APT Taipei 2024: Kun Sen claims trophy glory with Double Stack win; Andrija Robovic scoops up High Roller title; Jeong Yeol Yu scores second series win

APT Taipei 2024
Photo Credit – Asian Poker Tour

With the APT Taipei 2024 Main Event in the books, several winners stepped up to the podium alongside newest champion Daisuke Ogita, sharing trophy glory with Taiwan’s Kun Sen who topped the country’s largest APT Double Stack. Republika Srpska’s Andrija Robovic likewise bagged a career first win at the Single Day High Roller games while South Korea’s Jeong Yeol Yu clinched a second series title at Event #100: Dealer’s Choice. Check out these highlights down below.

Taiwan’s Kun Sen claims country’s largest APT Double Stack

Kun Sen wins APT Taipei 2024 Double Stack
Kun Sen, Photo Credit – Asian Poker Tour

A staple across the APT lineup, Event #90: Double Stack drew in a sizable 765 entries for a generated NTD 13,356,900 (~USD 425,245)  prize pool, boosting past the listed guarantee to nearly double in value. With the staggering turnout, another record was broken with this season’s games hailing as the largest Double Stack field in the country. Two initial flights played down to 108 runners, each securing a NTD 34,000 (~USD 1,080) minimum payout. 

APT Taipei 2024 Double Stack final table
Photo Credit – Asian Poker Tour

All eyes were locked on the NTD 2,547,900 (~USD 81,080) top prize and Pewter APT Lion Trophy with the final nine seeing several runners looking to secure a first series title. Among the running were four-time bracelet winner Bradley Ruben who finished in sixth place, and Event #42: Sunday Super Stack runner-up finisher Chi Jen Chen. Unfortunately for Chen, the Taiwanese runner would once again finish second, adding another NTD 1,880,000 (~USD 59,780) in cashes to his festival run. After a worthy two days of battle, it was local runner Kun Sen who claimed the victory following a deal, banking a career first win for NTD 2,216,900 (~USD 70,490).

Date: March 8-9, 2024
Buy in: NTD 20,000 (~USD 635)
Entries: 765
Guarantee: NTD 7,000,000 (~USD 222,580)
Prize pool: NTD 13,356,900 (~USD 425,245)
ITM: 108 places

Event #90: Double Stack Final Table Results

Place Player Flag Prize
1st Kun Sen Taiwan NTD 2,216,900
2nd Chi Jen Chen Taiwan NTD 1,880,000
3rd Toshio Kataoka Japan NTD 1,098,000
4th Kei Takazawa Japan NTD 829,000
5th Chamanan Arthachinta Thailand NTD 657,000
6th Bradley Ruben United States NTD 497,000
7th Kyosuke Nagami Japan NTD 357,000
8th Kwok Chun Yip Hong Kong NTD 244,000
9th Michael Smith Canada NTD 192,000

Andrija Robovic scoops up APT Taipei 2024 Event #92: Single Day High Roller

Andrija Robovic wins APT Taipei 2024 Single Day High Roller
Andrija Robovic, Photo Credit – Asian Poker Tour

Another runner landed a maiden victory, this time being Republika Srpska’s Andrija Robovic in Event #92: Single Day High Roller. It took close to ten hours of play before the event wrapped up with Robovic claiming the lion’s share of the NTD 4,897,530 (~USD 155,750) prize pool after defeating United Kingdom’s Thomas Hall in heads up play. Robovic added NTD 1,359,330 (~USD 43,220) in winnings to his previous ninth place finish in the Super High Roller event, bumping up his tally of series cashes. Interestingly, Robovic’s APT results this season stands to be his sole tournament record in the region according to The Hendon Mob.

Date: March 8, 2024
Buy in: NTD 110,000 (~USD 3,490)
Entries: 51
Prize pool: NTD 4,897,530 (~USD 155,750)
ITM: 7 places

Event #92: Single Day High Roller Full Payouts

Place Player Flag Prize
1st Andrija Robovic Republika Srpska NTD 1,359,330
2nd Thomas Aaron Hall United Kingdom NTD 1,298,200
3rd Bao Qiang Ho Singapore NTD 710,000
4th Yu Chung Chang Taiwan NTD 539,000
5th Rehman Kassam United Kingdom NTD 416,000
6th Daniel Smiljkovic Austria NTD 318,000
7th Sung Joo Hyun South Korea NTD 257,000

Jeong Yeol Yu score second series win at Event #100: Dealer’s Choice

Jeong Yeol Yu second series win at APT Taipei 2024 Dealer’s Choice
Jeong Yeol Yu, Photo Credit – Asian Poker Tour

South Korea’s Jeong Yeol Yu followed through his previous victory in Event 71: Hyper Turbo – NL R-O-S-E (Razz, Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud, Stud Hi-Lo) with a bigger win at Event #100: Dealer’s Choice. Yu scooped up the NTD 108,522 (~USD 3,450) top payout after besting the 34-entry field and earned a career fourth APT title. Multi series champion Mark Furniss was also seen in the final table mix, in search of a fourth festival win but fell three spots short of another trophy.

Date: March 9, 2024
Buy in: NTD 10,000 (~USD 310)
Entries: 34
Prize pool: NTD 293,522 (~USD 9,335)
ITM: 5 places

Event #100: Dealer’s Choice Full Payouts

Place Player Flag Prize
1st Jeong Yeol Yu South Korea NTD 108,522
2nd Tony Khoang Netherlands NTD 75,000
3rd Ko Goto Japan NTD 48,000
4th Mark Furniss Australia NTD 34,000
5th Yu Sheng Lin Taiwan NTD 28,000

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