WPT Korea: 160 players in the Main Event, Jason Lo Chip leader

The WPT National Korea festival has already served up some interesting side event action, but today, we are on to the Main Event, with day 1a and 1b now in the books.

WPT Korea Main 2

WPT Korea Main Event (Photo PKC)

Day 1A

The opening day of the tournament saw many important names in the Asian poker world pay the KRW2,200,000 buy in ($1888) and take their seats. The final number of entries for the day 1a reached 68, with only 24 of those surviving to the end of the day.

Raymond Wu, Bryan Huang, Sixiao Li, Jason Lo, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, and Sparrow Cheung are just a few of the big names who were heavily involved in day 1a action. Some of the names mentioned in that list have not only survived the first day, but taken sizable chip stacks forward to day 2.  At the end of two starting days, Bryan Huang is 51st in the chip counts, Sparrow Cheung is 46th, Tsuchikawa 25th, but it was Jason Lo and Sixiao Li who really stole the show. Both are members of Poker King Club’s team of pros, and they are now 1st and 3rd in the chip counts. Lo leads the way with 176,000, and is fresh off the back of winning the bounty tournament a couple of days ago.

WPT Jason Lo

Jason Lo (Photo PKC)

Day 1B

The second starting day always had a tough task ahead to match the excitement of day 1a, but with many more top pros taking to the felt today, it certainly did a good job. The total number of entries for day 1b grew to 92 giving us a final field size of 160 for the Main Event. The total prize pool is now set at KRW310,400,000 ($266,000).  Of the more notable names to participate in today’s action, the following are still alive and carrying stacks forward into day 2: Sam Ng (160,600), Alex Lee (140,400), Kai Paulsen (38,600). The chip leader at the end of day 1b was James Lee and he will be joining the big stacks from day 1a as the field merges.

WPT Korea Main

WPT Korea Main Day 1B (Photo PKC)

The top 3 finishers in this event are also set to win a free seat into the next Poker King Cup which will take place in the Philippines on June 9th.

Day 2 Seat draw

Player Name Country  Chip Count  Table Seat
Jason Wai Tung Lo Hong Kong 176,000 4 1
James Lee USA 168,800 4 2
Sixiao Li China 165,000 2 8
Sam Ng Malaysia 160,600 7 3
Toshiya Ogawa Japan  150,500 1 5
Alex Lee Singapore 140,400 3 5
Yubing Wang China 135,500 6 3
Ling Dong Meng China 131,500 2 2
Hoi Wong Hong Kong 122,100 2 9
Eddy Liang Chinese Taipei 121,200 4 8
Fei Luo China 109,000 6 2
Chengxin Wang China 108,000 3 2
Chung Wei Wu Chinese Taipei 102,400 2 1
Liwei Han China 101,100 3 7
Xin Xu China  97,700 4 5
Zhi Chao Zhang China 88,400 3 1
Meng Dian Peng China 81,300 6 5
Yiguang Xu China 76,800 5 4
Zheng Ge China 74,900 5 3
Qifeng Duan China 73,100 1 7
Xi Jie Sun China 70,500 3 9
Hattori Akiteru Japan  68,900 5 6
Fei Huang China 68,400 3 3
Shang Shang Liu China 65,300 5 1
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa Japa 63,100 6 4
Shaobo Li China 58,400 1 2
Kenji Hata Japan 57,400 2 4
Guofu Chen China 56,400 4 9
Zhe Wang China 55,700 5 2
Gareth Pepper New Zealand 53,800 1 9
Hongjun Liu China 52,500 3 4
Chuan Song Chen China 50,300 1 4
Hyunshik Yun Korea 50,300 7 1
Henrik Tollefsen Norway 48,800 6 7
Fen Gao China 48,300 2 7
WeiQing Yang China 47,700 5 5
HuaFeng Gu China 46,800 4 7
Fei Gao China 46,500 4 3
Phachara Wongwichit Australia 45,600 1 6
Yuto Takeuchi Japan 45,300 5 7
Andy Asihwardji Canada 45,000 3 8
Kai Paulsen Norway 38,600 6 1
Jie Xin Liu China 38,000 7 7
Celine Li China 33,900 2 6
Fan Fan China 32,800 7 5
Sparrow Cheung Hong Kong 31,500 4 6
Chang Ting Chen China 31,400 7 2
Kai Jun Xiao China 31,100 2 5
Jia Yu China 30,300 6 8
Vincent Kwun Ngai Li Hong Kong 29,200 7 6
Bryan Huang Singapore 27,800 2 3
Yin Liu China  25,500 4 4
Zhong Yang China  25,000 1 1
Yuefeng Tang China 23,400 1 8
Kaixun Zhang China 22,100 6 6
Tanaka Masatoshi Japan 21,000 7 4
Kilian Loeffler German  14,400 7 8
Shuai Sun China 13,700 5 8
Nakata Kinichi Japan 12,500 3 6
Kawata Yuji Japan  12,000 1 3
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