USOP 2021 World of Champions -2 Road to Glory is back

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U Series of Poker – World of Champions 2 is bound to be the biggest global online poker event and the only way to be a part of it is to become a UPoker Player. Download UPoker now and get further tournament details in upcoming app updates.

The one and only poker arena to find the Ultimate Online Poker Champion, U-Series Of Poker is back again. USOP- World of Champions 2 offers 7 weeks of poker madness beginning 1st of August to 19th of September 2021.  This could be the MTT that turns your life around, read more to find out why.

The Story –

UPoker sees the return of USOP organized by the biggest Online Poker Union, Universal Grand. Here is a tournament for the everyman.  Whether you’re a professional or  a newcomer, the playing ground is leveled.  The world arena is brought to the palms of every poker lover, only on UPoker.

USOP-World of Champions allows every poker enthusiast a chance to compete in a truly global poker arena. Grab your golden opportunity to turn a hobby into a legacy.

The Event

USOP-World of Champions is organized by Universal Grand. Universal Grand  is the largest Online Poker Union. The Union has a global player-base from highly reputable regional poker unions. Your UPoker Club needs to be a part of Universal Grand  for you to view and participate in

USOP-World of Champions 2.

UPoker believes that online tournaments are the future of competitive poker tournaments. USOP-World of Champions 2 will be the biggest online poker event to mark the progress of competitive poker into the online realm.

Map out your seven week-long road to millions with the complete schedule USOP – World of Champions 2 below:

U series 1

U Series 2

U Series 3

U seriees 4A

U Series 4 C

U series 5

U series 6

U Series Of Poker Main Event Trophy

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The highly esteemed USOP trophies will be sent out to the winners. The main event trophy awaits to fall in the hands of the Ultimate Online Poker Champion of USOP – World of Champions 2.

The regal, truly one-of-a-kind Main Event Champion Trophy

From base to tip, the USOP Main Event Trophy is made of aircraft grade aluminum imbued with premium 24K Gold & the highest grade Silver.

The gallant dual wings of Silver& Gold are crafted to emphasize the champion who is a class above all opponents. The Grand Champion Trophy is a genuinely priceless artistic masterpiece.

The UPoker logo that stems from the middle represents the one and only online mobile poker platform that made this possible. Be a UPoker player today to get a chance to grab these trophies USOP World of champions 3 kicks-off on the 1st of August 2021.

What Should You Do?

At the core of ever poker player, there is a champion waiting to be born. Enter the world of champions from the comfort of your home. In 2021 the world poker arena comes to your doorstep.

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