s Kirill Gladchenko leads Main Event Flight B survivors into Day 2; Last chance to qualify today!


The boosted PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 180,000) guaranteed Manila Super Series 19 Main Event is buzzing through at Okada Manila, Philippines once more with two of its four starting flights already done and dusted. Two more remain on the agenda, giving tournament runners until today, January 5th to qualify for Day 2. Yesterday’s games wrapped up with 23 survivors advancing through, led by Russia’s Kirill Gladchenko. Gladchenko packs in a healthy 458,000 chip count yet stands far behind Flight A chip leader Lenart Ecarma’s 769,000 stack.

Today’s schedule starts off with Main Event Flight C beginning at 13:00, with registration open across ten levels until 18:20. The later Flight D Turbo kicks off in the evening 18:00 and will remain available for entrants until 20:40. Running alongside the Main Event action are side events: PHP 25,000 NLH and Super Series Turbo Flight C.

Main Event Flight B Recap

The second Main Event flight in the works saw a larger 162 entry field hit the felt with 15% again making it through to the next round. Local players still represented the majority of the attendance with a few international runners amongst the mix. Familiar names Ryan Jerico Platon, Kirill Gladchenko, and Kim Michael Enriquez were seen quick on the rise and topped the games early in the day. By the time registration closed, only half of the field remained with Enriquez in the forefront having ran a full house with 7s8s in a four bet pot to take the lead.

Bubble Time

Following over eight hours of play, the field dwindled down to its last few eliminations and saw two players exit right on bubble time. Filipino runner Jose Colada was the first to go, having lost a top pair battle with KsQd on flop Qs5d8s against Joseph Talamayan’s better AsQh. Lee Suya on another table, followed suit after open shoving his last 81,000 in with 7c7s and running smack into Bonifacio Mondalo’s AhAs. With two out of the way, only 23 runners join Flight A’s 14 survivor count set to return on Saturday, January 6th for the Day 2 games. 

Kirill Gladchenko

At the end of the day, Russia’s Kirill Gladchenko tops the Flight B list, bringing in a 458,000 chip count into Day 2. Gladchenko built a stack after doubling up with pocket kings late in the game and continued to play aggressively to land the top spot. Also making it through are local pros Christopher Mateo, John Niko Constiniano, and Edilberto Gopez Jr.

Dates: January 3-7, 2024
Buy in: PHP 20,000 (~USD 360)
Guarantee: PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 180,000)
ITM: 15% of the field

Flight A: 93 entries, 14 qualified
Flight B: 162 entries, 24 qualified

Flight C: January 5, 2024, Friday
Flight D Turbo: January 5, 2024, Friday
Day 2: January 6, 2024, Saturday
Final Day: January 7, 2024, Sunday

Live Updates
Manila Super Series 19 – Player Guide

Chip Counts

Player Flag Chip Count
Gladchenko Kirill Russia 458,000
Dela Cruz John Philippines 419,000
Enriquez Kim Michael Philippines 403,000
Mangalindan Jeurg Philippines 361,000
Gopez Edilberto Jr Philippines 354,000
Mondalo Bonifacio Philippines 322,000
Chogo Kento Japan 276,000
Constiniano John Niko Philippines 272,000
Talamayan Joseph Philippines 235,000
Matsuda Michihiko Japan 207,000
Harish Asnani 202,000
Araniel Noel Philippines 178,000
Reyes Jaime Ramon United States 163,000
De Lara Christopher Philippines 137,000
Mateo Christopher Philippines 133,000
Kazunari Matsushita Japan 124,000
Locsin Lloyd Philippines 111,000
Shin Hyeonho South Korea 111,000
Zalac Jayden Australia 95,000
Timonera Lester Philippines 93,000
Okamoto Shuhei Japan 84,000
Welo Tor Anton Norway 68,000
Bueza Michael Philippines 10,000

Flight A Recap

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