14th Edition of Taiwan Millions Tournament Main Event – Day 1C – Live Updates

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Taiwan Millions Tournament 14 – Live Updates – Day 1C

Buy in: NTD 8,000 (~USD 256)
Guarantee: NTD 10,000,000 (~USD 319,760)
Starting stack: 25,000
Day 1A: 639 entries / 77 ITM survivors
Day 1B: 648 entries / 78 ITM survivors

Day 1C: 670 entries
ITM: 81 players
Chips in play: 16,750,000

TMT 14 Main Event Day 1C ends with Ju Xiang Tu bagging big; 81 players added to the Day 2 lineup

tu jia xiang 3
Tu Jia Xiang

Celebration all around with the 670 Day 1C entries more than enough for a new TMT Main Event record turnout. Combined with the first two heats, the highlight tournament now sits at a record 1,970 entries and will surge higher with two more entry flights to play out. As for the prize pool, it has crossed into the NTD 13 million mark. At the end of today’s heat, 81 players bagged up with Taiwan’s Ju Xiang Tu racking up an enormous 823,000 stack, equivalent to 102 bb. Tu has now taken over the top spot in the Day 2 lineup.

Top 10 in chips – End of Day 1C

# Player Flag Stack
1 Jia Xiang Tu Taiwan 823,000
2 Yu Fan Tsai Taiwan 516,000
3 Zi En Huang Taiwan 513,000
4 Chien Yu Sung Taiwan 500,400
5 Kevin Lin Taiwan 466,000
6 Hsu Huang Taiwan 454,000
7 Ping Chao Lee Taiwan 415,000
8 Yuk Fang Kwong Hong Kong 368,000
9 Mao Lin Yu Taiwan 363,000
10 Wei Kai Su Taiwan 357,000

TMT 14 MAIN EVENT – Chip Counts

Day 1C – Live Updates

Day 1C: 670 entries
ITM: 81 players
Chips in play: 16,750,000

01:55: Bubble hand: Tsai Yu Fan delivers the bubble
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

tsai yu fan

On a board of 4d6s7c4c8c and a huge 134,000 in the pot, big blind is all in with 4h3c trips which is behind Tsai Yu Fan’s 10s9s straight.

Tsai Yu Fan – 516,000

01:41: Hu Zi-En outdraws the short stack
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

Action folds to short stacked player on the small blind who shoves (45,000) holding AsQd. Big blind Hu Zi-En calls with Jh8c. The board runs out Kh10s8s5d2h to lose a player.

Hu Zi-En – 570,000

01:40: 85 remaining, four to end of day
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Tu Jia Xiang – 710,000
Hung Zi-En – 510,000
Pin Chao Lee – 450,000

01:15: Ken Yao Chong tanks a player
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

ken yao hong

Under the gun+1 raises to 12,000, mp Ken Yao Chong calls, button three-bets to 40,000, intial raiser folds, Chong calls. At the flop 9hJd3h, Chong checks, button bets 30,000, Chong shoves button tank-folds.

Ken Yao Chong – 290,000

01:05: Chenyu Song dominates and rails
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Hijack shoves with AhJd, Chenyu Song calls with AdQd. The board runs out 2d7d9s7s8c. Song ships it and rails one.

Chenyu Song – 470,000

00:10: 132 remaining, play down to 81 (ITM) players
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

23:40: Good pot for Lai Wei Lin’s big slick
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Mid position player raises to 6000, lojack calls, button Lai Wei Lin three-bets to 22,500, only mp calls. At the flop 5d6c6s, mp leads for 10,000 Lai calls. Both players check the turn As. On the river 10c, mp bets 25,000, Lai calls, mp shows 2d2s, Lai wins it with AhKs.

Lai Wei Lin – 180,000

23:30: Big stacks at the break
Level 13: 1200-24000 ante 2400

Deng Deng Kai – 260,000
Pin Chao Lee – 240,000
Tu Jia Xiang – 240,000

23:10: I Chieh Lin earns a good pot
Level 13: 1200-24000 ante 2400

Mid position raises to 5000, big blind I Chieh Lin defends, the flop is 10h8c5c both players check. On the turn 7d and river 10d, Lin bets 15,000 each and is called. Lin claims the pot with 10c9c trips.

I Chieh Lin – 95,000

22:55: Pin Lun Li straight at the flop
Level 13: 1200-24000 ante 2400

On a board 10hKsQd6h with 22,000 in the pot, mid position bets 7500, hijack Pin Lun Li raises to 15,000, mp shoves, Li snap-calls and shows AhJd straight at the flop. Mp had 6c6d set.

Pin Lun Li – 115,000

22:45: Deng Deng Kai rails Pamplona
Level 13: 1200-24000 ante 2400

deng deng kai
Deng Deng Kai

Under the gun+1 Deng Deng Kai raises to 5000, mid position Junnie Pamplona three-bets to 12,000, flop comes Ah7h5c. Deng bets 5000, Pamplona raises to 17,000, Deng calls. Both players check the turn 3s to bring the river Qc. Deng fires 32,000, Pamplona shoves his 58,000 stack, Deng calls and opens 7s7c set, Pamplona has AcQh and busts.

Deng Deng Kai – 3450,000

21:30: Day 1C closes with 670 entries, new Main Event record 
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

With Day 1C attracting 670 entries, TMT 14 is currently setting a new TMT Main Event record! Currently there are 1,957 entries, which is 62 entries more than TMT 12’s 1,895 entries. Two more flights have yet to play out so we won’t have the final count until those complete. The pot is currently over NTD 13 Million.

21:05: Chuan Hsu Sheng wins the flip
Level 9: 500-1000 ante 1000

Battle of the blinds, small blind Chuan Hsu Sheng with AhKc, big blind with 9h9s, the board runs 10c5sKs4dJc. Chuan ships it and boots one out.

Chuan Hsu Sheng – 85,000

20:30: Tai Chun Min with a lucky river
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

Hijack Tai Chun Min all in with Kc10d, button takes on the challenge with less chips but better cards KdQd. With the board running 6cJh9sJsQs, Tai lucks out on the river to ship it and boot one out.

Tai Chun Min – 55,000

20:25: 605 entries… close to breaking the record
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

The numbers continue to climb, currently 605 entries on the screens. We were informed that when it hits 609, it is a new Main Event record.

20:20: 584 entries
Level 7: 400-800 ante 800

20:05: Tu Jia Xiang wins the flip
Level 7: 400-800 ante 800

tu jia xiang 3

Mid position goes all in with KdQd, button calls then folds to small blind Tu Jia Xiang’s three-bet. Tu has 9s9d. The board runs As2h5hJh7c. Tu takes it down and takes one out.

Tu Jia Xiang – 160,000

19:55: Shaw Yih Chia
Level 7: 400-800 ante 800

shaw yih chia 1

Shaw Yih Chua calls a player’s all in with 10h10d and wins the flip against KhQc on a board running 6s9d2cAc10s.

Shaw Yih Chia – 155,000

19:35: Gerardo Lubas with the big blind special
Level 6: 300-600 ante 600

gerardo lubas iii
Gerardo Lubas III

By the river 6s5d8s8c2c and 13,000 in the pot, big blind Gerardo Lubas III bets 4000 and finds one caller as button folds. He shows 3h4c winning straight.

Gerardo Lubas – 75,000

19:25: Break time, 481 entries
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

Big stacks at the break:

She Yen Ting – 130,000
Pin Hung Liao – 100,000
Karmen Tam – 100,000

18:55: Chen Jui Ting doubles up with rockets
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

All in call at the flop 9d2h8s with 5000 already in the pot. Chen Jui Ting has AsAh, bigger stacked player has JhJc, the turn Kh and river 7d is a double up for Chen.

Chen Jui Tang – 29,000

18:35: Hu Yu Tang with a lucky runout
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

All in preflop, Hu Yu Tang with Kh{js< at risk player with AsAd, the cards fan out 7h5sJh10cJc for trips to Tang and the exit for the aces.

Hu Yu Tang – 35,000

18:31: Jacky Yu with the higher two pair
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

All the chips go in on the river board 5d6cAhQd2c, Jacky Yu has the higher two pair AcQc against a shorter stack’s As2h.

Jacky Yu – 40,000

18:30: 398 entries
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

18:20: Kyoungmi Kim rails one
Level 4: 200-400 ante 400

kyoungmi kim
Kyoungmi Kim

Hijack Kyoungmi Kim all in holding 7c7s, small blind with 6000 in chips left risks it with 10c9c, the board runs Kh2c3hQd4s.

Kyoungmi Kim – 30,000

18:15: Wang Shun Ping cracks and rails Aces
Level 4: 200-400 ante 400

Action packed preflop starts with cutoff raising to 1000, button Wang Shun Ping calls, small blind calls, big blind three-bets to 5000, back to cutoff who folds, Wang calls again, sb folds, two players head to the flop Jd3d6c. Big blind bets 3000, Wang shoves, bb calls and is at risk. Bb shows AsAh overpair, Wang has Qd9d flush draw. The turn 10h and river 8h doesn’t grant the flush but a runner runner straight to bust aces.

Wang Shun Ping – 60,000

18:00: 329 entries and more notables
Level 4: 200-400 ante 400

Justin Chan, Zong Chi He, Jacky Yu join the hunt. 329 entries with 3.5 hours of late reg open.

17:40: Chen Chih Yang cracks cowboys
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

chen chih yang
Chen Chih Yang

With 14,000 in the pot and a board 6hAh5s9c2h, mp player bets 5000 then calls Chen Chih Yang’s shove. Chen has QhJh flush, mp busts with KsKc.

Chen Chih Yang – 55,000

17:35: Chi Chung Ho check-raises all of it
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

On a turn board 3hQs6cKs and 3500 in the pot, mid-position bets 2200, big blind Chi Chung Ho check-raises all in, mp folds.

Chi Chung Ho – 15,000

17:30: Cooler sends Wei Chen Lin soaring
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

wei chen lin
Wei Chen Lin

The pot built to 10,000 by the turn board Kh9d5h4h, utg player with AhKs top pair check-calls Wei Chen Lin’s 5500 bet. The river comes 10c, Wei bets 7000, utg shoves, quick call by Wei who shows AsAd overpair to score a double up.

Wei Chen Lin – 60,000

17:30: 253 entries
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

Two levels in and already the room is pumping with activity with 253 entries up on the screens. Registration continues for another four hours so plenty of late reg sure to boost the numbers.

17:20: Pot for Junnie Pamplona
Level 2: 100-200 ante 200

Under the gun Junnie Pamplona raises to 600 and finds one customer in the cutoff. At the flop KhJc9h, Pamplona c-bets 1,100 and is called. On the turn 2d, Pamplona bets 3000, this time no challenge to claim the pot.

Junnie Pamplona – 30,000

17:15: Notables in the scene
Level 2: 100-200 ante 200

Jack Liew
Lee Kun Han
Junnie Pamplona
Hon Cheong Lee

17:10: Kang Tae Hoon cracks Kings
Level 2: 100-200 ante 200

kang tae hoon
Kang Tae Hoon

On a board 4c3h5s10s4d, both players are all in. Kang Tae Hoon wins with 10h10d set to crack KdKs.

Kang Tae Hoon – 47,000

End of Level 1: 166 entries

Massive turnout at the Taiwan Millions Tournament 14 – MAIN EVENT –  with 1,317 entries generated over two starting days, and registration is still open! Players wanting to join this exciting tournament have two entry days left. Buy in is a very affordable NTD 8,000 (~USD 256) which gives players a shot at the NTD 10,000,000 (~USD 319,760) guaranteed prize pool which will easily be breached at today’s Day 1C flight.

Hao Kai Wu
Hao Kai Wu

At yesterday’s Day 1B heat. the total entry field just edged over Day 1A with 648 turning up. Three players populated to top ranks with Taiwan’s Hao Kai Wu claiming the leader’s seat with 772,000 in chips. Decorated player from Hong Kong, Dicky Tsang bagged up a second rank stack of 654,000, and Hang Yang Liu rounds out the upper three with 641,000. Day 1A chip leader Chi Jen Chen was bumped down to fourth rank.

Read up on the action via the Day 1B Live Updates.

Top 10 in chips – Day 2

Player Flag Stack
Hao Kai Wu Taiwan 772,000
Dicky Siu Hang Tsang Hong Kong 654,000
Han Yang Liu Taiwan 641,000
Chi Jen Chen Taiwan 542,000
Tsuan Pin Lin Taiwan 527,000
Yong Yao Jiang Taiwan 527,000
Chu Chi Hao Taiwan 515,000
Teng Wei Lien Taiwan 514,000
Yi Sheng Wang Taiwan 497,000
Yue Sheng Wu Taiwan 465,000

TMT 14 – Main Event – Chip Counts

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