14th Edition of Taiwan Millions Tournament Main Event – Day 1D and 1E – Live Updates

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Taiwan Millions Tournament 14 – Live Updates – Day 1D & Day 1E

Buy in: NTD 8,000 (~USD 256)
Guarantee: NTD 10,000,000 (~USD 319,760)
Starting stack: 25,000
Day 1A: 639 entries / 77 ITM survivors
Day 1B: 648 entries / 78 ITM survivors
Day 1C: 670 entries / 81 ITM survivors
Day 1D: 903 entries / 108 ITM survivors
Day 1E: 533 entries / 64 ITM survivors

Kenny Hsiung bags the biggest at Day 1E Turbo

kenny hsiung
Kenny Hsiung

The last flight to join the record breaking TMT 14 Main Event was Day 1E Turbo with an eager 533 signing up and 64 surviving the onslaught. Kenny Hsiung emerged the heat leder with 561,000. We will have the chip counts up one it has been released.

Day 1D – Live Updates
Entries: 903
Chips in play: 22,575,000

Chang Cheng Yuan bags the TMT 14 Main Event Day 1D chip lead

chang cheng yuan
Chang Cheng Yuan

The TMT 14 Main Event wrapped up its final two entry days on Saturday, July 29 at the Asia Poker Arena. The highlight event witnessed an overwhelming response as enthusiastic players poured in to amass a 903 entry field. The wall to wall action concluded with 108 players remaining led by Chang Cheng Yuan. We will have the official counts once it has been made available.

23:10: Bubble round double bust: Two players bust simultaneously to end Day 1D
Level 19: 5,000-10,000 ante 10,000

lin beng cheng
Lin Beng Cheng

All in preflop, Lin Beng Cheng with Ah9h wins the flip against player’s 8h8c on a board Ac6sKh9c10s.

Lin Beng Cheng – 370,000

At a separate table, Tsai Jung Hao with AhKs dominated a short stack’s AsQs. The board ran Kh5h5s6hJs.

23:00: Lo Shih Ting’s two pair holds
Level 19: 5,000-10,000 ante 10,000

With 40,000 brewed and a flop Ad7h6d, button player bets 13,000, Lo Shih Ting check-raises to 54,000, button answers with a 138,000 three-bet, Lo shoves, button calls. Lo is ahead 7c6h, button Ac4d top pair, the turn Kc and river 5s keep Lo ahead to ship it.

Lo Shih Tin – 294,000

22:45: Chung Wei Huang soars with small pocket
Level 18: 4,000-8,000 ante 8,000

chung wei huang
Chung Wei Huang

Hijack Chung Wei Huang is all in with 5c5h and is flipping against cutoff with Ah10h. With the board running 9sQc4hQsKc, Chung’s small pair holds to send one packing and him soaring.

Chung Wei Huang – 485,000

22:30: Huang Chang Hau banks it with a set
Level 18: 4,000-8,000 ante 8,000

With 50,000 in the pot, three players stare down a flop 3h2h6c. Mid position bets 25,000, button raises to 60,000, big blind Huang Chang Hau three-bets all in for 90,000, mp shoves over 200,000, button gets out of the way. Huang opens 3s3c set, mp with KcKh, the turn 7h and river Ac secure the win for Huang for a double up.

Huang Chang Hau – 290,000

22:20: Big stacks
Level 18: 4,000-8,000 ante 8,000

Chang Cheng Yuan – 540,000
Zhuang Min Jie – 380,000
Chung Wei Huang – 350,000

21:55: Shi Yu Ze doubles up 
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Shi Yu Ze raises to 12,000, cutoff shoves, at the showdown Shi is behind Ac[qh} against AhKd. The board fans out Qs6cJdAdJh. Shi pairs up to survive and double up.

Shi Yu Ze – 130,000

21:50: Lai Wei Chen hard-bets to the turn
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Hijack raises to 12,000, button Lai Wei Chen three-bets to 30,000, hijack calls, the flop runs 7d3h8s. Chen c-bets 17,000, hijack check-calls. On the turn 10c, Chen shoves and wins it right there.

Lai Wei Chen – 190,000

21:45: Small pair stands firm for David Lee 
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

david lee
David Lee

With 120,000 in the pot and a flop 5d8d7s laid out, mid position player David Lee shoves with 4h4c, button player snap-calls with AdKd draw. The turn 6h and river Jh completes the board. Lee’s small pocket holds for a double up.

David Lee – 290,000

21:40: Chung Wei Huang boots one
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Short stacked lojack goes all in with 10c8cm big blind Chung Wei Huang calls with Ad9d. Two aces grace the board for Chung to improve further and ship it and boot one out.

Chung Wei Huang – 350,000

21:20: Big slick gives David Lee the max
Level 16: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Hijack player raises to 11,000 then calls button player David Lee’s three-bet shove of 56,800. Lee has AhKh, hijack with 3d3h. The board runs Kd8cJh2cKs for trips to Lee and a double up.

David Lee – 130,000

21:00: Rick Lee outkicks then fills up for a double 
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Button player Rick Lee raises to 9,000 and is called by the blinds to see the flop 9cQs9d. Action is checked to Lee who c-bets 10,00, small blind raises to 25,000, big blind calls, Lee three-bet shoves, small blind folds while big blind makes the call.  Lee shows Ad9h trips, big blind has Jh9s trips lower kicker. The turn is 8c, the river is Ac for a full house to Lee.

Rick Lee – 340,000

20:55: Cai Ming Zheng’s full house dusts the flush
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

On a turn board 4hQhQs4s with 60,000 in the pot, small blind Cai Ming Zheng check-calls cutoff Huang Tien Sheng’s 35,000 bet to head to the river 10h. Zheng checks again, Huang goes all in, Zheng calls and shows Qd7s full house, Huang was way behind with 6h3h flush.

Cai Ming Zheng – 280,000
Huang Tien Sheng – 170,000

20:25: Sheng Wei Fan doubles with rockets
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Under the gun Sheng Wei Fan raises to 7000, hijack calls, button player jams, back to Sheng with the call while hijack folds. Button has 8c8d and is way behin Sheng’s AhAd. The board runs JhQs6c9h6h for a double up to Sheng.

Sheng Wei Fan – 80,000

20:20: Ian Cheng rises to 170K
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Under the gun Ian Cheng all in holding 10d10h and is flipping against big blind’s AdKh. With the board running 7h3s2h4d7c, it’s a double up for Cheng.

Ian Cheng – 170,000

20:11: 250 players remaining
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

20:10 Chip leaders at the break
Level 13: 1200-2400 ante 2400

Zhuang Min Jie – 320,000
Huang Tien Sheng – 300,000
Yun Ying Jheng – 280,000

20:05: Poi Chen wins the flip 
Level 13: 1200-2400 ante 2400

Mid position is all in with AsKc, cutoff Poi Chen has QsQh, the board runs Js2d2h6hJh for a double up to Chen.

19:40: Cooler awards Chin Lung Tsai the win
Level 13: 1200-2400 ante 2400

All in preflop, mp player with KhKd, button Chin Lung Tsai calls with AdAh, the board is jack-high. Chin ships it.

Chin Lung Tsai – 110,000

19:30: Wei Le Tsai’s set of snowmen rail one
Level 13: 1200-2400 ante 2400

On a board that completed 10c8hAh4d7s and 110,000 in the pot, mp player checks, hijack Wei Le Tsai shoves for 40,000, mp tank-calls and shows JhJs then busts to Tsai’s 8c8s set.

Wei Le Tsai – 180,000

19:20: Sheng Wei Fan shoves for the win
Level 12: 1000-2000 ante 2000

A pot of 31,000 brewed preflop and the flop comes 9d[qs}5c. Hijack Sheng Wei Fan bets 12,000, utg+1 check-calls. On the river 7h, Sheng shoves and wins the pot.

Sheng Wei Fan – 110,000

18:51: 360 players remaining
Level 12: 1000-2000 ante 2000

18:50: Wu Yan Jie wins the flip
Level 11: 800-1600 ante 1600

Wu Yan Jie calls the all in preflop with 7c7d and is up against overcards Ah8h for a flip. The board runs out 7sJd10d2cQc, Wu ships it and rail one.

Wu Yan Jie – 110,000

18:40: Ling Wei Yu rails one
Level 11: 800-1600 ante 1600

Under the gun +1 shoves 24,2000 with 6d6h and hijack Ling Wei Wu calls with a higher pocket 8d8h. The board runs Jh5h2sKhJd Ling ships it while sending one out in the process.

Ling Wei Wu – 120,000

18:30: 420 remaining players
Level 11: 800-1600 ante 1600

18:20: Liu Yu Che claims the pot
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

With 16,000 in the pot, two players stare down a flop 3c5c3d. Bets lead to all ins with big blind Liu Yu Che holding 5d3s full house and mp player with Ah5h. The turn 9h and river As secures the pot for Liu.

Liu Yu Che – 45,000

18:10: Registration closes at 903 entries
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

Record turnout of 903 entries for Day 1D of the TMT 14 Main Event! Players that missed the window still have one final chance with Day 1E taking place starting at 8pm. We will have the official numbers once reg closes.

17:30: Chou Shih Kun gains some for his boat
Level 9: 500-1000 ante 1000

Mid position raises to 2500, big blind Chou Shi Kun calls, the flop runs 10c10s2c. Chou check-calls 3000. Both players check the turn 3s for a free river 3d. Chou leads out 10,500, mp calls then mucks to Chou’s Qh10h full house.

Chou Shih Kun – 160,000

17:20: 819 entries
Level 9: 500-1000 ante 1000

17:05: Notables in the field
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

Hon Cheong Lee
Jacky Yu
Justing Chan
Fu Bang Huang
Kenny Shih
Junnie Pamplona
Chien Chih Weng
Pete Chen

17:00: Cai Ming Zheng eliminates one
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

On a board 2c9d3c{8cAs, small blind Cai Ming Zheng bets 5500, big blind shoves, Zheng calls. Big blind has JdJs, Zheng wins the pot with AdKs top pair on the river.

Cai Ming Zheng – 62,000

16:50: Wei Hsin Hsieh’s one card flush
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

Utg+2 raises to 2300, lojack calls hijack Wei Hsin Hsieh three-bets all in to 9400, both players make the call. At the  flop 9c5s6s, lojack shoves, utg+2 folds, lojack has Ac9d top pair. The turn Js and river As improves lojack to two-pair but still loses to Wei’s AhKs one-card flush.

Wei Hsin Hsieh – 31,000

16:45: 745 entries
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

16:40: Chow Shih Kun wins the pot
Level 7: 400-800 ante 800

chou shih kun
Chou Shih Kun

On a flop 8h3hJs and 7,000 in the pot, hijack bets 4000, button Chow Shih Kun calls. On the turn 3h, both players check to see a free river Kc. Hijack leads out 1000, Chow shoves and is called. Chow shows KsJd and takes down the pot.

Chow Shih Kun – 51,000

16:15: 678 entries
Level 7: 400-800 ante 800

15:40: 620 entries at the break
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

At this pace, Day 1D will surpass Day 1C’s 670 turnout by the next level. Here are some big stacks at the break:

Jiang Yan Chen – 156,000
Seow Han Yee – 150,000
Chieh Hsiang Hsu – 135,000

15:20: Chieh Hsiang Hsu flushes one
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

chieh hsiang hsu
Chieh Hsiang Hsu

All in on the turn Ah8s3sJs, Chieh Hsiang Hsu with Ks9s flush against cutoff player’s Jc8d two pair. The river 6s secures the win for Chieh to send one packing.

Chieh Hsiang Hsu – 110,000

15:10: Gerardo Lubas III ends one
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

Heavy betting bounced back and forth leading to two players all in. Gerardo Lubas III ahead in chips and in hand JdJc against 10h10s. The board runs Qd3h{2s|}3c5h. Lubas ships it and ends a player.

Gerardo Lubas III – 50,000

15:00: 529 entries
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

14:55: Chih Hua Hsu ends one
Level 4: 200-400 ante 400

All in preflop, utg with Ad5d, mp Chih Hua Hsu with QcQs, the board improves Chih to a set to end a player.

Chih Hua Hsu – 40,000

14:45: Zheng Yu Huang drives the pot and wins it
Level 4: 200-400 ante 400

Mid position raises to 900 and finds three callers to the flop KdQcKc. Hijack player Zheng Yu Huang bets 1600 and is called only by the cutoff, the rest fold. On the turn 4d, Zheng sends out 3100 and cutoff calls again. Both players check the river 2c, Zheng wins it with QsJs two pair.

Zheng Yu Huang – 37,000

14:30: Seow Han Yee rails a bluffer
Level 4: 200-400 ante 400

seow han yee
Seow Han Yee

All in on the river board Qh7cQs9h2h with 27,000 in the pot, small blind shoves 9000, mid position calls, cutoff Seow Han Yee jams 22,100, mp folds. Sb shows 6d4s bluff, Seow ships it with Qc9s full house.

Seow Han Yee – 62,000

14:20: Poi Chen rails one 
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

poi chen
Poi Chen

Four players stare down a flop 5s2h3s with 10,000 in the pot. Cutoff player bets 3000, button calls, small blind and mid position Poi Chen check-jam, cutoff and button fold. Sb shows 4s2s, Chen with JcJd, the turn Qd and river 10c are good for Chen to win it and boot one in the process.

Poi Chen – 75,000

14:10: Aggressive bets by Hwang Chyan Pu gets Jacks to fold
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

Mid position Huang Chyan Pu raises to 700, small blind three-bets to 1900, Hwang answers with a four-bet to 4400, sb calls. At the flop 7d7s5s, sb check-calls Hwang’s 2000 c-bet. On the turn 4h, Hwang bets 4000, sb folds and shows JdJc overpair.

Hwang Chyan Pu – 42,000

14:05: Wong Chun Tim 
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

Mid position Wong Chun Tim raises to 800, lojack calls, cutoff three-bets to 1600, Wong calls, lojack folds. When the board completes 3h7s8hKcAc, both players check it down. Wong wins it with 5d5c.

Wong Chun Tim – 38,000

14:00: 314 entries
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

The room is pumping with over 300 players within the first hour! Due to the mass influx, the tables have been changed to 10-handed.

13:30: 202 entries
Level 2: 100-200 ante 200

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