WPT Prime Taiwan: Pradeep Sharma Nudurumati bulldozes at Accumulator; Edward Yam, Jackie Wu, Richard Marquez, Maggie Weng win trophies

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A day of champions at World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Taiwan with five players rising to victory. The biggest winner was Pradeep Sharma Nudurumati at the Accumulator event for his first WPT title Other winners were Edward Yam Richard Marquez, Chien Chih Weng, and Jackie Wu. We’ve got those results below.

WPT Prime Taiwan – Festival Results
WPT Prime Taiwan – Player Guide

Pradeep Sharma Nudurumati bulldozes to victory at the Accumulator

India’s Pradeep Sharma Nudurumati, who goes by his online name “lionroar” entered the final day of the Accumulator running third in chips out of 67 returnees then proceeded to bulldoze through the final table, knocking out six players for a payout of TWD 637,200 (~USD 19,930).

pradeep sharma 1
Pradeep Nudurumati

Sharma had been running hot since Day 1, bagging up up the Flight B chip lead for third rank overall. At Day 2, Sharma picked up momentum during the final two tables to carry the biggest stack into the final table with Shen Syu Ho at his heels trailing just a few chips behind.

accumulator ft

After three fast eliminations, with Sharma adding more to his pile, he cleaned out Peter Ng in 6th place on a lucky draw. From utg, Ng shoved, Sharma said he didn’t notice the shove when he made an all in play from the small blind. Mistake or not, his Qd2d flopped a Two to burn Ng’s AcJd.

Before the next takedown, Sharma shaved off a portion of Shen’s stack by cracking pocket Aces with a full house then took the rest with QdQc dominating Ac5s. Cheng Chie Kuan was next on the chopping block with Ah8h top pair not good enough against Sharma’s 4c5c straight on the flop 7d8c6d. The turn was Ks and river 3c.

hao and pradeep

Down to three players, Flight A leader Hao Ming Chang shoved on the small blind with Ac8d, big blind Sharma called with 10h10d, no help came for Chang to fall in 3rd place.

Heads up started off very lopsided with Sharma ahead 82 bb to Bernard Koh‘s 7 bb. Koh doubled up twice but still not enough to threaten the leader. The final hand saw a flop 8s7d6d. Sharma shoved Kc8c, Koh called for his tournament life with 6c2c, the turn was Jc, river 9d.

pradeep 1

The Accumulator drew a roaring 299 entries over two entry flights for a prize pool of TWD 2,900,300 (~USD 90,708). 67 players advanced to Day 2 with three double baggers – Le Ngoc Khanh who finished 23rd, Jereld Sam who raced up to 12th, and Jasper Yong who busted before the money.

Date: August 15 to 16, 2023
Buy in: TWD 11,000 (~USD 345)
Entries: 299
Prize pool: TWD 2,900,300 (~USD 90,708)
ITM: 38 places

Final table payouts

Place Player Flag
Payout in TWD
1 Pradeep Sharma Nudurumati India 637,200
2 Bernard Koh Singapore 447,100
3 Chang Hao Ming Taiwan 287,400
4 Chung Chie Kuan Taiwan 180,400
5 Shen Syu Ho Taiwan 139,200
6 Peter Ng Hong Kong 115,300
7 Takayuki Kozakai Japan 96,900
8 Hsuan Chao Chen Taiwan 79,600
9 Shuncheng Siao Taiwan 63,700

Full payouts posted in the WPT – Festival Results

Other winners

Edward Yam prevails at Short Deck Hold’em

edward yam

Date: August 16,2023
Buy in: TWD 7,000 (~USD 220)
Entries: 57
Prize pool: TWD 329,000 (~USD 10,290)
ITM: 8 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in TWD
1 Edward Yam Hong Kong 118,500
2 Charles Wong Hong Kong 69,600
3 Kenji Harada Japan 43,600
4 Hsiang Wei Liu Taiwan 29,600
5 Chien Hsiang Hung Taiwan 23,000
6 Vamerdino Magsakay Philippines 18,100
7 Ker Paw Lin Taiwan 14,800
8 Fung Kong Hong Kong 11,800

Richard Marquez snaps the downswing at the Superstack Turbo Freezeout

richard marquez
Richard Marquez

Just yesterday, Filipino Richard Marquez was agonizing over running bad at the series. That downswing seemed to have ended with Marquez emerging victorious at the Superstack Turbo Freezeout. The Filipino pro dominated the final table, cleaning out multiple players including  Chun Kit Lee (3rd) who carried in the chip lead and Herry Lian at heads up to capture the TWD 428,000 (~USD 13,385) top prize. The final hand, Marquez pushed with 8s8h, Lian called and busted with Ks5s.

Date: August 16, 2023
Buy in: TWD 11,000 (~USD 345)
Entries: 166
Prize pool: TWD 1,610,200 (~USD 50,360)
ITM: 21 places
Winner: RICHARD MARQUEZ – Philippines – TWD 428,000 (~USD 13,385)

*Full payouts to be posted

Jackie Wu dominates the Seniors Event

jackie wu
Jackie Wu

Taiwan’s Jackie Wu came out on top at the Seniors Event for his first WPT trophy and a payout of TWD 40,000 (~USD 1,250). At heads up, Wu grinded down his opponent Chung Wei Lee, eventually closing it out with 9d9s over KdQs that missed the board.

seniors wpt

Date: August 16, 2023
Buy in: TWD 6,000 (~USD 190)
Entries: 18
Prize pool: TWD 89,100 (~USD 2,785)
ITM: 4 places
Winner: JACKIE WU –  Taiwan – TWD 40,000 (~USD 1,250)

*Full payouts to be posted

Chien Chih Weng wins the Hyper Turbo

chien chih weng

Date: August 16, 2023
Buy in: TWD 22,000 (~USD 690)
Entries: 68
Prize pool: TWD 1,319,200 (~USD 41,260)
ITM: 9 places
Winner: CHIEN CHIH WENG – Taiwan – TWD 362,750 (~USD 11,345)

*Even chop at heads up, play for trophy, full payouts to be posted.

WPT Player of the Festival

The WPT Player of the Festival race is on! Below are the standings after 29 completed events. More points to collect with over 40 point-generating events scheduled. The player with the most points accrued at the end of the series wins a WPT Passport worth USD 5,000 to any WPT Main Tour in 2023.

Park Yu Cheung – 900 points
Yu Chung Chang – 850 points
Vamerdino Magsakay – 775 points
Pete Yen Han Chen – 680 points

WPT Prime Taiwan Season XXI Key Highlights

Nine days in the books with plenty of action still ahead. WPT Prime Taiwan boasts the richest and most extensive lineup ever announced by the global brand in Asia. A total of 46 trophy events are scheduled highlighted by the Main Event. Make sure to check the schedule link provided for all the details and structure.

WPT Prime Taiwan – Full Schedule

wpt prime trophy 2

The WPT Prime Main Event gets underway on August 17 and runs until August 21. For a buy in of TWD 33,000 (~USD 1,075), players have a shot at the mighty USD 1,000,000 guarantee. This is the largest tournament prize pool advertised by the WPT for Taiwan. To further display the worth of this event, the champion will receive a 2023 WPT World Championship seat worth USD 10,400. The WPT value-adds airfare and accommodation.

For high rollers,  the WPT Prime Super High Roller and WPT Prime High Roller 3K are also big wig favorites and are certain to attract the creme de la creme of the region. Make sure to check the schedule for all the details.

WPT Global

Did you know that WPT brand launched WPT Global? WPT Global is one of the fastest growing rooms, has a soft field, and offers action in every limit.

Read our WPT Global review or register here:

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