[Video] 10 for 10: the story behind Martin Jacobson’s Main Event victory

Swedish pro Martin Jacobson did not have an easy run in the 2014 Main Event, and was left grinding away with a short stack for so much of the late stages. As a man who enjoys meditation, eats well, and appears to have a naturally calm personality, Jacobson never seemed at all fazed by clinging on with a short stack as the final table shots were firing back and forth. Even when he fell to just 7 big blinds, he never appeared animated or stressed. The poker he played remained exemplary, and eventually, he managed to gain a little traction, as a few hands came his way. That was all the Swede needed to drag himself back into the fight for the bracelet.

After eliminating Will Tonking in 4th, Jacobson finally had the chips to push on, and from that point – he never looked back, eventually felling perennial big stack, Jorryt Van Hoof, and beating Felix Stephenson to take the $10 million 1st prize. Mark Newhouse could have been the most interesting story of the final table that year, as he made back to back 9th place finishes, but Jacobson was not Newhouse. He didn’t try to run huge bluffs. He examined, and carefully dissected his opponents with surgical precision.

Watch the story behind this epic victory

A film by Dan Styrlund and Tommy Little, in association with: Cinebloc, Natural Stacks and produced by Ben Hebert and Roy Krebs

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