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A year back UPoker began with a modest player pool concentrated in one region. We simply wanted to create a poker app with the ultimate customization to the point where it feels like playing at home. Allowing you to create your own club, your own tables and tournaments the way you want it. All we had to do was answer the simple question, “what does a poker player expect in a home game?”

UPoker‘s ‘player first’ attitude, in our features, marketing campaigns and policies, rapidly grew the platform into a global poker community. Today, UPoker has been downloaded into over 1.5million active devices and the numbers are growing every day.  We look back at yesteryear’s journey and realize we would not have made it this far without the love and support of true poker lovers. There has been countless concerned feedbacks that were received with gratitude and improvements were made with love.

UPoker stands out with their impressive line-up of poker variants. Apart from the common formats, such as No-Limit Hold’em (NLH), Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and Open Face Chinese (OFC), UPoker also offers the newly trending ShortDeck (SDK) poker variant. If that’s not enough, each and every one of those poker variant tables can be tailor made to fit your needs and preferences. Experience limitless possibilities with unlimited customization.

UPoker’s must-explore feature is the Multi-Screen function. It is a new leap in poker app technology whereby users just need one account to sit in up to 4 different tables in various online UPoker clubs at the same time. Quadruple the action and excitement, now that’s what we call the future of online poker! You may even chose between a stacked

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Most importantly players would want to be in an online poker club that is well-managed. This ensures the smoothness of a user’s experience in their online poker club. It provides a sense of stability and security giving you peace of mind, allowing more focus and involvement to be put on playing the game. You’re in luck; UPoker is an application that allows club owners to automate their club management. This gives every UPoker club high precision and efficiency in managing their club activities .

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Everything great about UPoker was once a poker lover’s dream. Our application is tailored to give players a wholesome poker experience.With a brand new hope, UPoker confidently strides forward continuing our journey towards “bigger, better poker”.


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Article sponsored by Upoker

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