WPT National Jeju Challenge schedule announced

With the inaugural WPT Jeju Challenge arriving this September and many players getting excited about participating, we are now able to release a detailed event schedule for those players. Event will take place on Jeju Island, the largest Island on the Korea peninsula. Jeju is a focal point of international affairs and is able to offer people many kinds of recreational activities with breathtaking vistas, a temperate climate and casinos. The Paradise Casino Jeju Grand who is hosting the event is the largest casino in the region.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination


The schedule at Jeju will begin on Sunday the 13th of September, starting with a $550 NLH Warm Up Event at 2pm. There is a Main Event satellite that will cost $150 and start at 4pm on the same day. There is a “Welcome Party” at 8pm on the 13th which will be free to enter.

Monday the 14th will mark the start of the Main Event, with Day 1A beginning at midday and costing $1,100 to enter. At 4pm on the same day there will be a $550 PLO event. Then at 7pm there will be a NLH turbo event with an affordable $330 buy in.

Tuesday the 15th sees the start of Day 1B of the Main Event, with a midday start. Following at 4pm is a Holdem Bounty Knockout tournament with a $550 entry fee. Then in the evening, there is a NLH Deep Stack $880 event starting at 7pm.

Wednesday the 16th at midday will see Day 1C of the Main Event getting underway, with a $1,100 buy in, followed at 4pm by the $880 satellite into the NLH High Roller which takes place 2 days later. Wednesday evening at 7pm will mark the beginning of the NLH 6 max with a $550 buy in.

Thursday the 17th kicks off with day 2 of the Main event, with it's usual midday start time. There is a ladies event at WPT Jeju too which begins at 5pm on the 17th and costs $330 to enter. The NLH Heads Up starts at 7pm on Thursday too, with a $880 entry fee. Friday the 18th brings the diverse and exciting WPT Jeju schedule to it's conclusion, with the Main Event final table at midday, which is then followed by the $4,240 buy in High Roller event at 2pm.


Day       Date Time Event# Event Name Buy-in(USD)  
SUN 13-Sep 14:00 1 WPT NLH WARM UP $550(500+50)  
16:00 2 MAIN EVENT SAT $150(140+10)  
MON 14-Sep 12:00 3 MAIN EVENT DAY 1A $1100(1000+100)  
16:00 4 POT LIMIT OMAHA $550(500+50)  
19:00 5 NLH TRUBO $330(300+30)  
TUE 15-Sep 12:00 3 MAIN EVENT DAY 1B $1100(1000+100)  
16:00 6 NLH K.O BOUNTY $550(500+50)  
19:00 7 NLH DEEP STACK $880(800+80)  
WED 16-Sep 12:00 3 MAIN EVENT DAY 1C $1100(1000+100)  
16:00 8 NLH HIGH ROLLER SAT $880(800+80)  
19:00 9 NLH 6MAX $550(500+50)  
THU 17-Sep 12:00 3 MAIN EVENT DAY 2  
17:00 10 NLH LADIES EVENT $330(300+30)  
19:00 11 NLH HEADS UP $880(800+80)  
FRI 18-Sep 12:00 3 MAIN EVENT DAY 3 – FT  
14:00 12 NLH MAIN EVENT HIGH ROLLER $4240(4000+240)


 Three different options are offered to the players joining the event: 

Jeju Grand Hotel: Weekday $130 / Weekend $190
Jeju Shilla Stay: Weekday $116 / Weekend $160
Economy Hotel: Weekday $50 / Weekend $50

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