[Videos] Pokerstars Unveils New Top 5 Moments Video Series

This week, PokerStars have been making use of YouTube to expand their brand and bring some of the most exciting moments in poker to the watching world. Presented in a bite sized series of “Top 5” videos, each one covers a different aspect of live poker and offers some of the finest examples seen on television.

Top 5 Worst Poker Bad Beats

The action kicks off with the trusty fan favourite – bad beats. It’s not necessarily the brutal turn of the card that fans enjoy, but the human reaction, which can be volatile depending on the player involved. Phil Hellmuth as ever, provides the most entertainment in this one.

Top 5 Biggest Poker Blow-Ups

The second video presents the top 5 blow-ups, with some explosive reactions to uncomfortable situations. As you might expect, Phil Hellmuth takes number 1 spot in this one.

Top 5 Best Poker Bluffs

The top 5 bluffs video gives an excellent insight into some top quality poker play, with all the emotional turmoil still there to be laughed at.

Top 5 Sickest Poker Coolers

The fourth video in the series is all about the dreaded cooler. Those cruel hands that nobody can get away from can send players from a gleeful state of counting the chips they’re about to win, to wondering how they managed to lose the hand


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