When the GPL is a lot of fun to watch: Nanonoko vs Jungelman

The Global Poker League is aiming to revolutionise the way people are watching poker. After 3 weeks of competition hundreds of hours of poker are already available on the GPI Youtube Channel. People are able to see top pros challenging themselves while seeing their hole cards and listening to them comment on their thinking process.

One of the greatest moment of this competition so far has been without any doubt the epic battle between Nanonoko and Jungelman.

Match 1: Randy Law ”Jungelman gets angry easily it’s going to be easy”

In match 1, we see pre match interviews from Randy Lew and Daniel Cates, with Lew needling Cates about his apparent tilt issues. When the match gets underway, it doesn’t take long for the first big pot, as the money goes in on a coinflip, which Lew wins. As fans have come to expect from the entertaining Cates, a lot of angry mumbling throughout is coupled with a major misclick, and a good dose of verbal banter from Lew.

Match 2: Payback time: Randy gets slow rolled by Jungelman

In match 2, Cates seems to have cheered up somewhat after his first match loss, as he chuckles away and chats constantly to himself. Another big flip leaves Lew short, but he begins to rebuild, only to then be caught out by a tricky value raise with trips on the flop by Cates. True to form, Cates then sends the chat room crazy by delivering a cruel slow roll when Lew shoves.

Match 3: High level Poker


Match 3 brings yet more great dialogue from Cates, along with a top pair turned river bluff shove by the fans favourite. Soon after, Lew then retaliates by making a great river shove to force Cates off a chop when both players have a Straight. Great play, and great entertainment from both players.


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