[Video] The day that Hellmuth bested Ivey in the all time bracelet race

It’s June 11th 2012, and the World Series of Poker is in full swing. Pockets of light hearted commotion can be found across the main tournament room as chips shift and cards are pitched. In two quiet corners of this room however, tension builds as history unfolds.


On one side is Phil Hellmuth, the most decorated man in World Series history with 11 bracelets. On the other is Phil Ivey, the man who poses the greatest threat to Hellmuth‘s all time bracelet record. Hellmuth has never won a non Holdem bracelet in his career, and is heads up against Don Zewin in the $2,500 7 Card Razz event. In the midst of a 5 year spell where he has failed to win a bracelet, some are voicing the opinion that Hellmuth’s abilities are starting to fade.

Meanwhile, Ivey is heads up against Andy Frenkenberger in the $10,000 Pot Limit Holdem event. Ivey is more than a decade younger than Hellmuth, holds 8 bracelets and is widely acclaimed as the best poker player alive. Many expect him to overtake Hellmuth‘s record within the coming years. This pivotal moment in poker history could see Hellmuth‘s lead over Ivey extend to 4, or be cut to just 2.

Voice and script by Craig B.

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