WPT Prime Taiwan: Chen An Lin, Terry Fan top 8 Max D1 heats; Wei Tsung Chen, Po Wen Fang, Alan Wong, Graeme Siow win trophies

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A week of games in the books for World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Taiwan at Asia Poker Arena in Taipei City. Topping the day’s headlines was Wei Tsung Chen who became the first player to win two events. Also joining the champions list were Po Wen Fang, Alan Wong, and Graeme Siow. The 8 Max Championship was the hottest ticket of the day with a combined 308 entries to nearly triple up the 2M guarantee. We’ve got all those results and the updated standings of the Player of Festival race. Yu Chung “Nevan” Chang in the lead.

WPT Prime Taiwan – Festival Results
WPT Prime Taiwan – Player Guide

Event 19: 8 Max Championship 2M guaranteed – Day 1 results

terry fan 3
Terry Fan

The 8 Max Championship was another guarantee crusher with a combined 308 entries to nearly triple up the 2M guarantee. The prize pool ballooned to TWD 5,975,200 (~USD 186,875) with 39 players advancing to the money round.

8 Max Championship – Day 2 Chip Counts

Date: August 14 to 15, 2023
Buy in: TWD 22,000 (~USD 690)
Guarantee: TWD 2,000,000 (~USD 62,550)
Flight A: 158 entries / 20 ITM
Flight B: 150 entries / 19 ITM
Total entries: 308
Prize pool: TWD 5,975,200 (~USD 186,875)
ITM: 39

Flight A drew the largest crowd of 158 entries with retired pro Terry Yu Hsiang Fan bagging the chip lead of 807,000. With blinds closing at 6K-12K, that was equivalent to a very healthy 67 bb. On the flip side, Australia’s Julian Warhurst bubbled after losing two showdowns against Yoda Lin.

Flight A – top 5 players

Player Flag Stack
Terry Yun Hsiang Fan Earth 807,000
Tung Lin Tsai Taiwan 760,000
Inkuei Tan Taiwan 735,000
Peng Sen Wu Taiwan 689,000
Bien Mai Vietnam 466,000
chen an lin
Chen An Lin

Over at Flight B, 150 joined the hunt with 19 bagging up. Taiwanese pro Chen An Lin topped the counts with 1,029,000 equivalent to 64 bb on the closing blinds. He will return as the overall chip leader. At a separate table was Hong Kong’s Park Yu “Sparrow”Cheung” who successfully exploited the bubble round to rack up 925,000. Also surviving was Taehyun Yoon who quadrupled up during the bubble round with pocket Nines to reach the money.

Flight B – top 5 players

Player Flag Stack
Chen An Lin Taiwan 1,029,000
Park Yu Cheung Hong Kong 925,000
Leonard Yannick France 729,000
Lee Kun Han Taiwan 677,000
Chien Chih Weng Taiwan 676,000

Top 10 in chips entering Day 2

Player Flag Stack
Chen An Lin Taiwan 1,029,000
Park Yu Cheung Hong Kong 925,000
Terry Yun Hsiang Fan Earth 807,000
Tung Lin Tsai Taiwan 760,000
Inkuei Tan Taiwan 735,000
Leonard Yannick France 729,000
Peng Sen Wu Taiwan 689,000
Lee Kun Han Taiwan 677,000
Chien Chih Weng Taiwan 676,000
Bien Mai Vietnam 466,000

8 Max Championship – Day 2 Chip Counts

When the 39 players return on Day 2, August 15, 2023, they are each guaranteed TWD 43,700 (~USD 1,365) however all eyes will be on the TWD 1,259,900 (~USD 39,400) top prize. This is the largest first prize payout to date.

Place Payout in TWD
1 1,259,900
2 838,200
3 612,000
4 452,600
5 338,900
6 257,000
7 197,400
8 153,600
9 121,000

Po Wen Fang goes from shortest to champion at Mini High Roller

Taiwan’s Po Wen Fang entered Day 2 as the shortest of the final 4 with just 12 bb to play with, and in less than one hour, he emerged as champion. Fang dominated Toshio Kataoka at heads up for a score of TWD 806,800 (~USD 25,360).

po wen fang 3

After the quick eliminations of Chan Minan Lok (4th) and Ping Hsien Chan (4th), Fang and Kataoka faced off with near even stacks. Fang widened the gap by hard-betting on a board JhKh2d6s that Kataoka opted to fold. Fang claimed another pot raising all in on a board 3h3cQsKh4h that Kataoka folded to again. The final hand followed. Kataoka all in on a board 4c3s5c holding 9c6d, Fang with 10c3h, the turn was Kh and river Jc.

Date: August 13 to 14, 2023
Buy in: TWD 66,000 (~USD 2,075)
Entries: 39
Prize pool: TWD 2,269,800 (~USD 71,340)
ITM: 6 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in TWD
1 Po Wen Fang Taiwan 806,800
2 Toshio Kataoka Japan 538,000
3 Ping Hsien Chan Taiwan 358,700
4 Chan Minan Lok Macau 249,100
5 Dicky Tsang Hong Kong 180,500
6 Yuto Suzuki Japan 136,700

Second PLO title for Wei Tsung Chen, first player to win two events

wei tsung chen1
Wei Tsung Chen

The first two-time champion was witnessed at the PLO event after Wei Tsung Chen bested the final 8 players. Returning from Day 1 that drew 60 runners, Chen earned a payout of TWD 209,500 (~USD 6,585). Several days prior, Chen took down the PLO 15/15/15 event for his career first WPT title.

Date: August 13 to 14, 2023
Buy in: TWD 11,000 (~USD 345)
Entries: 60
Prize pool: TWD 582,000 (~USD 18,290)
ITM: 8 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in TWD
1 Wei Tsung Chen Taiwan 209,500
2 Li Chih Feng Taiwan 123,100
3 Seilm Souissi Tunisia 77,100
4 Bo Jia Su Taiwan 52,400
5 Chih Ping Yu Taiwan 40,700
6 Sean Wu Taiwan 32,000
7 Jong Bum Bae Korea 26,200
8 Yi Wei Peng Taiwan 21,000

Alan Wong prevails at rollercoaster heads up

alan wong
Alan Wong

Strong turnout of 100 entries at the Megastack event for a prize pool of TWD 679,000 (~USD 21,235). At three handed Alan Wong won the flip against Jackie Wu to clean him out with AhQd spiking the ace on the river to beat 9h9c. Entering heads up, Wong dominated Chia Yi Hsuan with 52 bb against 8 bb. The lead quickly vanished as Chia doubled up twice in back to back fashion.

From there, the players tugged at the chip lead. The final hand saw Chia shove on a flop 2sJhQh holding Jd7d, Wong tank-called with Qd7h. The turn 3h and river Kh completed the board for Wong to win it.

Date: August 14, 2023
Buy in: TWD 8,000 (~USD 250)
Entries: 100
Prize pool: TWD 679,000 (~USD 21,235)
ITM: 13 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in TWD
1 Alan Cho Fung Wong Hong Kong 207,100
2 Chiang Yi Hsuan Taiwan 127,300
3 Jackie Wu Taiwan 78,100
4 Murase Hajime Japan 50,900
5 Che Chun Chu Taiwan 39,700
6 Kaustubh Mahesh India 31,700
7 Cheng Chang Hu Taiwan 27,000
8 Collin Ho Singapore 23,400
9 20,700
10 Yu Jen Lin Taiwan 18,700
11 Kolja Luecking Germany 18,700
12 Tsun Wai Jor Hong Kong 18,700
13 Tseng Hsien Wei Taiwan 17,000

Graeme Siow wins Hyper Turbo

graeme siow
Graeme Siow

An incredibly fast race at the Hyper Turbo with the 62 entry field crowning its champion in just four hours. Among the attendees was three-time WSOP champion Anson Yan Shing Tsang, a rarity in the Asian live circuit. Tsang went on to cash in 3rd place followed out by Edmond Yeung in 2nd place. Claiming the win was Singapore’s Graeme Siow for a payout of TWD 110,400 (~USD 3,450).

Date: August 14, 2023
Buy in: TWD 6,000 (~USD 190)
Entries: 62
Prize pool: TWD 306,800 (~USD 9,595)
ITM: 8 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in TWD
1 Graeme Siow Singapore 110,400
2 Edmond Chia Ngai Yeung Hong Kong 64,900
3 Anson Yan Shing Tsang Hong Kong 40,700
4 Kei Akaogi Japan 27,600
5 Yongha Kim Korea 21,500
6 Yongkyun Kim Korea 16,900
7 KIm Ji Yeong Korea 13,800
8 Fan Wei Hong Kong 11,000

WPT Player of the Festival

The WPT Player of the Festival race is on! Below are the standings after twenty completed events. More points to collect with over 40 point-generating events scheduled. The player with the most points accrued at the end of the series wins a WPT Passport worth USD 5,000 to any WPT Main Tour in 2023.

pof 112

WPT Prime Taiwan Season XXI Key Highlights

Six days in the books with plenty of action still ahead. WPT Prime Taiwan boasts the richest and most extensive lineup ever announced by the global brand in Asia. A total of 46 trophy events are scheduled highlighted by the Main Event. Make sure to check the schedule link provided for all the details and structure.

WPT Prime Taiwan – Full Schedule

wpt prime trophy 2

The WPT Prime Main Event gets underway on August 17 and runs until August 21. For a buy in of TWD 33,000 (~USD 1,075), players have a shot at the mighty USD 1,000,000 guarantee. This is the largest tournament prize pool advertised by the WPT for Taiwan. To further display the worth of this event, the champion will receive a 2023 WPT World Championship seat worth USD 10,400. The WPT value-adds airfare and accommodation.

For high rollers,  the CTP High Stakes Challenge is the most expensive with buy in of TWD 300,000 (~USD 9,475). The WPT Prime Super High Roller and WPT Prime High Roller 3K are also big wig favorites and are certain to attract the creme de la creme of the region.

WPT Global

Did you know that WPT brand launched WPT Global? WPT Global is one of the fastest growing rooms, has a soft field, and offers action in every limit.

Read our WPT Global review or register here:

WPT Global Review by Somuchpoker

Or contact us for any questions.

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