[Videos] 3 reasons why you shouldn’t slowroll

Slowroll: To take an inordinate amount of time to call an all-in bet or raise as the last player to act, and nobody else besides the all-in player remaining in the hand, all while holding the nuts.

This falsely raises your opponent’s expectations of winning the pot, only to shatter them, for no strategic reason. It is considered very unsportsmanlike.

Why is it bad? Poker etiquette


First of all, our villain tries an angle shoot by faking an accidental raise…then he slowrolls his opponent. Watch this beautiful piece of karmic justice unfold.

This time it’s very well liked and hugely respected player Donnacha O’Dea who is on the receiving end of a disgraceful slowroll. Once again though, there is a heart warming twist to the tale.

This one does not have a happy conclusion, and serves as a warning to those who think it’s funny to slowroll someone.

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Graduated in Media Communication at the University of Lausanne, Louis Hartman is a co-founder of He began his career in Cambodia as freelance journalist. In same time he was making his living by playing poker every night at that time. Intense learner, he read dozens of poker strategy books to improve his skills during many years. With a strong interest about poker "behind the scene" in Asia and his communication skills, Louis launched Somuchpoker in 2014.

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