WPT Korea: Steve O’Dwyer wins Alpha8 for One Drop; Song Li banks big at Mystery Bounty; Second win for Liu Yin;  Xiaosheng Zheng tops HR Day 1

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Action-packed penultimate day of World Poker Tour (WPT) Korea with multiple games running and a few finding its champion. The festival has been ongoing since July 15 at the Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Casino and will conclude on July 24, 2023.

Among the newly minted were Steve O’Dwyer, Song Li, and Liu Yin who became the first player to win two festival events. Over at the final key event, Xiaosheng Zheng topped the survivors list with reg still open for one level in Day 2. Here are the results and highlights.

WPT Korea – Festival Results
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WPT Korea Main Event – Live Updates

Steve O’Dwyer wins the WPT Alpha8 for One Drop

steve odwyer alpha8
Steve O’Dwyer

The WPT Alpha8 for One Drop was held behind closed doors and emerging from the dark as champion was Irish pro Steve O’Dwyer for a huge payout of KR₩ 1,294,256 (~USD 1,006,300). O’Dwyer was one of 18 runners who coughed up the KR₩ 170,000,000 (~USD 133,400) buy in. This raised KR₩ 144,000,0000 (~USD 111,960) for the One Drop Foundation whose mission it is to provide sustainable solutions to communities in need of clean water.

Buy in: KR₩ 170,000,000 (~USD 133,400)
Entries: 18
Prize pool: KR₩ 2,846,016,000 (~USD 2,212,850)
Charity fund: KR₩ 144,000,000 (~USD 111,960)
ITM: 4 places

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 O’Dwyer Stephen Ireland 1,294,256,000
2 Quan Zhou China 717,960,000
3 Zhang Chenxu China 500,280,000
4 Li Chao China 333,520,000

Song Li banks biggest bounty and top prize at the Mystery Bounty

song li 2
Song Li

Song Li came out the mightiest and luckiest at the Mystery Bounty by winning the event and collecting 7 bounties that included the largest worth KR₩ 10,000,000 (~USD . In total, he earned KR₩ 15,500,000 in bounties and the top prize of KR₩ 20,365,000 for a combined KR₩  35,865,000 (~USD 27,900).

wpt korea mysterybounty finaltable

Leading up to Song’s win, 22 out of 173 returned for a shot at the mystery prizes and the Yuzhou Yin Ac3s delivered a double knockout, Liu Yin QhQc (10th), Kataoka Toshio 6s6d (11th) on a board 4d3h7h3d10h. At three handed, Yuzhou plunged to crumbs on a cooler with 10s10c dominated by Song’s JdJh. Heads up shortly followed with Song ahead 98 bb to 32 bb. Twenty-five hands in, Yunfeng Sun was grinded down to push with an open-ended draw 10c6c, Song also on the same draw Kc6s. The turn 2d and river 10d wrapped it up with King-high victorious.

Date: July 22 to 23, 2023
Buy in: KR₩ 850,000 (~USD 660)
Entries: 173
Prize pool: KR₩ 85,125,000 (~USD
Bounty pool: KR₩ 43,250,000 (~USD
ITM: 22 places

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 Song Li China 20,365,000
2 Yunfeng Sun China 13,530,000
3 Yuzhou Yin China 9,830,000
4 Tamalayan Karen USA 7,230,000
5 Lei Xiang China 5,400,000
6 Shih King Lun China 4,090,000
7 Lin Hao China 3,140,000
8 Ding Yu Jia China 2,440,000
9 Zhang Lei China 1,930,000

Second trophy for Liu Yin at the Super Stack NLH Turbo

liu yin 1
Liu Yin

Several players have been running hot all series. One of them was China’s Liu Yin who scored his second title after winning the Super Stack Turbo. Liu was the only player to achieve this feat. He outlasted 43 others to earn the KR₩ 9,281,000 (~USD 7,215) top prize. Liu initially won the Survivor Bounty NLH for a larger KR₩ 14,984,000 (~USD 11,650).

Buy in: KR₩ 680,000 (~USD 530)
Entries: 44
Prize pool: KR₩ 26,121,000 (~USD 20,310)
ITM: 6 places

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 Liu Yin China 9,281,000
2 Chen David S F USA 6,190,000
3 Kawata Yuji Japan 4,130,000
4 Shimizu Masafumi Japan 2,870,000
5 Wang Xiaohui China 2,080,000
6 Xu Wenbin China 1,570,000

Event 14: WPT High Roller Day 1

xiaosheng zheng 1
Xiaosheng Zheng
Player Flag Stack BB
Xiaosheng Zheng China 619,000 155
Pak Valeriy Uzbekistan 606,000 152
Wang Michael United States 539,000 135
Bi Ran China 462,000 116
Merrilees Daniel David
United Kingdom 442,000 111
Hong Paul New Zealand 426,000 107
Sun Guo Dong China 310,000 78
Odwyer Stephen Ireland 236,000 59
Li Chao China 101,000 25
Yan David New Zealand 95,000 24
Zhendong Li China 87,000 22
Ogura Takashi Japan 78,000 20

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