WPT Cambodia: Pierre Yves Faivre surges for Freezeout win; Short Deck goes to Duy Ho

More side event celebration at the inaugural WPT Cambodia here in NagaWorld Phnom Penh as three more players walked away victorious. The latest winners were Pierre Yves Faivre, Duy Ho, and Mr Blablata, each one awarded a chic WPT crystal trophy and of course a thick wad for their wallet. We’ve got those results for you below. We also have an update on the ongoing US$ 5,300 buy-in Super High Rollers where a powerhouse lineup concluded Day 1 with 17 remaining.

In motion on Thursday, November 21 is none other than the US$ 1,100 buy-in Main Event. The star attraction extends a US$ 250,000 guarantee. All details provided below.

Megastack Freezeout: PIERRE YVES FAIVRE – US$ 19,952

The two day US$ 550 buy-in Megastack Freezeout event resumed today with the final 9 of the 149 total entries back on the felt. Portions of the US$ 72,265 pot were already claimed in Day 1 starting at 14th place. Staging an impressive run was France’s Pierre Yves Faivre who ran up his 14 bb short stack to victory.

champ cropped
Pierre Yves Faivre

After the elimination of Kohei Nakai ((9th) followed by Dhanesh Chainani (8th), it took time for the next to fall and when it did, they tumbled fast in succession: Erik Billgren (7th), Jerome Bradpiece (6th), and bubble assassin Ping Liu (5th). The day’s entering chip leader Gaurav Sood ran out of fuel in 4th place leaving Faivre flanked by big stacks Ravi Shankar Metlapalli and Kue Seong Tchong.

Three-way action was fierce. Faivre doubled up with 6h6s set over Metlapalli’s AcKc on a board 7h9d6c8d3h then Tchong nosedived out in 3rd place holding As7d straight on a board 4d8h6s5cQh against Metlapalli’s 7h9h nuts straight. This brought about heads up with Metlapalli well ahead over 3:1 in chips.The game continued with both players getting busy while enjoying a nice cold beer.

ENZ 9729
Pierre Yves Faivre “I ordered 2 beers and it’s in your tab”

Faivre tightened the gap when his Ac8c spiked an ace on the board to overtake 10d10h. Another two big pots followed, both claimed by Faivre to earn him the chip lead. One was a failed bluff by Metlapalli betting big with 7s6d on a board 9c8sKh2cQd, Faivre called with 9s5s pair. Up 6:1, Faivre shipped it with QcJd pairing up the jack to beat Metlapalli’s A-7.


1st Pierre Yves Faivre – France – US$ 19,952
2nd Ravi Shankar Metlapalli – India – US$ 12,646
3rd Kue Seong Tchong – Australia – US$ 7,443
4th Gaurav Sood – India – US$ 4,519
5th Ping Liu – USA – US$ 3,505
6th Jerome Bradpiece – UK – US$ 2,894
7th Erik Billgren – Sweden – US$ 2,529
8th Dhanesh Chainani – Singapore – US$ 2,258
9th Kohei Nakai – Japan – US$ 1,995
10th Kai Paulsen – Norway – US$ 1,734
11th Rudolf Mitja – Slovenia – US$ 1,734
12th Chakshu Deep Raina – India – US$ 1,734
13th Jin Yong – Malaysia – US$ 1,481
14th Ho Keun Chang – Korea – US$ 1,481
15th Maxime Fortin Demers – Canada – US$ 1,481
16th Hamish Crawshaw – New Zealand – US$ 1,265
17th Leo Dominic Worthington-Leese – Falkland Islands – US$ 1,265
18th Jeffrey Robert Davis – USA – US$ 1,265
19th Trung Hieu Tran – Vietnam – US$ 1,084

Short Deck: DUY MANH HO

shortdeck champ
Duy Ho

The US$ 300 buy-in Short Deck also ran for two days attracting 94 runners for a prize pool of US$ 25,142. Day 1 closed at ITM with 14 remaining and Duc Tuan Tran as chip leader. Returning to action, the final table was formed at the fall of Deok-Yeong Lee (8th) to eventual champion Duy Ho. Tran was stopped in 6th place. Another two fallouts later, three remained led by Chung Fai Ngeow and Duy a very close second. Players then reached an ICM deal leaving US$ 300 aside and the trophy to fight for.

Duy doubled up to a monstrous lead with Jh8s two pair over Chung’s Qs7s on a board Js8d10sKh7d. Chunked down to 8 bbs, Chung recovered on two double ups through Duy with the second win cracking aces with quad nines. Duy proceeded to eliminate George Sandford holding a dominating Ac10d over Ah7h. Instead of playing it out, both agreed to award big stacked Duy the win.


1st Duy Manh Ho – Vietnam – US$ 6,015 (deal made)
2nd Chung Fai Ngeow – Malaysia – US$ 6,000 (deal made)
3rd George Robert Sandford – UK – US$ 5,000 (deal made)
4th Svara Blaz – Slovenia – US$ 2,070
5th Chee Hoong Yeoh – Malaysia – US$ 1,599
6th Duc Tuan Tran – Vietnam – US$ 1,313
7th Hing Yaong Chow – Malaysia – US$ 1,113
8th Deok-Yeong Lee – Korea – US$ 971
9th Markus Garberg – Norway – US$ 856
10th Michael Roberth Hahn – USA – US$ 756
11th Sze Ming Foo – Malaysia – US$ 756
12th Kwok Weng Beh – Malaysia – US$ 756
13th Lai Heng Foo – Malaysia – US$ 671
14th Tomaz Kogovsek – Slovenia – US$ 671

 Bounty Tournament: MR BLABLATA

ENZ 0038

Filling up a large section of the room was today’s US$ 300 buy-in Bounty tournament with 197 fired up for a piece of the US$ 31,894 cash pot. By the seventh hour, the field downsized to three tables and the bubble was at hand. The money was reached when Ankit Wadhawan’s 10-9 spiked a ten on the board to deny a player’s A-K. This earned him a fourth bounty reward worth US$ 100 each. From there, 25 players raced to the title and the lion’s share of US$ 7,935.

By the ninth hour, the final table of 9 players was formed, among them was the earlier Megastack Freezeout 3rd place finisher Kue Seong Tchong. He ended his hunt in 5th place. The champion emerged on the 13th hour with Mr Blablata coming from behind to deny Chengbei Li the win.


1st Mr Blablata – US$ 7,935
2nd Chengbei Li – China – US$ 5,466
3rd Volnei De Zorzi – Italy – US$ 3,269
4th Xiaoqian Ji – China – US$ 1,989
5th Kue Seong Tchong – Australia – US$ 1,536
6th Guiyang Wang – China – US$ 1,273
7th Asheque Elahi – Bangladesh – US$ 1,084
8th Xin Zhao – China – US$ 938
9th Nudurumati Pradeep – India – US$ 794
10th In Dong Kim – Korea – US$ 691
11th Erwan Michel Regnault – France – US$ 691
12th Mark Leon Kline – USA – US$ 691
13th Anthony Do – Vietnam – US$ 590
14th Axel Leopold Baldie Hallay – France – US$ 590
15th Kuang Hung Lee – Taiwan SAR – US$ 590
16th Yen Han Chen – Taiwan SAR – US$ 490
17th Michael Norman Wood – USA – US$ 490
18th Le Ngoc Khanh – Vietnam – US$ 490
19th Yuanxi Chen – Singapore – US$ 391
20th Michael Doverklint – Sweden – US$ 391
21st Ankit Wadhawan – India – US$ 391
22nd Oliver Stadelmann – Switzerland – US$ 295
23rd Justin Scott Kadet – USA – US$ 295
24th David Erquiaga – Philippines – US$ 295
25th Yue Shen – China – US$ 239


Super High Rollers

Registration for the Super High Rollers closed with 54 players (44 uniques and 10 re-entries) coughing up the US$ 5,300 buy-in. This built a very handsome US$ 261,900 prize pool of which 7 players will profit and a wealthy US$ 96,901 to the eventual winner.

After 13 rounds of play, 17 remained. Australia’s Michael Egan topped the counts with 2,130,000. Egan is not a regular face in Asia though he has cashed a few times in the past. His live tournament career is filled with deep runs exceeding US$ 1.2 million in earnings.

ENZ 9994
Michael Egan

Michael Egan – Australia – 2,130,000
Ping Liu – USA – 1,630,000
Paul Hong – New Zealand – 1,585,000
Yunsheng Sun – China – 1,075,000
Andre Lettau – Germany – 930,000
Kok Wai Sim – Malaysia – 820,000
Gabriel Carter – UK – 740,000
Hamish Crawshaw – New Zealand – 730,000
Ying Lin Chua – Malaysia – 670,000
Natalie Siew Po Teh – Malaysia – 630,000
Piet Pape – Denmark – 560,000
Fook Kiong Chong – Malaysia – 440,000
Phachara Wongwichit – Thailand – 375,000
Abhinav Iyer – India – 360,000
Jun Wah Yap – Malaysia – 355,000
Wei Hsiang Yeu – Malaysia – 345,000
Ming Juen Teoh – Malaysia – 275,000

When the players return tomorrow, the blinds kick off at 15K-25K ante 25K. Average stack is 794,117 with 13,500,000 chips in play.

Cash game

It wasn’t just the tournament tables rousing up the room, cash games were also offered alongside. As of 8pm, ten tables were running. A wild pot of over US$ 100K was spotted at the Short Deck event.

$100/ $200 Short Deck – 1 table
$5/$10 No Limit Hold’em – 1 table
$5/$10 Pot Limit Omaha – 1 table
$2/$5 Pot Limit Omaha – 1 table
$2/$5 No Limit Hold’em – 6 tables

Main Event starts on November 21

Bringing everyone to WPT Cambodia is the tour’s prestigious tournament, the US$ 1,100 buy-in Main Event with a guaranteed US$ 250,000 prize pool. Have a look at the schedule below and pull up a seat.

Day 1A: Thursday, November 21 @ 1pm
Day 1B: Friday, November 22 @ 1pm
Day 1C: Saturday, November 23 @ 1pm
Day 2: Sunday, November 24 @ 12pm
Final Table Day: Monday, November 25 @ 1pm

Somuchpoker is onsite so stick with us as we bring you all the news, updates, info, and results. We will also have Main Event live updates running throughout.

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