Manila Super Series 18 – Side Events update: Talamayan, Rosete, Hargrave top heats; last chance to enter Super Series Turbo ₱1M GTD; four new spade winners

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As the Main Event progresses to the next stage, those who missed the mark still have ample opportunities to strike it big at Manila Super Series 18. Today, four exciting events are lined up, including the Super Series Turbo which has already breached its ₱1M guaranteed prize pool and pushing into ₱1.5M. Last chance to enter is from 7-9pm this evening. Buy in is just ₱4,500 (~US$ 79.25).

Additionally, the wealthier can give their skills a go at the Super Series High Roller event which gets underway at 8pm. Be sure to check the schedule for all the details and make the most of your chances to secure one of those coveted spadies!

Manila Super Series – SCHEDULE

Super Series Turbo – Day 1A, Day 1B, Day 1C recap

The Super Series Turbo has already completed three out of four entry flights with a cumulative 379 entries. One flight left to jump in. Buy in is PH₱ 4,500 (~USD 79.25).

Day 1 recap

Day 1A: 93 entries / 14 ITM
Day 1B: 120 entries / 18 ITM
Day 1C: 166 entries / 25 ITM
Day 1D: Saturday, September 23 at 7pm

Day 1A – 14 players

1 Karen Talamayan 418,000
2 Lemmor Patulot 290,000
3 Chun Yin Lau 233,000
4 Shoji Hashimoto 144,000
5 John Edgar Ragasa 118,000
6 Winifred Obedoza 109,000
7 Rodillo Parsacalla Jr 99,000
8 Dexter Santos 82,000
9 Hui Chin Yong 79,000
10 Xabier Abdon 78,000
11 Marco Cesa 63,000
12 Ng Kwan Tung Karen 63,000
13 Hannah Belle Rocas 47,000
14 Carlo Aricayos 37,000

Among Karen Talamayan’s best hands of the day were Aces and Eight full house over Tens and Eights full house. She claimed Alvin Jeff Sembranos last 12 bb with QhJh broadway on a board 3sAs10hKh3d over Kc9c two pair. As the bubble round approached, with blinds at 4,000-8,000, big blind Talamayan called small blind Yong Hui Chin‘s 24,000 raise. At the flop, Yong c-bet 24,000, Talamayan raised to 50,000, and won the pot.

Day 1A ended at the fall of short stacked Kirishima Akinobu who risked his last 6.5 bb holding JsJc that ran into Lemmor Patulot‘s QhQs. Board was Ac2c2d2hQd.

Day 1B – 18 players

1 Maxwell Philippe Rosete 434,000
2 Ho Young Moon 346,000
3 Jeffrey Pamplona 275,000
4 Taruli Asima Aritona 208,000
5 Zhuoyue Cen 166,000
6 Dexter Manapat 139,000
7 Keijiro Shimojo 136,000
8 Chirag Shah 118,000
9 Eugene Co 99,000
10 Samson Hiu Zuo Kai 85,000
11 Catherine Castelo 82,000
12 Kyle Patrick Lim 68,000
13 Antonio Abesamis 62,000
14 Kenji Shimazaki 52,000
15 Sanjiv Mahbubani 40,000
16 Charlie Bautista 25,000
17 Loong Chai Chang 19,000
18 Philip Reyes 16,000

Maxwell Rosete eliminated three players late in the day including the bubble Vincent Wong to close Day 1B as chip leader. Leading up to the bubble round, short stacked Alvir Inocentes risked his last 7 bb with QsJs and big blind Rosete defended with Ac8s. Rosete further improved to a pair on a board 4c7h7c10h8h.

Following that bust, he added another 9 bb to his arsenal with Qd10d higher straight against Gilbert Mabaquiao’s Ah10c straight on a board Js8s7d4s9c. Shortly after, Wong risked his last 7 bb on the bubble with AhKd, Rosete landed the flush with Ks7s on a board Qh2s9s5s7h.

Day 1C – 25 players

1 Johnathan Hargrave 435,000
2 Ilyoung Son 320,000
3 Ronato Alcano 238,000
4 Jimin Won 236,000
5 Masayuki Suzuki 159,000
6 Leonito Mirande 150,000
7 Donggi Lee 133,000
8 Raymond McGlinchey 133,000
9 Tzu Hsiang Chou 130,000
10 Ji Hyunsoo 128,000
11 Jiego Erquiaga 110,000
12 Yasuto Suzuki 108,000
13 Mark Solsona 106,000
14 Yusuke Ishikawa 103,000
15 Norbert Koh 92,000
16 Meng Ng Wee 83,000
17 Elmer Kalaquian 79,000
18 Alvin Toh Wei Min 75,000
19 Alghanim Luqman 70,000
20 Dale Boyles 67,000
21 Chehade Goerges 65,000
22 Martin Astorga 64,000
23 David Lennard Ang 60,000
24 Patrick Jolas Guerrero 45,000
25 Sheng Fan Yang 20,000

Maiden victory Yagyavalk Bhatt at Win the Button

Yagyavalk Bhatt – Photo by PokerStars LIVE

Yagyavalk Bhatt became the first player from India to capture a PokerStars spade at the ongoing series. Bhatt outlasted the 16 entry field to lift his career first live title, trophy, and PH₱ 68,276 (~USD 1,202) top prize.

Date: September 20, 2023
Buy in: PH₱ 10,000 (~USD 177)
Total entries: 16
Prize pool: PH₱ 136,576 (~USD 2,410)
ITM: 3 places

Place Player Flag Payout in PH₱
1 Yagyavalk Bhatt India ₱68,276
2 William Evans Canada ₱41,000
3 Kirill Gladchenko Russia ₱27,300

Jimin Won wins maiden title at Hyper Turbo

Jimin Won – Photo by PokerStars LIVE

Another first time winner at the series with South Korea’s Jimin Won rising above the 17 entry field of the Hyper Turbo. This was Won first known live title and he has a Pokerstars spade to commemorate the achievement plus a payout of PH₱ 91,468 (~US$ 1,610).

After Jeong Seonghun delivered the bubble with Ad5h spiking the five to oust Curt Livermore‘s 4c4h, it was a fast finish. Jeong eliminated Hiroto Nagashima (4th) and Hong Li Chen (3rd). At heads up, Jeong bluffed on a turn board Ac9s9cKd with 3c2d only to be drawing dead to Won’s Qs9h trips.

Date: September 20, 2023
Buy in: PH₱ 15,000 (~USD 265)
Total entries: 17
Prize pool: PH₱ 217,668 (~USD 3,842)
ITM: 4 places

Place Player Flag Payout in PH₱
1 Jimin Won Korea, South ₱91,468
2 Jeong (Peen) Seonghun Korea, South ₱60,900
3 Hongli Chen China ₱39,200
4 Hiroto Nagashima Japan ₱26,100

Hernan Villa shows his might at Pot Limit Omaha

Hernan Jaybee Villa – Photo by PokerStars LIVE

Hernan Jaybee Villa earned his career second Manila Super Series trophy at the Pot Limit Omaha event, outlasting the 42 entry field. He defeated Christopher Mateo at heads up to claim the PH₱ 121,812 (~USD 2,145) top prize, It has been a good year for Villa. Among his numerous deep runs and wins, he won his first MSS trophy in June at the Mystery Bounty event.

Date: September 21, 2023
Buy in: PH₱ 10,000 (~USD 177)
Total entries: 42 (34 unique)
Prize pool: PH₱ 358,512 (~USD 6,328)
ITM: 6 places

Place Player Flag Payout in PH₱
1 Hernan Jaybee Villa Philippines ₱121,812
2 Christopher Mateo Philippines ₱84,300
3 Matthew Sheils Ireland ₱53,800
4 Lex Malortigue France ₱41,200
5 Chia Wei Chang Taiwan ₱32,300
6 Boon Seng Ang Singapore ₱25,100

Jong Song wins first spade at the Hyper Turbo

Jong Song – Photo by PokerStars LIVE

South Korea’s Jong Song joined the winners list after rising to victory at Thursday night’s Hyper Turbo. Song topped the 17 entry field, defeating Manabu Onda at heads up. The final hand was Song 6s7s, Onda Jh10c board was 7h7c10h9s3h.

Date: September 21, 2023
Buy in: PH₱ 15,000 (~USD 265)
Total entries: 17 (14 unique)
Prize pool: PH₱ 217,668 (~USD 3,842)
ITM: 4 places

Place Player Flag Payout in PH
1 Jong Song Korea, South ₱91,468
2 Manabu Onda Japan ₱60,900
3 Raymond Mc Glinchey Ireland ₱39,200
4 Chia Wei Chang Taiwan ₱26,100


Manila Super Series – Festival Results

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