DSO Vietnam 2018 : Live Updates

DSO Vietnam 2018 : Live Updates


1:35AM: Hwang Sang Yeon wins the DSO Main Event!
Level 28: Blinds 50K/100K ante 15K

Hwang Sang Yeon – DSO Vietnam champion

It’s all over! Hwang Sang Yeon dominated the action at heads up against Tran Kim Dong to win the DSO Vietnam title. The last hand saw Dong limp in and Hwang checked. The flop landed 10dQd6h, Hwang checked, Dong bet 175k, Hwang raised 475k, Dong shoved, and Hwang called.

Hwang Qh6c
Dong 5d7d draw

The turn 8h and river 8c missed Dong’s draw to award Hwang the victory. Hwang shipped the VND 361,340,000 (US$15,500) first prize and the inaugural DSO Vietnam title.

For his impressive run, Dong earned VND 234,400,000 (US$10,000) for runner-up.

Congratulations to Hwang Sang Yeon!

1:25AM: Hwang Sang Yeon with another good call
Level 28: Blinds 50K/100K ante 15K

Tran Kim Dong attempted another bluff bet but once again, Hwang Sang Yeon called and this time with just ace high. The hand began with a limp by Dong and a check from Hwang. At the flop 3d5d3c, Hwang bet 160k and Dong called. On the 10h turn, both players checked to bring on a river 9h. Hwang checked, Dong banged out 250k, and Hwang called. Dong showed 2c6c air, Hwang had Ad5s better.

1:00AM: Hwang Sang Yeon grinds back to the chip lead
Level 27: Blinds 40K/80K ante 10K

Hwang Sang Yeon jumped right back to work grinding for chips and winning multiple pots consecutively to regain the chip lead. ONe hand saw him rise to 2.9M. He raised to 200k and Dong called. At the flop 5h6h3c, Dong checked, Hwang bet 250k, Dong called. On the 6s turn, both players checked. Then on the river Jc, Dong switched gears and led for 350k. Hwang called. Dong showed 7-8 missed draw and Hwang won the pot with K-3 two pair. Good call by Hwang.

12:50PM: Tran Kim Dong doubles up
Level 27: Blinds 40K/80K ante 10K

Tran Kim Dong

Hwang Sang Yeon shoved with Ad3d, Tran Kim Dong called with 6d6c. The board ran 4sQs7d6h10h for a winning set to Dong and a double up to 2.5M. This gave him the chip lead.

12:45PM: Hwang Sang Yeon dominating the action
Level 27: Blinds 40K/80K ante 10K

Hwang Sang Yeon

Hwang Sang Yeon continues to rake in the chips. After winning a sizable pot, he proceeded to win the next three to climb to 3.5M.

12:35PM: Hwang Sang Yeon wins first sizable pot
Level 27: Blinds 40K/80K ante 10K

After a series of exchanges with no flops, we reached a full board. The hand began with a raise to 180k by Tran Kim Dong, and Hwang called. On the flop Qd5d2c, Hwang led for 180k and Dong called. On the Kh turn, it reversed. Hwang checked, Dong bet 250k, and Hwang called. Then on the river Qh, both players checked and Hwang showed 8c2d for two pair. Dong mucked.

12:25PM: Heads up!
Level 26: Blinds 30K/60K ante 10K

Heads up! Hwang Sang Yeon vs Tran Kim Dong

With the fall of Nguyen Quoc Vu, we have reached the heads up round here at the inaugural DSO Vietnam 2018! Here are the two finalists vying for the first-ever Asian title:

Hwang Sang Yeon – 2,380,000
Tran Kim Dong – 2,240,000

Good luck to both players!

12:20PM: Nguyen Quoc Vu eliminated in 3rd place – VND 138,140,000
Level 26: Blinds 30K/60K ante 10K

Nguyen Quoc Vu

Nguyen Quoc Vu went head-to-head against Hwang Sang Yeon in a hand that crippled him down which he couldn’t recover from to fall in 3rd place. Leading to his demise was a very costly double up paid to Hwang. Hwang shoved with As9d, Quoc snap called with KcJc, the board ran 8h4h9s2c, and as the rail yelled out for “picture”, one did land on the river Qd, not the one Quoc needed to eliminate Hwang. Hwang doubled up to 2.4M and Quoc plummeted to 120k. The next hand Tran Kim Dong took the rest of Quoc’s chips. Quoc earned VND 138,140,000 for his great run at the first DSO event.

11:45PM: Jaeheung An bows out in 4th place – VND 84,030,000
Level 26: Blinds 30K/60K ante 10K

Jaeheung An

Another player has hit the rail bringing the field down to the final three. Falling next was Jaeheung An, the last Korean player in the running. An moved all in with his 530k stack, Hwang called. An had Qd8d, Hwang 5d5h, the board nearly got An there as it spread 4h6c9s7hJc, but not quite. An bowed out in 4th place and earned VND 84,030,000 for his highly impressive run. An entered the day as one of the shortest stacks of the bunch, just above starting stack, brought it up to become one of the chip leaders, and finished very near victory. Kudos to his incredible comeback. 

11:30PM: Norbert Koh exits in 5th place – VND 64,870,000
Level 25: Blinds 25K/50K ante 5000

Norbert Koh

Norbert Koh has fallen out of the running and had to settle for a 5th place finish. Koh held court up top for a large part of the final day prior to moving to the final table. At the final table, his difficulties mounted alongside the escalating blinds. His final stand saw him shove three in a row and was called on the third by Tran Kim Dong. Koh had 4d4h, Dong with JhQc, the board dragged out 2hKdQd3s8h, for a higher pair to Dong.

11:25PM: Nguyen Quoc Hung eliminated in 6th place – VND 53,780,000
Level 25: Blinds 25K/50K ante 5000

Nguyen Quoc Hung

Short stacked Nguyen Quoc Hung had only two moves, all in or fold. After a series of folds, he finally put his remaining 150k in the middle with AdKs to fight with. Quoc Vu called with 4h4c. The board bricked to send Hung out in 6th place. Hung earned VND 53,780,000 for his deep finish.

11:20PM: Norbert Koh doubles up through Dong
Level 25: Blinds 25K/50K ante 5000

Tran Kim Dong shoved his big stack and Norbert Koh joined in from the big blind. This was Dong’s second shove in a row. Dong held Ac10c and Koh with KcKd. The board bricked for a double up to 600k to Koh.

11:15PM: Tran Kim Dong loses some to Hwang Sang Yeon
Level 25: Blinds 25K/50K ante 5000

Big stacked Tran Kim Dong lost a chunk of chips to another big stack, Hwang Sang Yeon. Hwang raised to 125k from cutoff and Dong defended on the big blind. At the flop 10h10c5s, Dong led for 100k and Hwang called. On the 2h turn, Dong fired 200k, and this time Hwang shoved 675k. Dong folded giving up his big bet.

11:10PM: Norbert Koh drops to 300k; Jaeheung An up to 740k
Level 25: Blinds 25K/50K ante 5000

Battle of the blinds, Jaeheung An shoved over 350k and big blind Norbert Koh called. An Ah3d, Koh with Kc8d. The board ran QhQsQdJc2d. Both players missed and An’s ace high was good for a double up to 740k. Koh dropped to 300k. Both players are below average.

10:55PM: Hwang Sang Yeon lands a double through Koh
Level 24: Blinds 20K/40K ante 5000

Finally a call! After repeated shoves and raises for the past half hour and hardly a flop to come by, we have a showdown. Norbert Koh all in on the small blind, Hwan Sang Yeon called the 450k. Koh 4h4c, Hwang AdJd, the board ran blanks for Hwang and Koh’s small pair held for a double up to 905k.

10:50PM: A whole lotta shoving going on…
Level 24: Blinds 20K/40K ante 5000

With six remaining, the average stack is 770k which is 19.25x the big blind. Only Tran Kim Dong and Quoc Vu are above average. Norbert Koh dropped below average after losing several pots. He too has been shoving.

REMINDER: Final table live stream 

We’d like to remind everyone that we are currently live streaming the final table. You can follow the action via the link below.

[Watch] Live Streaming of the Deepstack Open Vietnam Final 8

10:25PM: Phan Trong Linh ends in 7th place – VND 46,720,000
Level 24: Blinds 20K/40K ante 5000

Phan Trong Linh

Phan Trong Linh all in with 225k and was called by Jaeheung An with slightly more chips. Linh held KdQd, An with 4h4c, the board ran 9cJd3h5c8h. With no hits for Linh, he fell in 7th place and earned VND 46,720,000 for his deep run.

10:15PM: Nguyen The Anh railed in 8th place – VND 41,950,000
Level 23: Blinds 15K/30K ante 5000

Ngueyn The Anh

Nguyen The Anh’s run for the gold was cut short in 8th place by Tran Kim Dong. Anh raised to 65k, big blind Dong three-bet to 230k, and Anh called. At the flop 10c8c2d, Dong bet 500k that covered Anh’s remaining stack, Anh called for his tournament life.

Anh 9c9h
Dong AdAs

The turn 6d and river Jh completed the board. Anh earned VND 41,950,000 for his deep finish.

10:00PM: Chip counts
Level 23: Blinds 15K/30K ante 5000

Seat 1 – Hwang Sang Yeon – 410,000
Seat 2 – Nguyen Quoc Hung – 175,000
Seat 3 – Phan Trong Linh – 255,000
Seat 4 – Tran Kim Dong – 1,105,000 (chip leader) 
Seat 5 – Nguyen Quoc Vu – 845,000
Seat 6 – Nguyen The Anh – 620,000
Seat 7 – Jaeheung An – 300,000
Seat 8 – Norbert Koh – 910,000

9:50PM: Ng Pui Cheung busts in 9th place – VND 36,140,000
Level 23: Blinds 15K/30K ante 5000

Ng Pui Cheung

Ng Pui Cheung was the first casualty of the official final table. After Nguyen The Anh opened with a 60k raise, he shoved his 88k stack. Not much to call, Anh did. Ng held 4s4h, Anh Jc10c, the board came down all high cards QcAsAcJh9h to send pair up one of Anh’s cards. Ng earned VND 36,140,000 for his 9th place finish.

9:45PM: Norbert Koh gives some to Tran Kim Dong
Level 23: Blinds 15K/30K ante 5000

From middle position, Tran Kim Dong raised to 65k and found one customer in button player / chip leader Norbert Koh. At the flop Qh9h6c, Dong fired 100k and Koh smooth-called. On the Qc turn, both checked. Then on the 2c river, Dong jumped out with a 200k bet but this time Koh didn’t match. He folded instead.

9:25PM: Nguyen Quoc Hung doubles up
Level 22: Blinds 12K/24K ante 4000

Short stacked Nguyen Quoc Hung went all in from mid position with his remaining 91k and big blind Ng Pui Cheung defended. Hung had Ks8s, Ng with 10h2c. Hung’s hand held when the board spread out 5s3d5hJd9h for a king high win. Ng dropped to 130k.

9:05PM: Norbert Koh into 900k
Level 22: Blinds 12K/24K ante 4000

Players have been tight at the final table but one not so quiet is Norbert Koh. After this hand, Koh has really distanced himself from the pack. He is sitting with over 900k. Action heated up with Koh raising to 60k from late position and getting called by both blinds – Tran Kim Dong and Quoc Vu. At the flop Kd5s9c, Dong checked, Quoc bet 60k, Koh raised to150k, Dong folded, and back to Quoc who called. On the 8h turn, it was check-check to bring on a river Ah. Quoc checked, Koh fired 180k and took it down with Quoc folding.

8:45PM: Official Final Table: 9 players
Level 21: Blinds 10K/20K ante 3000

DSO Offiicial Final Table

Seat 1 – Hwang Sang Yeon
Seat 2 – Nguyen Quoc Hung
Seat 3 – Phan Trong Linh
Seat 4 – Tran Kim Dong
Seat 5 – Nguyen Quoc Vu
Seat 6 – Nguyen The Anh
Seat 7 – Ng Pui Cheung
Seat 8 – Jaeheung An
Seat 9 – Norbert Koh

8:40PM: Tran Xuan Truc ends in 10th place – VND 31,590,000
Level 21: Blinds 10K/20K ante 3000

Tran Xuan Truc

Tran Xuan Truc gambled the rest of his short stack with Qs4s but no help came as he fell to Phan Trong Linh’s JdJs on a board of 5h10dAc3c8d. Truc finished in 10th place and earned VND 31,590,000.

We are now at the official final table of 9. Players have been moved to the feature table.

8:20PM: Yosuke Iwata’s aces cracked; falls in 11th place – VND 31,590,000
Level 21: Blinds 10K/20K ante 3000

Yosuke Iwata

Yosuke Iwata looked down at AsAd and quickly shoved his short stack of 160k. Initial raiser Nguyen The Anh called with 10h10s. As the cards landed, 2s7s5hJh, it looked like a double up was in the works for Iwata, but when the river 10d came down, it was a set for Anh and the rail for the last Japanese in the field. Iwata earned VND 31,590,000 for his 11th place finish.

We have reached the unofficial final table with 10 players remaining.

8:15PM: Go Mori falls in 12th place – VND 31,590,000
Level 21: Blinds 10K/20K ante 3000

Go Mori

Go Mori was all in from utg with his 276k stack and Norbert Koh jammed as well with over 400k. Mori AcKs, Koh 8s8h, the board spread 4c7d8c10sKd for a dominating set to Koh and the rail form Mori. Mori earned VND 31,590,000 for his deep 12th place finish.

8:10PM: Vi Khoa bows out in 13th place – VND 27,220,000
Level 21: Blinds 10K/20K ante 3000

Vi Khoa

One of the more well-known Vietnamese players has fallen out of contention here. Vi Khoa was just downed by Jaeheung An. The local pro moved all in for 330k from cutoff and sb An called. Vi Khoa had As7d but was in a world of hurt seeing he was  behind An’s AdQd. No magic happened on the board and Vi Khoa. He bowed out in 13th place. He earned VND 27,220,000 for his efforts.

8:00PM: Ng Pui Cheung straight to a double up
Level 21: Blinds 10K/20K ante 3000

The new level saw immediate shoves taking place. Ng Pui Cheung all in with 87k and was called by Tran Xuan Truc with AsJh. The board landed Js9h8c5c10s for a winning straight to Ng. He now sits with 210k. Truc down to 140k.

7:40PM: Norbert Koh doubles up
Level 20: Blinds 8000/16000 ante 2000

Norbert Koh enjoyed the lead for some time but when the field compressed to the final two tables, he watched his stack slowly downsize by losing numerous pots. With just under 10 bbs left, he three-bet shoved on top of Tran Xuan Truc’s 44k raise and got called. Truc KdJh, Koh AsJd. The board ran 7cQs10s8s10d. Both players missed. Koh won with his higher spread. He is back up to around 320k. Truc down to 360k.

7:35PM: Nguyen Quoc Hung boosted by Ng Pui Cheung
Level 20: Blinds 8000/16000 ante 2000

From mid position, Nguyen Quoc Hung shoved with AdQd and button player Ng Pui Cheung called with 8c8h. The board ran well for Hung, Kc6s10hQcAh, to award him a double up to 300k. Ng fell to 130k.

7:20PM: Vi Khoa pays then gets paid
Level 20: Blinds 8000/16000 ante 2000

Ng Pui Cheung was all in with Q-J and had to fade Vi Khoa’s 9-9. Cheung was able to with the board pairing up both of his cards. Vi Khoa paid the double of over 200k and dropped to 165k.

On the next hand, Vi Khoa three-bet all in and initial raiser Quoc Vu called. Vi Khoa had AhAs, Quoc Vu with KsQd, the board ran dry for a double up to Vi Khoa to around 345k.

7:10PM: Xiaoxin He out in 14th place – VND 27,220,000
Level 20: Blinds 8000/16000 ante 2000

Xiaoxin He

Xiaoxin He swung wildly all day with numerous all in altercations. He met his end at the hands of Jaeheung An. He pushed his short stack with Q-10 and couldn’t improve against An’s A-5. He earned VND 27,220,000 for his 14th place finish.

7:00PM: Yosuke Iwata survives the heat
Level 20: Blinds 8000/16000 ante 2000

Short stacked Yosuke Iwata continues his run here. After Nguyen The Anh raised to 35k, he shoved his ailing 78k stack, Go Mori four-bet to 133k sending Anh folding for heads up action. Iwata AsKc, Mori 10s10c, The board ran 9c3c9hAhKs for double up to Iwata.

6:40PM: Le eliminated in 15th place – VND 27,220,000
Level 19: Blinds 6000/12000 ante 2000


Le was dealt his last hand here at the DSO event. He three-bet all in on top of Phan Trong Linh’s 30k raise. Linh called the 149k.

Le KsKc
Linh AhQd

The board gave an ace on the window as it ran Ad4d9c9s3d. Le earned VND 27,220,000 for his deep run.

6:30PM: Xiaoxin He gets back up
Level 19: Blinds 6000/12000 ante 2000

After getting chunked in a previous hand, Xiaoxin He shoved with KcQh and got called by Quoc Hung with As9s. The board gave him Xiaoxin renewed life as it felted Ks7c8h4d10h. He now has 150k while Hung dropped to 240k. Xiaoxin will need another good pot though to get out of the warning zone.

6:25PM: Xiaoxin He drops, Nguyen The Anh goes up
Level 19: Blinds 6000/12000 ante 2000

Utg Nguyen The Anh limped in, big blind Xiaoxin He shoved, Anh called. Anh KdJh, Xiaoxin Ac4h, the baord ran Qs4c10d3d9d for a straight to Anh and a double up. Xiaoxin down to 68k, Anh up to 230k.

6:20PM: Pham Bao eliminated in 16th place – VND 22,990,000
Level 19: Blinds 6000/12000 ante 2000

Pham Bao

Short stacked Pham Bao moved all in on the button and was called by small blind Ng Pui Cheung. Pham J-5, Cheung A-K, the board came 5-7-7-Q-K to end Pham’s run in 16th place. He earned VND 22,990,000.

6:10PM: Aces no good for Tran Van Quan, out in 17th place – VND 22,990,000
Level 19: Blinds 6000/12000 ante 2000

From cutoff, Tran Xuan Truc opened with 28k, button Tran Van Quan three-bet to 63k, Truc shoved, and Quan called for his tournament life.

Truc QdQs
Quan AdAc

The board favored Truc as it ran Jd5sQc8d10h for a winning set to crack Quan’s aces and boot him out in 17th place. Quan earned VND 22,990,000 for his deep finish.

6:00PM: Go Mori wins the war against Koh
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Action folded around to the button player Go Mori, he raised to 22k. Small blind Norbert Koh three-bet to 54k. Back to Mori, he four-bet to 120k. Koh surrendered. Mori up to 360k, Koh down to 520k.

5:50PM: Steffen Endres out in 18th place – VND 22,990,000
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Steffen Endres

Steffen Endres couldn’t get much going today. He managed to double up through Norbert Koh during the bubble round but still needed more ammo to fire up his game. That moment didn’t arrive, instead he met the rail in 18th place with Tran Kim Dong sending him there. The hand started off with a 25k raise by Dong from the button, sb Vi Khoa and bb Endres called. At the flop 5s5h9s, action was checked to Dong who c-bet 30k. He was called by both players. On the turn Qc, Endres shoved his 100k stack, Dong called, and Vi Khoa check-folded.

Endres Ks3s
Dong 10s9s pair

Endres missed his draw on the river Ah and was eliminated. He earned VND 22,990,000 for his deep run.

5:40PM: Hwang Sang Yeon doubles up
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Yesterday’s Flight B chip leader is still in the running here and found a player to double up through, Nguyen The Anh. With everyone folding to to the small blind Anh, he raised to 25k. Big blind Hwang shoved his 155k stack. Anh called.

Anh As6h
Hwan 8hQh

The board fell 5h7dKs9hAh for a flush to Hwang.

5:30PM: Ly Anh Minh takes 19th place – VND 18,820,000
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Ly Minh Anh

Not much action from Ly Minh Anh all day but he was still able to survive the day and reach 19th place. His final hand was KxKx that fell to Tran Xuan Truc’s AxKx on a board of Jx7x2xAs2x. He earned VND 18,820,000 for his deep finish.

We are down to the final two tables.

5:20PM: Nguyen Van Trung dramatic exit in 20th place – VND 18,820,000
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Nguyen Van Trung was the first to cash out in the DSO event and sending him there was Go Mori. Action began with a raise to 30k by Vi Khoa, Trung jammed his remaining 45k, Mori all in with 280k. Vi Khoa folded for a head-to-head showdown.

Trung 7c7h
Mori KsAs

When the flop landed Kc4d7d, each had a piece with Trung improving further to a set. The turn Ah was a scare card for Trung as it gave Mori two pair. Then the river Kd fell sending Trung crashing out with his set behind Mori’s full house. Trung earned VND 18,820,000 for his strong performance and deep finish.

5:10PM: Bubble bursts! Sean Cha eliminated
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Sean Cha

The bubble finally bursts! The unfortunate casualty was Singapore’s Sean Cha. With action folding around to the small blind, Xiaoxin He raised to 25k. Big blind Cha shoved his remaining 113k. Xiaoxin called.

Xiaoxin KdQs
Cha As6d

The board fell Ks4c3h7sQh for a winning two pair to Xiaoxin to burst the bubble and bring on the money round.

5:00PM: Nguyen Van Trung survives two shoves
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Nguyen Van Trung entered today the head honcho from yesterday’s heats but instead of it being business as usual, his stack has been progressively dropping. This caused him to be in danger of elimination as the bubble on two occasions.

The first hand he was all in with Ac5c and bb Go Mori called the short 27k with 5s6d. The board ran 3c9cKhAd6h for a double up to Trung.

Vi Khoa shocked as Nguyen Van Trung looks on

Next hand was a lucky one. He was all in with 9c9d and was behind Pham Bao’s QdQh. Getting up and putting on his jacket to leave, the board had other plans as it ran a shocking 6d10hJcQcKd for a straight to Trung to keep him in the game. 

4:50PM: Tran Kim Dong with a big double up through Anh
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Nguyen The Anh opened with a 25k raise, Tran Kim Dong three-bet all in 168k. Anh tanked for some time and eventually called. Anh AhJh, Dong AdKd. The board ran 8d4cKsQc9s for a double up to around 340k to Dong

4:40PM: Le doubles up through Xiaoxin He
Level 18: Blinds 5000/8000 ante 1000

Le all in with 77k, Xiaoxin He called. Le AsKc, Xiaoxin 4c4d, board ran Ac9c8c2cQd for the nut flush to Le to avoid elimination.

4:30PM: Xiaoxin He outkicks Jaeheung An
Level 17: Blinds 4000/8000 ante 1000

Xiaoxin He raised to 16k preflop and Jaeheung An defended on the big blind. At the flop 8cKs6c, An checked, Xiaoxin c-bet 16k, An called. On the 8h turn, same action with An check-calling a 22k bet. On the 10c river, An shoved, Xiaoxin called putting his tournament life at risk. An had Qs8d trips, Xiaoxin had better Ad8s higher kicker.  

4:20PM: Jaeheung An rises to 440k
Level 17: Blinds 4000/8000 ante 1000

Jaeheung An raised to 17k, big blind Le called. The flop 6h10h10s, Le check-called An’s 22k bet. On the 3d turn, An bet 31k and Le check-called again. On the 4s river, Le checked, An announced all in with his stack that well covered Le. Le folded. An up to 440k, Le down to 80k.

4:00PM: Bubble time short stacks
Level 17: Blinds 4000/8000 ante 1000

-Quoc Vu raises to 20k, Pham Bao shoves 98k, no call.

-Phan Trong Linh raises to 18k, Xiaxin He shoves 85k, no call.

-Button player Norbert Koh raises to 18k, Steffen Endres shoved 72k on the bb, Koh called, Endres KdJc, Koh Qd7s, board ran KsKc9sJs9d for a full house to Endres. He doubled up.

-Sb Nguyen Quoc Hung limped in, Ng Pui Cheung shoved 46k, no call.

3:50PM: Two players bust… bubble time!
Level 17: Blinds 4000/8000 ante 1000

Shorts stacks have quickly fallen in this new level which brings us down to 21 players. That means it is bubble time!

3:30PM: Norbert Koh climbs to 530k
Level 16: Blinds 3000/6000 ante 1000

Norbert Koh continues to be in command of the DSO. With 23 remaining he sits with the biggest stack and just won a pot against Nguyen Quoc Hung. The hand began with Hung raising to 14k from utg+1 and Koh called from the button. At the flop 6s5d6c, Hung c-bet 16k, Koh called. The tides turned on fourth street 8h with Hung slowing it down to a check, Koh sending out 26.5k, and after tanking, Hung folded. Koh now up to 530k.

3:25PM: Quoc Vu storms to 480k
Level 16: Blinds 3000/6000 ante 1000

Quoc Vu

Quoc Vu is definitely one of the chip leaders having stormed to 480k after this hand. It kicked off with utg Pham Bao raising to 15k and finding three callers that included Quoc on the big blind. At the flop 2d3d7h, check all around the felt. On the 5s turn, Quoc bet 35k and found one caller in Tran Kim Dong. On the river 6d, it was checked by both and Quoc showed Kd4s straight. Dong mucked.

3:15PM: Go Mori doubles up
Level 16: Blinds 3000/6000 ante 1000

Nguyen Thanh Trung raised to 15.5k from utg then down the orbit Go Mori shoved his 106.5k stack. Trung called. Trung had AdKd, Mori with AhAc, the board rand 10c7sKh9dQs for a double up to Mori. He now sits with around 220k.

3:00PM: Jaeheung An
Level 16: Blinds 3000/6000 ante 1000

Jaeheung An raised to 14.5k, Xiaoxin re-raised to 42k, An four-bet to 92k, Xiaoxin folded. An wins the raise war. Next hand, An reaised to 15k, Pham Trong Linh three-bet to 40k, An called. At the flop Kh5c2s, An checked, Linh bet 46k, An flatted. On the As turn, both checked. The river 4h, An checked again, Linh fired 76k, and An folded. An sits with 300k.

2:45PM: Tran Kim Dong takes all from Pasi Heinanen
Level 15: Blinds 2500/5000 ante 500

Pasi Heinanen entered the day with a big stack but couldn’t hold on to it. He fell in two back to back hands. The first one loss saw him open with 10.6k raise, he was called by Tran Kim Dong and Pham Thanh Tung. At the flop Kh2h6c, Pasi bet 17k and his callers stuck with him. On the 6h turn, no bets landed to bring on the river 10d. Pasi bet 45k, Dong shoved his 65k, Tung check-folded, and Pasi called. Dong shoved 10-10 set to double up while Pasi fell to 55k.

Next hand was all in with 4-4, Dong all in as well with A-K. The board came Q-K-5-3-K to end Pasi’s run and Dong at around 260k.

2:30PM: Nguyen Van Trung falling
Level 15: Blinds 2500/5000 ante 500

Nguyen Van Trung

The day’s entering chi leader is not having nearly as good of a day as he did yesterday. We caught him lose two pots both on failed bluffs. The first one was against Nguyen Quoc Vu who opened from mid position and Trung called from cutoff. At the flop 4-7-9 with two hearts on the board, Quoc c-bet 19k and Trung called. On the Queen turn, Quoc send out another 33k, and Trung stuck with him. Then on the Ace  river, Quoc checked, Trung took action and bet 70k, Quoc called. Trung opened K-4 hearts for a missed flush. Quoc won with top two pair A-Q. Quoc up to 315k, Trung down to 120k.

Next bluff, Trung called Pham Bao’s 10k raised and saw the flop land 8h8c7d. Pham c-bet 10k, Trung called. On the 2h turn, both checked and the river fell 3h. Pham checked, Trung tested with a 20k bet, Pham called. Trung showed 10h9d missed straight, Pham won it with As9s ace high.

2:20PM: One card flush for Tran Van Quan
Level 15: Blinds 2500/5000 ante 500

Tran Van Quan was all in with Qh10c and faced possible elimination at the hands of Ng Pui Cheung with 5d5s. When the board felted 4d5h7h8h6h, it was a winning flush for Quan to overtake Cheung’s play the board straight.

2:10PM: Jaeheung An wins a double and more
Level 15: Blinds 2500/5000 ante 500

Jaeheung An

Jaeheung An is now in fine shape after coming in with only 48k. At yesterday’s flight, An was second in chips during the dinner break but then lost a majority of it on a failed bluff. He stayed in the game but bag a short one.

Kicking off the new level, An is on the rise. He won two good pots, the first one against Nghien Quang Huy. Catching the action on a flop with both all in, An had AdKc and Huy 5s3s. Position-wise, An was on the button and Huy on the small blind. At the flop 2d10sAs, back and forth betting action led to the shoves. The turn 6c and river 8c doubled up An while Huy fell to around 35k.

The very hand, An raised to 11k from cutoff and big blind Le “AAKK” called. At the flop 7d8c9c, both checked. On the 10c turn, Le bet 20k and An called. On the river Qd, Le checked, An bet 20k, and Le called. An won with AsJd straight. Le mucked. An up to 220k.

2:00PM: Norbert Koh busts Chung Fai
Level 14: Blinds 2000/4000 ante 500

Norbert Koh has taken over the chip lead, he now has around 430k. He shipped all of Chung Fai’s chips with a winning Q-Q.

1:50PM: Up and down start of Norbert Koh
Level 14: Blinds 2000/4000 ante 500

Norbert Koh

The day’s entering second big stack Norbert Koh engaged in some early heavy action that saw his chips spike up and down. The first hand, there was a raised pot preflop and a flop 6dQh7c. Koh bet 10k and Tran Van Quan called from the button. On the 10c turn, Koh continued with a 21.5k bet and this time he won it with Quan tank-folding.

A few hands after, Koh was on the big blind. Action folded to the cutoff player Yosuke Iwata who raised to 11k, Koh three-bet to 28k, back to Iwata who shoved over 120k, and after getting a count, Koh called.

Iwata KdKc
Koh AdQs

When the flop ran 9dQd10d, it was a nice draw for both but Iwata still ahead. The turn 2h and river 2s were not outs for Koh and he doubled up Iwata to 250k. Koh dropped to 287k.  

1:45PM: Another pot for Pham Thanh Tung
Level 14: Blinds 2000/4000 ante 500

Pham Thanh Tung

Several hands after railing Wong Waz Yen, Pham Thanh Tung claimed another nice pot. Action saw utg Quoc Vu raise to 10.5k, hijack Tung three-bet to 25k, chip leader Nguyen Van Trung called, and back to Quoc who also called. At the flop 10s3s6d, Tung fired 34k and won the pot with no further callers. He now has 250k.

1:35PM: Quick bust for short stack Wong Waz Yen
Level 14: Blinds 2000/4000 ante 500

Go for gold or go broke… for short stack Wong Waz Yen it was the latter. From utg, he raised to 37k leaving himself 5k behind. He was called by Pham Thanh Tung and both went to see the flop land 8h3h10c. Wong checked, Tung bet 5k (putting Wong all in), and Wong called. Wong had Ah5d, Tung had J-J, the turn 8c and river 3d saw no improvement for Wong and he became the first casualty of the day.

1:30PM: Shuffle up and Deal!
Level 14: Blinds 2000/4000 ante 500

Cards are in the air for the final day of the DSO Main Event! Good luck to all the players! The money starts at 20 places which means we are near the bubble with 31 left. Stick with us as we bring you all the action.

Welcome to the DSO Final Day!

jpgDSC03389Hello players! We are back at the APL Ho Chi Minh City festival in Pro Poker Club where the final 31 players of the DeepStack Open Main Event will battle it out for the bragging rights first DSO Vietnam title and the VND 361,340,000 (~US$15,490) first prize. Only 20 places will see a return which means, eleven of them will walk away empty. (Chip counts at the bottom of the page.)

The DSO drew in a combined 154 entries (Flight A – 136 and Flight B – 18) with each one paying the VND 9,900,000 buy-in. This generated a prize pool of VND 1,344,420,000 (US$57,680). Amassing the largest stack of 394,000 was a new face in the live field, Nguyen Van Trung. Right at his heels was Singaporean pro Norbert Koh with 380,500. Both of these players hold a commanding lead over the rest of the pack.

In addition to these two strong players, others to watch out for today are Vi Khoa, Tzai Phua Wei, Pham Bao, Steffen Endres, and Nguyen Quoc Vu. At opening day, the latter Vu experienced heavy swings to his stack then managed to balance out to rail Nguyen Chi Thinh with a sick one-outer straight flush. You can read up on that in our Live Updates. Vu sits with 140,000.

Who will rise, who will fall? Action begins at 130pm. We kick off at Level 14: Blinds 2000/4000 ante 500. Follow our Live Updates as we bring you front row action until a champion is declared.

CHINA XIAOXIN HE 239,500 5 8
FRANCE LE 226,500 2 6
VIETNAM VI KHOA 218,000 5 7
VIETNAM PHAM BAO 160,000 4 3
JAPAN GO MORI 98,000 5 1
KOREA SAE HUNG AN 48,000 2 1

12:25PM: Deep Stack Open opening day in the books

DSO Day 1 ends

With both flights wrapped up, here are the official numbers. The event drew in a total of 154 entries with a combined 31 survivors. They will return tomorrow for the final day and race to the inaugural Deep Stack Open event in SE Asia. 

That closes our live updates for today. Stand by for the recap and see you tomorrow!

12:20PM: Flight B ends
Level 13: Blinds 1500/3000 ante 500

Flight B sped by however only 18 entries joined the race. At the end of 13 fast rounds, only 5 remained with Hwan Sang-Yeon bagging up the lead of 157,500.

11:50PM: Flight A ends with 26 remaining
Level 13: Blinds 1500/3000 ante 500

It’s all over! Flight A of the Deep Stack open is in the books! Vietnam’s Nguyen Van Trung maintained his lead. He bagged up 394K. Earning second rank is Singapore’s Norbert Koh with 380.5K. We will have the official tally and a recap shortly along with the results of Flight B which will conclude in 20 minutes.

11:40PM: Norbert Koh vs Le “AAKK”
Level 13: Blinds 1500/3000 ante 500

We caught the action on a board of 10h5h5cKd with 59k already weighing down the middle of the felt. Le checked, Koh bet 25k, Le called. The river 7s was the same with Le check-calling a 55k bet. Koh won with AdKc. He climbed to 380k putting him second in chips.

11:30PM: Le “AAKK” boots two shorts, soars to 300k
Level 13: Blinds 1500/3000 ante 500

Two shorts stacks moved all in and Le “AAKK” called. Le had 9h9s up against 8h8d and AhKh. The board ran dry, 3dQh5c2dJs to send two out of the running. Le climbed to over 300k.

11:10PM: Straight flush for Quoc Vu! Nguyen Chi Thinh falls
Level 12: Blinds 1200/2400 ante 400

After getting hit with a cooler in an earlier hand, Nguyen Chi Thinh tried to bring his stack back up but met the rail against Quoc Vu who raised landed a gorgeous straight flush. Action began with  Quoc raising to 6k preflop. Thinh three-bet to 17.9k, and Vu called. At the flop 6h7h10h, Quoc quickly moved all in and Thinh called for his tournament life.

Quoc 9h9c straight flush draw
Thinh JdJd

The turn was that sick straight flush one-outer 8h. The river As completed the board and Thinh was eliminated. Quoc now at 220k.

11:00PM: Norbert Koh doubles up through Nguyen Thanh
Level 12: Blinds 1200/2400 ante 400

Norbert Koh

Norbert Koh and Nguyen Thanh went on a preflop war dance. Thanh raised to 5500, Koh three-bet to 21k, Thanh four-bet to 60k, Koh shoved a total of 130.6K and Thanh called.

Koh AhKd
Thanh AsJd

The board ran 3c5sJcKc8c. With no clubs for either, Koh won with top pair. He soared to 274k. Thanh dropped to 50k.

10:50PM: What a cooler! Nguyen Quoc Hung doubles up
Level 12: Blinds 1200/2400 ante 400

One of those infamous coolers went down at table 2 with lots of preflop action prior to the shoves. From what we caught, two players were already all in and Pasi Heinanen was up. He already put 14k in the pot and was being tested to join the party. He opted to fold and said he had pocket jacks.

Nguyen Chi Thinh KdKh
Nguyen Quoc Hung AcAd

The board ran 10sQs5cQd4d for a double up to Hung to over 140k. Unhappy Thinh went down to 65k.

10:40PM: Pasi Heinanen over 200k
Level 12: Blinds 1200/2400 ante 400

Pasi Heinanen has nurtured a healthy stack all day and recently added more to bring it to 200k. He eliminated a player with his A-K over A-10. We are down to 35 players.

10:30PM: Nguyen Chi Thinh rails one
Level 11: Blinds 1000/2000 ante 300

The field has thinned down quite a bit since the dinner break. Only 40 players remain. One recent bust out was delivered by Nguyen Chi Thinh who called a player’s all in. It was Thinh’s A-K that did the job, completing a full house to crush pocket tens.

10:00PM: Pham Bao wins another
Level 11: Blinds 1000/2000 ante 300

Pham Bao

Pham Bao scooped up another nice pot this time against Van Cuong. The hand began with a raise to 4800 by Cuong and Pham called. At the flop As8d5h, Cuong c-bet 7400 and Pham check-called. The Kc turn was the same with Pham check-calling 11.3k. Then on the 8h river, Pham check-called once more, this time a 21k bet by Cuong. Pham won the pot with Ah2d top pair over Cuong’s 6h6s. Pham up to 160k.

9:40PM: Lim Yohwan busts to Azusa Maeda
Level 10: Blinds 800/1600 ante 200

Lim Yohwan experienced many ups early in the game but started seeing his stack go down in the later levels. He finally put it all in, a total of 14,900 with AsKh and faced Azusa Maeda’s 3h3d. When the board ran a dry QsQc4h5c2s, it was the end for Lim.

9:30PM: Pham Bao exposes the bluff with ducks
Level 10: Blinds 800/1600 ante 200

Action folded to cutoff Pham Bao who raised to 3500 and got called by Quoc Vu on the big blind. The flop landed 4s10s5d and both players checked. On the 3h turn, Quoc bet 5500, Pham  called. On the river 10h, Quoc banged out 11k and still Pham called. Quoc turned over his missed draw 6s9s and Pham won with 2h2s.

9:25PM: Chip leader Nguyen Van Trung climbs to 400k
Level 10: Blinds 800/1600 ante 200

Nguyen Van Trung picked up a nice pot to add to his already oversized stack. The hand kicked off with Long Lam limping in from utg, sb player also limped in, and bb Trung checked. The flop ran 10s9d10c, sb led for 2600 and both Trung and Lam called. On the 3c turn, sb checked, Trung bet 5k, Lam called, sb folded. On river 8h, Trung announced all in and Lam folded while showing A-A. Trung returned the gesture and opened one card 10h. Shortly after, Trung railed Hieu Duong with AhAd over Qc9s on a board that ran 2-K-K-9-8. Trung now over 400K.

9:20PM: Jaeheung An’s failed bluff sends Phan Trong Linh to over 220K
Level 10: Blinds 800/1600 ante 200

Phan Trong Linh

This level has brought in a new contender into the upper ranks. Phan Trong Linh went head to head against second big stack Jaeheung An and got maximum pay. The hand began with Linh raising to 3900 from utg+1 and An defending on the big blind. At the flop 7s4d3h, An checked, Linh bet 4600, An raised to 13.5k, and Linh flat-called. On the 10d turn, both players checked. Then on the 4s river, An checked, Linh bet 24k, An shoved his big stack, and Linh called for his tournament life. It was a good risk with An bluffing with 8d5d. Linh won with AsAd and doubled up to 226k. An down to 65k.

9:10PM: Quoc Vu cracks Le Ngoc Khanh’s aces
Level 10: Blinds 800/1600 ante 200

Le Ngoc Khanh hoped this second bullet would be the one but instead he fell holding pocket aces. From mid position, Khanh raised to 3700 and big blind Quoc Vu defended. At the flop 8dKs7d, Quoc checked, Khanh bet 4500, Quoc shoved his stack that well covered Khanh, and Khanh called. Khanh showed AhAs, Quoc 10d9d for all kinds of outs, the turn 6c was one of them for a straight to Quoc and Khanh was eliminated. The river was Kd. Quoc up to 160k.

9:00PM: Registration is officially closed for Flight A
Level 10: Blinds 800/1600 ante 200

Dinner break is over. Cards are in the air for Flight A. 61 players are back in their seats. Late registration is officially closed for this flight.

Flight A drew 104 players with 32 re-entering for a total of 136 entries. The remaining players will battle it out for another four levels and those that survive will bag up at the end of level 13.

8:00PM: Cards in the air for Flight B
Level 1: Blinds 50/100

It’s 8pm which means Flight B is underway! Plenty of time to sign up if you miss late registration on the earlier flight. Buy-in is VND 9,900,000. Players start with a 30K stack. This is a turbo flight. Blinds go up every 15 minutes. Registration closes at the start of Level 10. We will have live updates running as well for this heat along with a full recap at the end of the day.

7:50PM: Dinner break

Flight A players are now on a one hour dinner break. When action returns, that’s the end of late registration. As it stands, 61 players remain. Sitting with a huge lead is Vietnam’s Nguyen Van Trung with 310k. He is pretty much in a zone of his own. In second rank is Korea’s Jaeheung An with a stack of 175k, and in third is a player who preferred to be addressed as “6 bet fold”. He has 143k.

7:05PM: Nguyen Quoc Hung rails Vincent Li
Level 8: Blinds 500/1000 ante 100

Action folded around the table to the small blind Nguyen Quoc Hung. He raised to 2200. Big blind Vincent Li moved all in for 21k. Hung gave it a thought and called with his big stack. Li AcKc, Hung KdJd, the board ran 10d4d10s2cJh for pair to Hung and Li the rail. Hung up to 130k.

6:50PM: Nguyen Van Trung with a massive lead of 325K
Level 8: Blinds 500/1000 ante 100

Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch the hand or hands that did it but chip leader Nguyen Van Trung has widened his lead to 325k. That’s back to over 300x the big blind. His nearest competitor sits with around around 150k. We hope to get the action from him during the dinner break.

6:20PM: Nguyen Van Trung in the lead with 178k
Level 7: Blinds 400/800 ante 100

Nguyen Van Trung

We still have over 100 players in the field but without a doubt, the chip leader at the moment is Nguyen Van Trung. Nguyen has been chipping up slowly but recently won another nice pot that he ended up splitting with another player.

Four-way action and a pot of 8700, the flop showed 3d7d5s, Nguyen checked, Michael Falcon bet 4500, button player shoved (10.9k), followed by a shove from utg (27.8k), Nguyen called, and Falcon folded.

Utg KdKc

Nguyen 6d4d nuts straight with gutshot straight flush draw
Button 4h4s

The turn 3s and 6c improved the button player to a straight to split the main pot with Nguyen and avoid elimination. The utg player busted. Nguyen up to 178k.

6:10PM: Vi Khoa denied twice; Tran Kim Dong and Erik Billgren double up
Level 7: Blinds 400/800 ante 100

Vi Khoa

Vi Khoa got a shaving in back-to-back hands with Tran Kim Dong and Erik Billgren as the happy takers. The first hand we caught on a full board of 6c2h5h6h8c. Vi Khoa bet 7k, utg player called, Tran shoved 21.8k, Vi Khoa called, utg folded. Vi Khoa had Qd6d set but Tran held 8h8s full house. Tran doubled up to 60k, Vi Khoa down to 70k.

On the next hand Billgren shoved with AcKc, Vi Khoa called with QsQd. The board ran 7-4-9-A-7 for a higher pair spiked by the Swede. Vi Khoa dropped to 45k.

6:00PM: Lim Yohwan versus Quoc Vu
Level 7: Blinds 400/800 ante 100

Two tough horses at Table 9 went at it, Lim Yohwan (Boxer) and Quoc Vu. Boxer opened the hand with a 1800 raise, and Quoc called from cutoff. At the flop 10h4h5s, Boxer c-bet 3500, Quoc raised to 8500, Boxer called. On the Qh turn, Boxer checked, Quoc banged out 12.5K, Boxer raised to 30k, and the hand ended with Quoc surrendering his hand. Boxer up to 110k, Quoc down to 50k.

5:50PM: Players in the 100k range
Level 7: Blinds 400/800 ante 100

Nguyen Van Trung 158k
Johannes Felix Hoeld 135k
Pham Bao 123k

5:45PM: Patrick Barnay sends Le Ngoc Khanh to a second bullet
Level 7: Blinds 400/800 ante 100

One of Vietnam’s top pros has been given the boot but luckily, late registration is still open. Taking the fall was Le Ngoc Khanh at the hands of Patrick Barnay. The hand saw Khanh raise to 2k preflop that found three callers. At the flop 4hJd3d, three checks then a bet of 4500 by button player. Barnay called from the sb seat, Khanh shoved, next player folded and so did the button player, giving up his bet. Barnay called.

Khanh: Js8s top pair
Barnay: JhQc top pair higher kicker

The turn 4s and river 3c gave both two pair however Khanh was out-kicked. Barnay shipped it to climb to 75k.

5:20PM: System down

Our system is currently down. We apologize for the ensuing live update delays. We will have the updates posted as soon as the possible.

5:15PM: Huy Thong climbs to 110k
Level 6: Blinds 300/600 ante 100

Huy Thong

One of the biggest stacks out there right now is Huy Thong after scooping up a massive pot that sent two players out simultaneously. The hand began with a raise to 1400 by Quoc Vu, three-bet all in by short stack Raz Nguyen to 6750, one player called, SB player named Quan moved all in as well but with a biggest stack of 44,275, then BB Huy made it three-way shoving his 46.4K. Facing all this action, initial raiser Quoc folded.

Raz: AcQh
Quan: JdJh
Huy: KhKc

The board ran 4h4c6s6d3s. Huy shipped it and climbed to 110k.

5:00PM: Aggressive God Giong hits it
Level 6: Blinds 300/600 ante 100

God Giong put the heat on Hai Le in this hand. From mid position, Hai raised to 1875 preflop and God defended on the big blind. At the flop A-10-7, God check-raised 2100 to make it 6100. From there, God took charge. On the Queen turn, he bet 7k and got called; then on the river Jack, he bet 20k and was called once more. He opened K-3 for the nuts straight. God goes up to 85k, Hai down to 48K.

4:40PM: Johannes Felix Hoeld survives Hai Chuot’s kings; Nghiem Quang Huy doubles
Level 5: Blinds 250/500 ante 75

Johannes Felix Hoeld

Lucky lucky for Johannes Felix Hoeld. He raised to 3250 preflop, then several spots down one player moved all in, Hai Chuot joined in with a shove, then back to Hoeld who had less chips than Hai. After tanking, Hoeld made it a three-way showdown. Before showing his cards he said to Hai, “I hope you have a lower pair”. Not the case.

Player: Ad9h
Hai Chuot: KdKh
Hoeld: JsJh

Though Hoeld was behind, the board ran Jd5d2c4s9d for a set to survive against Hai’s kings. In the process, one player was eliminated. Hoeld zooms over 90k.

Prior to that hand, Nghiem Quang Huy doubled up at that table. A female player raised to 1200 preflop that found three callers. At the flop 4sQc10d, action was checked to the raiser who fired 2700 c-bet. It was called by Hai Chuot and Nghiem. On the Kd turn, Nghiem jammed his 11,550 stack, the lady followed with her own all in of 22,250, Hai folded. Nghiem KcJd, female Qd9d, the river Ks sealed the win for Nghiem. He doubled up.

4:30PM: Lim Yohwan boots out two
Level 5: Blinds 250/500 ante 75

Lim Yohwan

Two players fell at the hands of Korean ex-gamer turned poker pro… Lim Yohwan aka Boxer. On a flop of 5dJs8s, three players were all in.

Player: 3d3h

Hieu Duong Jc9c top pair


The turn Ac and river 9s completed the board. Boxer reached his flush to bounce out two simultaneously. He now sits with around 80k.

4:20PM: Henry Wong rails Norbert Koh
Level 5: Blinds 250/500 ante 75

Henry Wong

Norbert Koh opened the action with a raise, Henry Wong flatted right after him, then Christopher Mateo three-be. Back to Koh who called, Wong shoved, Mateo folded, and Koh all in with less chips than Wong. Wong held AdAh, Koh with JsJh, no luck on the board for Koh to send him out. Wong climbed to around 78k.

4:15PM: Big bet by Quoc Vu
Level 5: Blinds 250/500 ante 75

Quoc Vu

We got to the table and saw Quoc Vu staring down Hieu Duong. The board showed 2s8h4h and a pot of around 7400 in the middle. Duong had a 15k bet out front, Quoc raised it to an enormous 46.1k to go, Hieu tanked then folded after some chatter back and forth between them. Quoc showed 9s9h overpair and claimed the pot.

4:00PM: Go Mori leads with over 80K
Level 5: Blinds 250/500 ante 75

Go Mori

98 players in their seats and over 112 entries, leading the race is Japan’s Go Mori. He sits with around 85K in chips. Not too far behind is Hai Le with just over 80K. Players began with 30K stack so these two have beefed up quite a bit from the start.

3:45PM: Current numbers and notables at the felt
Level 4: Blinds 200/400 ante 50  

With three rounds already gone by, the Deep Stack Open has reached 100 entries. Late registration is still open until the start of Level 10 so plenty of time for fence-sitters to jump in and join the table warriors. Quite a number of notable players are in action out there, among them are Norbert Koh, Iori Yogo, Pham Bao, Feng Zhao, SJ Kim, Lim Yohwan, Hai Chuot, Huy Coshet, Steffen Endres, Hung Sheng Lin, and Natalie Teh.

Deep Stack Open: LIVE UPDATES

Deep Stack Open Vietnam

The Asia Poker League’s “APL Ho Chi Minh City – Road Series Vol. 3” at Pro Poker Club has kicked off! Welcoming in the players was the world-renowned Deep Stack Open. This event runs for two days from November 15 to 16. For a buy-in of VND 9,900,000 (~US$425), players receive a very healthy stack of 30,000. And for those that were at the felt by the starting gun, that stack equated to 300x the opening big blind.

Today will see two flights taking place – 1pm and 8pm. The early flight has blinds increasing every 40 minutes while the later flight increases every 15 minutes. Late registration closes at the start of Level 10. Players bag up at the end of Level 13. We will bring you live updates on the action around the room right here along with a recap and the chip counts at the end of the day.

Good luck to all the players!

1 - Nguyen Van Trung - 394,000
2 - Norbert Koh - 380,500
3 - Phan Trong Linh - 269,000
4 - Nguyen The Anh - 242,500
5 - Xiaoxin He - 239,500
6 - Pasi Hena Nen - 235,000
7 - Le - 226,500
8 - Vi Khoa - 218,000
9 - Nguyen Quoc Hung - 216,500
10 - Ly Anh Minh - 210,500
11 - Pham Bao - 160,000
12 - Hwang Sang Yeon - 157,500
13 - Nguyen Quoc Vu - 140,000
14 - Pham Zhanh Tung - 137,500
15 - Nguyen Van Tu - 135,500
16 - Yosuke Iwata - 122,000
17 - Chung Fai - 114,000
18 - Tran Xuan Truo - 112,500
19 - Sean Cha - 99,000
20 - Go Morz - 98,000
21 - Steffen Enpers - 93,000
22 - Tran Van Quan - 85,000
23 - Tran Kim - 84,000
24 - Phua Tzai Wei - 83,000
25 - Chinnact T - 80,500
26 - Ng Pui Cheung - 72,000
27 - Thanh Mai Truo - 55,000
28 - Tran Hong Hai - 51,500
29 - Sae Hung An - 48,000
30 - Nghien Quang Huy - 39,500
31 - Wong Waz Yen - 32,500

Overall poker festival dates are:

Thursday, November 15 - Sunday, November 25, 2018

DSO Vietnam dates are:

Thursday, November 15 - Friday, November 16, 2018

DSO Event Schedule

Flight A - November 15 at 1:00 pm

Flight B - November 15 at 4:00 pm

Final - November 16 at 1:30 pm

Buy In

9.9M (9M+0.9M) VND

Event News & info - Schedule