WPT Sanya – Day 4 Live Updates

Japanese accountant wins NLHE Turbo

Gen Nose
Gen Nose

Gen Nose, a certified public accountant from Japan, finally takes down his first win on the World Poker Tour (WPT) by triumphing in the No Limit Hold ‘Em (NLHE) Turbo event here in Sanya.

Nose, who only began his love affair with live international tournaments this year, outlasted 55 entries to collect the $9,150 top purse despite being the shortest stack when it began three-handed.

The dream of this successful non-professional poker player is to help the game grow in his home nation of Japan and while he will be unable to see action in the upcoming inaugural WPT Japan due to work commitments, Nose has pledged that he will make himself more available to the WPT calendar in the coming year.

But he came here to Sanya to achieve a goal, and while he may not have completed his original mission of winning the Main Event, Nose can now be proud of the distinction of being called a WPT champion.

 6:30pm  – Final Table is set !

Final Table
Final Table

The 888 entries to the World Poker Tour (WPT) Sanya Main Event is now down its final nine aspirants bringing an end to Day 4 of the competition here.

Full Story: WPT Sanya Main Event Final Table set, Qian Zhi Qiang chip leader

Ten players left, now at ‘unofficial’ Final Table

Players are now in break
Players are now in break

After a player busted out with his Ax8x being called by 8x8x on a board of KxJx9xJx4x, we are now at the “unofficial” Final Table with only ten players left to contend for the title of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Sanya Main Event champion and the top purse of $242,555.

Everyone is now guaranteed $18,200.

The Main Event will play down to the Final 9, meaning the next elimination will bring action to a halt and will reconvene tomorrow (November 21st) for the finale.

Meanwhile, the Hublot Elite High-Roller event has now move to the previously occupied Featured Table with six competitors left to contest the title and the $178,605 top prize for the winner plus a customized Hublot timepiece.

5pm: 11 players left in Main Event, one away from Final Table bubble

Ying Tang, the last lady player left, hit a flush on the turn to eliminate a player at the Featured Table as the remaining field has now been trimmed down to just eleven here at the Main Event of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Sanya.

Ying Tang

Yang called the All-In Pre Flop (AIPF) move by her opponent with KdJd and her foe showed KhTh. The flop yielded 9dQd4h while the turn gave the 2d she needed to bust him out at twelfth place with the river card being meaningless with a 5c.

The competition today will play down to the Final 9 players. We are now at Level 27 (blinds at 25000/50000/5000).

4pm: Tin Jian out in 14th place, Hublot Elite High Roller has 8 left

One of the last two remaining ladies in the World Poker Tour (WPT) Sanya Main Event has been eliminated as Jin Tian of Team J88 Poker lost a coin flip holding 6x6x against her opponent’s AxTx when an Ax came out on the flop.

Jin Tian

That leaves 27-year-old Tang Ying (who only learned how to play poker about six months ago) as the only member of the distaff side still in the competition.

However, over at the Hublot Elite High-Roller event, a lady has most of the chips in play as Zhang Cheng Xu is pacing seven other gentlemen at this time.

Zhang Cheng Xu

Everyone left in the Hublot Elite High-Toller event is now guaranteed $20,160 with the champion bagging $178,605.

Cards in the air for Day 4, playing down to 9

The final twenty aspirants for the sixth World Poker Tour (WPT) Sanya Main Event are now locked in heated battles to advance to the Final 9 which will comprise tomorrow’s Final Table here at MGM Grand Hotel main ballroom.

TABLE final 800
Final Table

Chip leader Qian Zhiqiang is looking to build on his holdings while former Red Dragon champion Li Guangyu has slowly moved up to second place at the moment; eclipsing erstwhile second placer Chen Ke—at least for now—as they are both situated on Table 19 (with Team J88 Poker beauty Jin Tian) while Qian is at the Featured Table (with Tang Ying—one of the two ladies still in contention).

The Hublot Elite High-Roller event is now at its Final Table and more updates will become available a little later on.

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