WPT Prime Vietnam: Trung Toan Chan clinches Billionaire Club High Stakes Challenge; Jianhui Zhou, Thanh Hung Tran win trophies; 24 advance at Mystery Bounty Day 1B

Milestone moments for all the winners at Day 4 of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Vietnam in Crown Poker Club Hanoi. Trung Toan Chan took down the mighty Billionaire Club High Stakes Challenge for his first ever high roller title, Thanh Hung Tran lifted his second side event trophy of the series, and Jianzhi Zhou won his first ever international title. Here are the results.


First ever high roller win for Trung Toan Chan at the Billionaire Club High Stakes Challenge

IMG 3227
Trung Toan Chan

After 15+ hours of play, Vietnam’s Trung Toan Chan clinched the Billionaire Club High Stakes Challenge, defeating Anton Lu at heads up. This was Chan’s first ever high roller title and despite long grind, the new champ said,

“I am really happy. I was doing good early with always over 100 big blinds but went down at the final table. It was very tough and I am very tired but I am very happy. This was my first win in this event. My first high roller. It gives me so much confidence.”

Chan earned a career high payout of VN₫ 2,415,000,000 (~US$ 102,900) and a trophy to forever commemorate the moment. You can read up on the final table showdown via the SMP Live Updates or head to Crown Poker Club YouTube for the recorded stream.

Buy in: VN₫ 210,000,000 (~US$ 8,955)
Entries: 35 (27 unique, 8 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 6,790,000,000 (~US$ 289,305)
ITM: 6 places

Place Player Flag Payouts in VN₫
1 Trung Toan Chan Vietnam 2,415,000,000
2 Anton Lu Australia 1,610,000,000
3 Thanh Tien Dinh Vietnam 1,070,000,000
4 Huy Quang Nguyen Vietnam 745,000,000
5 Anh Duy Pham Vietnam 540,000,000
6 Joshua McCully Australia 410,000,000

Event and Winner recap

The Billionaire Club High Stakes Challenge saw 27 players put up the VN₫ 210 Million (~US$ 8,955) buy in and another 8 re-entries for 35 total and a prize pool of VN₫ 6,790,000,000. With the money starting at sixth place, among the fallouts were Nang Quang Nguyen, John Perry, Minh A Nguyen, Michael Egan, and Jin Woo Kim. Sebastian Mueller was the earliest to go, booted on a cooler on the first level by Trung Quang Nguyen However, Trung Quang couldn’t turn his rise to cash as he fell on the bubble.

Screenshot 2023 05 20 010838
Jianhui Zhuo

For the champion Chan, he nurtured over 100 bb for most of the day and carried the fourth largest stack of 45 bb into the final table. The race to the top proved to be a billionaire challenge for Chan as his stack dropped to the lowest of 9 bb.

Screenshot 2023 05 20 112055

Once the money was reached, everyone was guaranteed a billion payout. Chan picked up momentum, driving his stack to 27 bb for second rank. After eliminating Huy Quang Nguyen (4th) with AcQc trips Aces over KsKd, he later faced Anton Lu at heads up and clinched the win with a higher two pair.

[Live Update Bite]

Action opened with a 225,0000 raise by Anton Lu, called by Toan Chan. At the flop 3s7hKd Chan checked, Lu c-bet 175,000, Chan called again. On the turn Jd more chips tossed in the pot with a large 600,000 bet by Lu and Chan making it 1,400,000. Lu tanked then shoved, Chan quickly called.

Lu Jc3h
Chan Kh7d

Both players paired their holecards, Chan with the higher two pair. The river 10d meant victory for Chan.

First international win for China’s Jianhui Zhuo at the Deepstack Cheap Freeze

IMG 3210 1
Jianhui Zhuo

With borders now fully open, two avid poker players from China, Jianhui Zhuo and Hao Chang Ou, ventured beyond the borders of their homeland to test their skills at the WPT Prime Vietnam Deepstack Cheap Freeze event. Ou outlasted over 100 players, falling in 10th place while Zhou emerged victorious securing his first-ever international tournament trophy. Overwhelmed, Zhuo expressed,

“I feel so good. This is my first international tournament, and I won the trophy.”

In addition, Zhou pocketed VN₫ 97,000,000 (~US$ 4,130 enough to roll over to the Main Event. However, the duo have confessed that they will not be attending, instead will adventure through Vietnam before setting their sights on the poker scene in Korea.

The Deepstack Cheap Freeze attracted 111 players for a prize pool of VN₫ 323,010,000 (~US$ 13,760). This was the first freezeout event of the festival. 

Buy in: VN₫ 3,300,000 (~US$ 140)
Players: 111 
Prize pool: VN₫ 323,010,000 (~US$ 13,760)
ITM: 14 places

Place Player Flag Payouts in VN₫
1 Jianhui Zhuo China 97,000,000
2 Ryan Swanwick UK 59,800,000
3 Trung Gia Nguyen Vietnam 35,900,000
4 Dhaval Mudgal India 23,400,000
5 Dastan Yespolov Kazakhstan 18,000,000
6 Siddarth Jolly India 15,000,000
7 Son Hoang La Vietnam 12,500,000
8 Hung Viet Le Vietnam 11,000,000
9 Yunho Cho Korea 9,710,000
10 Hao Chang Ou China 8,500,000
11 Kevin Terence Australia 8,500,000
12 Vineet Kumar India 8,500,000
13 Zemedkun Marsha New Zealand 7,600,000
14 Haiyang Yang China 7,600,000

Second trophy for Thanh Hung Tran at Turbo NLH

Vietnam’s Thanh Hung Tran picked up his third trophy of the year, two of them right here at WPT Prime Vietnam. Tran opened the series with a victory at the Hyper Turbo NLH then came out swinging again on Day 4 at the Turbo NLH.

IMG 3216
Thanh Hung Tran

Sitting on a massive stack at three-handed, Alok Birewar eliminated Ta Khanh Linh to tighten the gap. However, on just the fourth heads up hand, Birewar three-bet shoved, Tran tank-called and opened Jc10d. Though behind Birewar’s Ah10c, that quickly changed when a Jack showed up on the flop, which held to the end. Tran collected the VN₫ 108,900,000 (~US$ 4,640) top prize and another WPT trophy for his poker shelf. 

Buy in: VN₫ 4,400,000 (~US$ 188)
Entries: 87 (70 unique, 17 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 337,560,000 (~US$ 14,380)
ITM: 11 places

Place Player Flag Payouts in VN₫
1 Thanh Hung Tran Vietnam 108,900,000
2 Alok Birewar India 65,800,000
3 Ta Khanh Linh Vietnam 40,900,000
4 Armon Van Wijk Australia 27,700,000
5 Khoi Nguyen Vietnam 21,100,000
6 Cho Myat Thwe Vietnam 16,900,000
7 Nguyen Manh Than Vietnam 14,000,000
8 Konstantin Generalov Russia 11,800,000
9 Jaxon James Byrne Australia 10,900,000
10 Duy Anh Nguyen Vietnam 10,100,000
11 Quang Huy Pham Vietnam 9,460,000

Mystery Bounty – Day 1B results

File photo: Ha Trung Nguyen

Day 1B of the Mystery Bounty attracted a larger field than the first flight with 185 runners hitting the felt. This brought the combined entries to 317, and with buy in at VN₫ 11 Million each, the guarantee was breached. The flight closed with 24 players. Well known local pro NguyễN Trung Hà aka Hasagi emerged a race leader. He amassed a stack of 440,500 chips which was also more than enough to steal the top spot from Day 1A leader Stephen Nathan. 

For players who want to join the action, Day 1C is the last flight and it will take place on Saturday, May 20, 2023 starting at 11am. 

Buy in: VN₫ 11,000,000 (~US$ 470)
Guarantee: VN₫ 3,000,000,000 (~US$ 127,920)

Day 1A: 132 entries / 17 survivors (ITM)
Day 1B: 185 entries / 24 survivors (ITM)
Day 1C: Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 11am

End of Day 1B – 24 survivors

Rank Player Flag Stack
1 NguyễN Trung Hà Vietnam 440,500
2 Nguyen Manh Trung Vietnam 415,000
3 Tsang Chak Lam Hong Kong 301,500
4 NguyễN Văn ChiếN Vietnam 234,500
5 Fedor Dedelov Russia 226,500
6 Đinh Văn TiếN Vietnam 220,000
7 Sumin Oh S.Korea 206,000
8 Gokul Raj India 165,500
9 Victor Em Vietnam 146,000
10 Anton Widjaya Indonesia 137,000
11 Nguyen Khac Luat Vietnam 117,500
12 Nguyen Phuong Ngoc Vietnam 117,000
13 ĐồNg Văn Tân Vietnam 107,500
14 Luong Thanh Thinh Vietnam 105,500
15 Le Hoan Cong Vietnam 97,500
16 Avneesh Munjal India 96,000
17 Quang Vũ Vietnam 94,000
18 ThiệN Vietnam 92,000
19 Tuan Tien Hai Vietnam 80,000
20 Ng Wai Sum Hong Kong 76,000
21 Bùi Quang Anh Vietnam 65,500
22 Bùi Thế NguyễN Vietnam 60,500
23 Harvey Wo0N Singapore 53,500
24 NguyễN Thông Vietnam 40,000
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