MIKES ROOM’s 2M for 2K sets new Philippine record with 1,403 entries

PASAY CITY, Philippines— The ambitious gamble turned out to shatter all existing Philippine records as “2M for 2K” the inaugural tournament of MIKES ROOM, the newest poker facility in the archipelago, netted 1,403 entries—easily hitting the PhP2,000,000 ($42,569) guarantee with the measly buy-in of a mere PhP2,000 ($42,5).

MikesRoom record

The success of the undertaking now underlines the rising renaissance of poker in this country that had survived a steep decline after its popularity peaked in 2009—the year the renowned Metro Card Club set the mark with 804 total entries in its version of their PhP2,000,000 (guaranteed tourney, which was deemed to be unbreakable.

It is important to note that that endeavour was a freeze-out affair and in terms of runners still is the most in this nation’s history.

But 2M for 2K (also aptly called the Mike’s Millionaire Maker), caps the resurgence of poker in the Philippines which has had several shots in the arm in recent years with international casinos emerging and the World Poker Tour (WPT) holding two events here since 2014.

MIKES ROOM apparently opened at just the right time and the incredible amount of buy-ins leading to the new record showed that the Philippine poker community is now embracing the newfound resuscitation of poker and their show of force punctuates its bounce back from near oblivion.

“I believe it was MIKES ROOM’s ingenious strategy from a marketing standpoint of emphasizing that the champion with be a millionaire,” poker analyst Ron Regis pointed out to Somuchpoker. “And everyone who saw action here had that number in mind, never mind the two million guarantee. It was the thought of being winning one million for only two thousand that helped set this mark.”

The Asian record for most entries is still held by the 2016 edition of the Macau Millions which saw a grand total of 2,343 entries.

ENZ 4775
Mike Kim, MIKES ROOM owner and operator

“We were willing to gamble on this tournament and if we came up short, we would have viewed it as a promotional expense,” Mike Kim, MIKES ROOM owner and operator said of the feat. “Everybody’s dream is to become a millionaire so I felt that if we offer a million pesos to the winner, I felt that that would be the key factor to bring all the people in here.”

When the news was announced to those still in contention in Day 1C’s turbo “night” flight, cheers and unabashed displays of emotion filled MIKES ROOM but only for a moment, as everyone bucked down to the business of trying to advance to Day 2 and move one step closer to being the next Philippine poker millionaire.

We’re looking at creating a three million guaranteed tournament, then maybe a four million and maybe a five million in the very near future,” Kim said. “We’re doing this for the Philippine poker community and if we’re able to uplift the game by doing this, then poker in this country is going to get better and better.”

Article by Noel Zarate

The record in video with Noel Zarate and Ron Regis

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