Poker Dream Taiwan Day 3 highlights: Ewe Soon Eng ships SHR for TWD 2.7M; Alex Lee and Alex Lim win trophies

Poker Dream Taiwan completed its third day of games at the Asia Poker Arena in Taipei City. The event kicked off on June 16 and runs until June 25. To date, a total of seven players have been crowned. Here are the latest winners.


Ewe Soon Eng wins the Super High Roller for TWD 2,720,000 (~USD 88,700)

Deja vu! Another Poker Dream Super High Roller title for Ewe Soon Eng! The Malaysian heavy hitter only needed one bullet to overcome the tough competition. He eliminated Chun Keat Liu at heads up to capture the trophy and the TWD 2,720,000 (~USD 88,700) top prize.

Screenshot 2023 06 19 044730

In a brief interview with the champion, he shared,

“I’m very very happy, I still can’t believe I won it. I tried to play as best as I can and made some mistakes but got very lucky today. I’d like to thank Poker Dream because this is where I got my start. Today I proved to myself that I can play well but there is still a lot I need to learn. So I will play more and learn more to get better.”

Eng defeated a tough lineup of 43 runners. His patience throughout the day led to a big double up against Alan Khoo with KdQc spiking the King on the turn to survive Khoo’s AdQc. From there, Eng coasted with his massive stack and went on to claim the victory.

Relive this event by reading up on some of the Day 2 action and via the recorded livestream. Just click on the link provided below.

Poker Dream Taiwan – Super High Roller – Updates

Buy in: TWD 200,000 (~USD 6,590)
Guarantee: TWD 8,000,000 (~USD 260,900)
Entries: 43
Prize pool: TWD 8,006,600 (~USD 261,120)
ITM: 6 places

Place Player Payout in TWD
1 Ewe Soon Eng 2,720,000
2 Chun Keat Liu 1,886,000
3 Alan Khoo 1,200,000
4 Jun Yap 920,000
5 Beh Kok Weng 720,000
6 Ewe Siang Eng 560,000

Alex Lee wins the Single Day High Roller

Some of the fallouts of the SHR event quickly jumped in the cheaper Single Day High Roller, costing players just half the price. By end of reg, 14 players signed up with 7 re-entries for a total of 21 entries and a prize pool of TWD 1,874,000 (~USD 61,120).  Emerging victorious was highly decorated Singaporean pro Alex Lee for a payout of TWD 787,000 (~USD 25,660). This was Lee’s first Poker Dream title.

Screenshot 2023 06 19 162222

Down to six players, Poker Dream POY hunter Wai Keong Yong gave us a rundown of a big hand that sent his stack plunging. With 8x8x on hand, he opened, Hoong Kiat Tan three-bet, Yong called. Both players checked the flop Jx{[x}8x, Yong bet the rag-turn and shoved on the river. He was snap-called by Tan with JxJx quads. Unable to recover, Yong went on to bust and was followed out later by Yeu Wei Hsiang on the bubble.

Screenshot 2023 06 19 162411
Wai Keong Yong

The final four players quickly trimmed to three with short stacked Peter Sim aka Kok Wai Sim eliminated in 4th place. Hoong Kiat Tan was eliminated next with AdJd dominated throughout by Jun Hong You’s AsKs. This brought about heads up with Alex Lee sitting on 70 bb and You with 14 bb.

You went on to double up twice, on his second one, he snap called preflop with Qc7s and spiked the Seven to survive against Lee’s Kd9d. The third shove was his demise. In a desperate attempt to recover, You was all in with 9d4s and busted to Lee’s Ac10c. The final board was 5s7h6h5cKd.

Date: June 18, 2023
Buy in: TWD 100,000 (~US$ 3,260)
Entries: 21
Prize pool: TWD 1,874,000 (~USD 61,120)
ITM: 4 places

Rank Player Flag
Payouts in TWD
1 Xiang Wei Alex Lee Singapore 787,000
2 Jun Hong You Malaysia 525,000
3 Hoong Kiat Tan Malaysia 337,000
4 Kok Wai Sim Malaysia 225,000

Alex Lim wins the Bubble Rush

Screenshot 2023 06 19 133229 1

Buy in: TWD 8,000 (~USD 264)
Entries: 40
Prize pool: TWD 273,152
ITM: 7 places

Rank Player Flag
Payouts in TWD
1 Alex Kim Siong Lim Malaysia 92,800
2 Chin Jack David Liew Singapore 64,200
3 Pui Cheung Ng Hong Kong 41,000
4 Lian Huei Pee Malaysia 31,400
5 Tsung Chih Chen Taiwan 24,600
6 Jung Chou Chen Taiwan 19,100

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