2M for 2K Day 1C round-up: 561 entries caps record-setting day

PASAY CITY, Philippines—With the final “Day” flight yielding 384 entries and the “Night” flight ending with 177, “2M for 2K”, MIKES ROOM’s inaugural tournament for its official grand opening, the “preliminary” round of the record-shattering event drew to a close with Day 2 set to see all out carnage for the grand prize of PhP1,000,000 ($21,284) to the eventual champion here.

The 561 total entries from the last Day 1 of the competition brought the final count to 1,403a new Philippine record for most number of entries for a single poker tournament—of which 140 advanced to Day 2 of this PhP2,000,000 guaranteed event.

35 players moved on to Day 2 from the “Day” flight of Day 1C while 30 others survived the final turbo “Night” flight.

Pampanga’s Noel Ogama  Day 1C & overall chip leader

Noel Ogama

Day 1C also saw the emergence of the overall chip leader with Pampanga’s Noel Ogama dominating the field for a total stack of 349,000—50,000 more than erstwhile top man Martin Ealdama’s holdings of 299,000 (acquired in Day 1A).

Local tournament campaigner Richard “Hot Sauce” Marquez came in second with 210,000 while veteran grinder Dennis Reyes held third place with 198,500.

Thomas Edison Alfaro tops the night flight

Thomas Edison Alfaro

In the “last chance” turbo version later in the evening, Thomas Edison Alfaro topped the entrants with a stack of 116,000 while Joemark Visay (115,000) and Roque Lima (101,000) ended up in second and third, respectively.

Some notables and international players that crossed over to Day 2 of the tourney from the Final “qualifier” were Flo Campomanes (Third placer in the 2015 APPT Macau Main Event), Alan Tsang of Hong Kong, Spain’s Genaro Gallo, Jr., Tatsuhiko Arima of Japan, American Nick Alexander, Sweden’s Peter Karlsson and Korea’s Kim Il Kwon, Jaz Hwan Lee, Na Young, Shin Kyun Choi, In Chul Shin, Jiju Yun, Joe Kim and Hyun Taek Jo (who had already qualified from Day 1A but chose to re-enter and now his Day 1C stack moves on).

More action to come

Day 2 kicks off at 2PM on Sunday (June 26th).

The first of two Side Events also gets off the ground in the afternoon with the PhP5,000 (PhP4,600+PhP400) Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) event at 5PM. The second Side Event is for Open Face Chinese (OFC) Pineapple on Monday (June 27th) at 3PM with a buy-in of PhP10,000 (PhP9,100+PhP900).

Somuchpoker will be giving an in depth look at Day 2 of this history-in-the-making tournament right on site as it happens.

Article by Noel Zarate

Day 1C Day Flight – Chip Count

1. Noel Ogama 349,000
2. Richard Marquez 210,000
3. Dennis Reyes 198,500
4. Hyung Taek Jo (Korea) 182,000
5. Jarome Mamañgun 175,000
6. Shin Kyun Choi (Korea) 167,500
7. Rommel Morte 158,000
8. Edmond Lacson 155,500
9. Edward Tan 155,000
10. Bong Tan 140,500
11. In Chul Shin (Korea) 138,000
12. Jay Lansang 132,000
13. Jumar Ali 130,000
14. Tyrone Lim 126,500
15. John Jay Magadan 124,000
16. Jiju Yoon (Korea) 122,500
17. Julius Orcullo 118,000
18. Joeffrey Sibal 105,000
19. Ginbert De Villa 103,500
20. Eugene Co 103,000
21. Tatsuhiko Arima (Japan) 96,500
22. Amang Diablo 73,500
23. Richard Tubog 70,000
24. Randy Cirineo 65,000
25. Genaro Gallo Jr. (Spain) 59,000
26. Christian Ortanez 56,000
27. Joe Kim (Korea) 47,500
28. Ernest Punzalan 47,500
29. Ed Ventura 44,000
30. Don Brizuela 43,500
31. Mark Joseph Velasquez 40,000
32. Ana Gellido 36,500
33. Tofie Runas 35,500
34. Nasser Bandong 35,000
35. Juvy Aldave 17,000

Day 1C Night Flight – Chip Count

1 Thomas Edson Alfaro 116,000
2 Joemark Vasay 115,500
3 Roque Lima 101,000
4 Florencio Campomanes
5 Jerick Medina 88,500
6 Kim Il Kwon 87,500 (Korea)
7 Del Ty 84,500
8 Bonifacio Jun Mondalo 83,500
9 Jayson Bonaobra 81,000
10 Peter Karlsson 69,500 (Sweden)
11 Ronald Javier 65,500
12 Erick Lizan 65,500
13 Jun Sacote 64,500
14 Jeorge Robin Lagatuz 64,500
15 Jonald garcia 63,000
16 Alvir inocentes 61,000
17 Terry gonzaga 60,000
18 Nick alexander 54,000
19 Jaz Hwan Lee 47,000 (Korea)
20 Na Young 40,000 (Korea)
21 Lari lagnada 40,000
22 Marvin Alona 39,500
23 Don Carmona 37,000
24 Patrick De Jesus 33,500
25 Gerardo Lubas iii 31,500
26 Alan Tsang 27,000 Hong Kong
27 Sonny Batugan 17,500
28 Vilma Goldman 15,500
29 no name 9,000
30 Aldrien Villanueva 7,000

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