Watch Aaron Paul making his first appearance in the GPL Cube

GPL Summer Series – Aaron Paul vs Fabrice Soulier (Full Replay)

The Cube
The Global Poker League has been an interesting and exciting new evolution of poker since it began, with this being the week when everything moves up a level. With live matches now taking place, the cube has come into play, and is an interesting twist on live poker. Essentially, the cube is a giant glass cage. It is sound proof, and players must go into the cube in order to play against each other. Their cards appear on screens in front of them, and they can touch the screen to indicate their actions. The players are stood upright, can talk to each other, but can hear nothing outside of the cube.

Aaron Paul vs Fabrice Soulier

The opening match of the GPL Summer Series saw Aaron Paul taking on Fabrice Soulier in a best of three heads up match. Throughout the game Soulier was on excellent form, making some very good folds, but it must be said that Paul played well too, and in fact went on to win the match two games to one.

These cross conference matches will take place throughout the WSOP and give teams their last chance to pick up some serious points during the season. The overall reaction to the GPL has so far been mixed, which makes this part of the competition very important to the organisers. If the cube concept were to be met with a bad reaction, it would be a huge disappointment. If it succeeds, the GPL could become a highly popular part of summer poker for decades to come.

GPL Americas Standings

# Team Points Wins
1  Montreal Nationals 106 10
2  LA Sunset 101 9
3  New York Rounders 87 7
4  Sao Paulo Mets 82 6
5  San Francisco Rush 75 7
6  Las Vegas Moneymakers 71 4

GPL Eurasia Standings

# Team Points Wins
1  London Royals 100 10
2  Moscow Wolverines 95 8
3  Hong Kong Stars 91 6
4  Paris Aviators 89 9
5  Berlin Bears 74 4
6  Rome Emperors 63 3

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