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10:10pm: Korea’s Choi Jae Young closes Day 1C at the helm

 Choi Jae Young
Choi Jae Young

On one of the last hands of Day 1C, Korea’s Choi Jae Young slid into the chip lead after eliminating one Indian player that ran quite well throughout the day. On a board of 4d4hQcAc, the Indian player was all in with AdQd however a double up looked bleak with Young dominating with 4c5c. The river Kd completed the board and  Young shipped it while sending one to the rail.

Due to his final takedown, Young amassed the largest stack out of the 44 players that survived Day 1C. He bagged up 214,500 in chips. Lee Chang Gon earned the second spot with 201,800 and Eugene Co in third with 193,800.

Standby for the day’s recap along with the results of the side events.

9:40pm: Agampal Dhupar doubles up with aces

Unlike our previous update, this one saw aces prevail with Agampal Dhupar earning the double up through Jannodin Riga. He climbed to 134k.

9:30pm: William McAuley narrowly misses the rail

We are on the last level of the day. Short stacks will be looking for premium hands to shove it all in. One player found that moment was William McAuley. He was all in with  Qc Qs and faced a player with  As Ah. While we’ve seen aces cracked before, this one was brutal with the board running  Jd 2c 4c Ac 7c.

9:20pm: John Tech reaches average stack

It has taken many levels and a lot of patience to get there but John Tech found a way to claw his way out of a deep hole and back in fighting form. His first double up we posted earlier is what got the engines running.

In Level 11, he double up another two times while knocking out one player in the process. One hand he had Jh6h flush on a board of 4hAhJcKhTh then several hands later it was a set of jacks over two pair that brought him up to 83k.

Just before the last break of the day, Tech lost 16k to Emmanuel Segismundo who won with a gorgeous set of aces.

9:10pm: Ernie Batalla cripples Michael Kim Falcon

A doozy of a hand just went down at Table 2. With Michael Kim Falcon at the table, lots of action took place. While he has had his fair share of victories, this one sent his stack plummeting. It began with utg Falcon limping in followed by one player raising from 1200 to 3200. Ernie Batalla called from the big blind and Falcon followed behind.

At the flop 5c7c4d, it was checked to the initial raiser who slid out 4k. Batalla called but Falcon raised to 11k. Only Batalla continued and a 5d showed up on the turn. Both players checked. On the 6h river, Batalla switched up and bet 25k. Falcon moved all in with over 90k, covering Batalla by around 8k. Batalla tanked for some time then found the courage to call for his tournament life. Falcon had 4s5s full house and Batalla made the right decision with his 6s5h higher full house.

Batalla soared to 160k while Falcon fell to around 8k.

9pm: Main Event payouts announced

The payouts are now up on the screen. Out of the Php6,693,000 (~US$128,900) prize pool, the eventual champion will earn the lion share Php1,478,700 (~US$28,500). Top 36 places will be paid with the lowest at Php45,500.

8:30pm: China’s Zhu Xingbao wins the No Limit Hold’em Turbo

Zhu Xingbao
Zhu Xingbao

The first side event on deck today was the No Limit Hold’em Turbo with 13 players joining the fun. The game ended in just over 5 hours with China’s Zhu Xingbao defeating JC Sayo at the heads up round. He earned the P41,500 first place purse one of those unique APL trophies. Also cashing was Do Gyeong Kwak – the Main Event Day 1B chip leader. We will have a short recap at the end of the day.

8:20pm: Short stacks John Tech and Agampal Dhupar hanging in there

Filipino pro John Tech has been nurturing a very short stack for a long time and recently found a spot to double up. Staring down at TcTs, he shoved and Jessie Supnet called with 7c7d. The board ran Kc4cTd6dTh for quads to Tech. Tech will need much more though to stay in the running.

Another very short stacked player successfully doubling up was India’s Agampal Dhupar. Dhupar actually doubled up in back-to-back fashion. The first winning hand he held pocket queens over pocket tens, then pocket kings over king-ten. The board bricked on both occasions.

8:15pm: Luke Pangan gets spanked but quickly recovers

Luke Pangan
Luke Pangan

Luke Pangan couldn’t believe his eyes when Michael Kim Falcon got very lucky on him. Pangan shoved on a flop of 10-4-3 and Falcon called. Pangan was ahead with pocket jacks against Falcon’s Q-10. The next two cards came 4-10 for a winning full house to Falcon.

With only 6400 left – 8 big blinds – Pangan recovered on the next hand with four callers unfazed by his all in preflop. When the board ran out. A-10-4-J-Q, Pangan landed a quintuple up with with K- 7 straight. He won another pot immediately after and is back to around 40k.

8pm: Tony Khoang straight to a double up

Noel Araniel pushed his fairly big stack on a QcTd8hJc board but that didn’t bother Tony Khoang one bit. He quickly dragged his stack to the middle then opened up Kc9c straight way ahead of Araniel’s Th6h. After the river 7h he secured a double up.

7:40pm: Michael Kim Falcon denies two players

Michael Kim Falcon
Michael Kim Falcon

Denmark’s Michael Kim Falcon loves action that he enters numerous pots per orbit. At the ongong level 9, Falcon was seen dusting two players in separate occasions. The first one was Don Carmona, all in preflop with Ah Qd. Falcon had Kh 6h. The flop saw both of the Dane’s cards pair up which held to the end.

Ten minutes later, he was delivering another defeat. He laid out a massive bet on a  3h Jd Ac 6s 6d board putting his opponent all in. The player opted to take on the challenge, moving all his chips in front. Falcon turned over  Jc 6h full house and with that, he sent another to the rail.

7:30pm: Kyle Lim’s quads get full pay

It is not often players get quads and get maximum pay out of them but when it happened to Kyle Lim, we were glad to be there to see it. One player opened with 2k raise with blinds at 400-800 ante 100. The button player and bb player Kyle Lim called. At the flop  Qs 2d 3d, action was checked to the raiser who fired out a continuation bet of 4500. Button folded however Lim raised all in for another 31.8k. He was called and both hands were revealed. Lim with  3c 3s set and his opponent with  Ac Ah overpair. The turn  2h and river  3h improved Lim to quads and he shipped in a double up.

7pm: Dinner break update

The players are now on a 40 minute dinner break. 89 players remaining with four more levels upon their return. Leading is Jannodin Riga with around 145k.

6:40pm: Short stacks double up

Level 8 also saw a good number of short stacks double up. PLO 1 champion Harold Ruaya doubled through with 9d9s over pocket eights. Michael Kim Falcon also got a boost with his AcTs two pair fully paid by Marc Rivera on a board of 3h4cAh5h5d. The shove was on the river.

6:30pm: Jannodin Riga climbs to 150k

Jannodin Riga may be our chip leader at the moment. He shipped in a hefty pile that unfortunately we only caught on the river. On a full board of XxTc3c7hAs with betting at every stage, Riga pushed sending his opponent to the tank. It took some time before a decision arrived but when it did, it was a call which led to an immediate knockout with Riga turning over Ad4d top pair. His opponent had 8d8h.

6:25pm: Seung Soo Jeon unhappy at the result

Seung Soo Jeon will not be advancing to Day 2 as the two-time APT champion busted out at the hands of Czar Ian Marcos. Jeon was all in with QdQh and Marcos with JcJd. The board felted 5hKhTsJh5c for a full house to Marcos sending Jeon packing.  

6:20pm: Lee Chang Gon and Elmer Kalaquian deliver bust outs

“Player out!” That seemed to be the theme for table 5 with a couple of players getting the boot. First one we caught was Rommel Angeles bounced out by Lee Chang Gon. On a board of TdJd2s3h, Angeles held A-J top pair but was behind Lee’s 3c3d set. The river As improved both but Gon still held the better spread.

A few hands later, one player stormed out of the table after seeing the nasty river card come down. The board was 6d6sAhJs with all the chips in the middle. Elmer Kalaquian had AdKh top two pair behind his opponent’s 6h5h trips. The river though was Ac giving Kalaquian the boat and the other player the hard boot.

5:30pm: Registration closes, prize pool announced

APL Road Series
APL Road Series

Day 1C registration is over and it is official… 152 entries today! Add that in with the previous starting days of Day 1a – 30 and Day 1B – 94 for a total of 276 entries. This is a fantastic turnout for the inaugural APL’s Road Series in the Philippines. They well exceeded the advertised guarantee; players are now looking at a juicy P6,693,000 prize pool (~US$128,900).

Some of the day’s late entries were Mike Takayama, Eugene Co, Florencio Campomanes, and Williamm McAuley.

5pm: Lei Gao lands a straight flush to boot Richard Allen

Lei Gao
Lei Gao

Richard Allen came up to us to explain the hand that booted him out of the table. Moments later, Lei Gao, the player that axed him filled in all the missing parts. Here goes… the hand began with Allen raising to from 400 to 2000. He found three callers to join him at the flop Ah3d3h. Betting round ensued with Allen continuing and only Gao sticking with him. On the 5d turn, Gao moved all in with 4h5h and Allen called with AdJd. The river 2h was a sight to see with Gao landing a rare straight flush. Gao climbed to around 80k.

4:50pm: Miran Kim doubles through Wilson Tolon

Lei Gao
Lei Gao

There aren’t many ladies in the field but handful that are there are performing well. One of those fine poker women is Korea’s Miran Kim. On a flop of 9hTh7s, and a pot of around 2500 brewed, sb Jannodin Riga checked, bb Miran Kim bet checked, and Wilson “Jay” Tolon bet 1300. Back to Riga, he called, Kim raised to 6500, then Tolon pushed 40k that covered both of his opponents. Riga reluctantly folded however Kim with the quick call. Tolon 9s9d set and Kim 8d6s straight. The turn Ad and river 8s kept Kim safe and she doubled up to 80k.

4:20pm: Min Yan Yang boots one out

One of Day 1C’s early casualties was delivered by China’s Min Yan Yang. On a flop of 9c3c5d, Yang bet 4500 which was close to the size of the pot. One player folded while another went the opposite direction and shoved with Qc4c. Yang called with 9s9h. The turn 8s and river 3h completed the board and Yang shipped in the pot.

4:10pm: Full house for Mayank Agarwal

Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal

Indian pro Mayank Agarwal placed just the right bet to get Jessie Supnet to call a full house. On a complete board of Qc6cKh8cKd, Supnet checked, Agarwal slid out a pot bet of 5800, and after Moses Saquing folded, Supnet called. Agarwal revealed his Ks8s boat. Agarwal up to 40k.

3:40pm: Alexander Ungria cracks and catapults to 90k

Alexander Ungria
Alexander Ungria

One of the benefactors of an early rise in chips was Alexander Ungria. We caught the action with three players staring down a 5d3dQsJs board. We aren’t sure on how the betting proceeded however all three were eventually all in with Ungria three-bet shoving his Qc5c followed by one player with JdTd, and Kohei Kawanishi with AdAs. The river 5s improved the already ahead Ungria to a full house to knock one player out and double up through Kawanishi. Ungria up to 90k, Kawanishi down to 15k.

 3:30pm: Player update: Filipinos flood the tables

The local contingent came out in full force today with nearly every notable Filipino at the felt. Among them were Terry Gonzaga, Mark Amparo, Emmanuel Segismundo, Euryd Rivera, Jessie Leonarez, Joven Huerto, Luke Pangan… and the list goes on.

Also scattered around the room are foreign players such as Jae Wook Shin, In Chul Sin, Mayank Agarwal, Sameer Chaturvedi, Kyle Lim, Markus Pitkanen, Choong Kon “Joe” Kim, and around 15 or so Chinese nationals.

3pm: 5M Guarantee surpassed!


We are on the first break of the day and with the running tally of 95 players posted on the screen, we have just surpassed the P5M guarantee. There are three more rounds of late registration so expect that rack up to over 100 entries in no time.

2:40pm: Uncalled shoves for Marc Rivera and Michael Kim Falcon

Marc Rivera
Marc Rivera

Time is moving fast with players now at Level 3 with blinds at 75-150. Starting stacks are still very deep compared to the blinds however all ins have already been spotted. At table 6, Marc Rivera went head-to-head against Anthony Abram that began with a series of raises preflop. Abram kicked it off from utg, big blind Rivera bumped it up to 700, Abram four-bet to 2200, Rivera added an extra 2500, and Abram called to end the raise war. The flop 2hJs7d saw Rivera lead out with a 5k bet and Abram called. On the 2c turn no bets were fired however on the 5c river, Rivera shoved and Abram quickly folded.

At a separate table, Michael Kim Falcon was all in on a board of Qh2sTcAs with one Filipino player asking for the chip count. A minute or two later, Falcon won the pot with his opponent folding.

 2pm: Seen and scene at the felt

John Tech
John Tech

We are into Level 2 with the big screen showing 52 players signed up. A large contingent of local players are in attendance, among them are John Tech, Lloyd Fontillas, Alexis Lim, Ron Regis, and Joseph Sia. From the foreign national section, Michael Kim Falcon is back for another attempt having busted on the first two days; Day 1B re-entry player Seung Soo Jeon, Joon Won “James” Lee, Anthony Abram, Tony Khoang, and last night’s High Roller champion Jaeheung An..

1pm: Last entry day! Cards in the air for Day 1C

APL Road Series
APL Road Series

Two days down and into the third of the ongoing APL Road Series Vol.1 Philippines. Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Day 1C of the Main Event P5,000,000 Guaranteed. The past two starting days generated 124 entries with 32 players advancing to Day 2. Today is your last chance to get in the action with six rounds of registration open. Buy-in to the event is P27,500.

Players begin with a 25,000 starting stack. Opening blinds are at 25-50 with increases every 40 minutes. Regulation play runs 12 rounds before the remaining players bag up.

Also running alongside the main are two side events. The first one hits the floor at 3pm, the No Limit Hold’em Turbo. Buy-in is P7,700. This will be followed by another Pot Limit Omaha event at 6pm. Buy-in is P11,000.

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