UAnniversary 2: A UPoker sneak peek

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UPoker began its journey two years ago with the sole purpose of bringing bigger better poker to the global poker community. UPoker is the living embodiment of poker future. Today, UPoker stands as the epitome of poker technology with state-of-the-art game & security programming. The application celebrates its 2nd anniversary, aptly named UAnniversary from 7th to 28th July 2021. This month-long UAnniversary Season is bound to leave you breathless with a wide array of exciting new add-ons.

More than an app; UPoker is a tailored poker universe.

UPoker, as mentioned, aims to bring the joy of playing poker the way people wish to play it, anywhere – anytime. This required the application to collect feedback and make constant upgrades on their system and their services. Listening to the players, caring for them and evolving along with their needs have made UPoker achieve a lasting relationship with the global poker market.

MultiUnion – A UPoker Invention

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The genius minds behind UPoker conceived the idea of Multi-Unions to move online poker into the realm of bigger better poker. UPoker’s Multi-Union feature lets you join clubs that are part of two unions consisting of clubs from various time zones. Allowing your club to have 24/7 active tables all year long. More importantly, you get to pit your skills against international opponents.

New User Interface

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The fresh & futuristic new UPoker user interface is set to launch during the UAnniversary from 7th to 28th July 2021. The new user interface was designed to give you the sensation of playing in a virtual poker universe. UPoker is constantly evolving to meet the market’s needs.

Assortment of New Hot Features

These features are already available for use in the UPoker App.

Share Hand Playback

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The hand playback feature is a recent addition to the UPoker platform where users are not only able to playback their most recent 100 hands, but also get to save them and share them in full HD quality. Download now and enjoy the share hand feature.

Puzzle Verification

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Bigger, Better Poker Tournaments

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During UAnniversary, UPoker offers bigger better poker free-roll tournaments in the UPoker lobby with up to 500k Lobby Coins GTD. Keep an eye out for more UPoker Lobby MTT Series that offer VIP cards for winners in the weeks leading up to UAnniversary. Don’t miss the action this UAnniversary Season from 7th to 28th July 2021.

Unique Game Mode Enhancements

Swap NLH

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UPoker offers the most variety in game modes in the poker industry. The innovation of game modes got to the point where SWAP NLH, was invented as a game mode unique to UPoker. Swap NLH allows players to swap one or both their hole cards at any ‘street’ of a poker game. The swap is allowed once. This means the gameplay strategy might change halfway through the game, after the flop, at the turn or river. Swap NLH is quickly gaining popularity after its introduction. The ability to swap cards in the middle of the game smoothly without error was only made possible with top-notch programming that is synonymous with the UPoker mobile poker application.

6+ NLH

The other popular poker mode that can be found in UPoker is 6+, or better known as short deck. Playing short deck Hold’em makes it easier to hit a set than when playing the regular game. Short deck players holding a pocket pair have 2 cards remaining from the 34 to give them a set as opposed to 2 cards out of 50 in the regular game.


UPoker too has increased the excitement on the Pot Limit Omaha Games by adding the Hi-Lo feature.

Apart from the conventional poker modes, UPoker has essentially revolutionised poker gameplay by reinventing poker game modes to truly deliver a bigger better poker experience. Only an app that is totally dedicated to the advancement of poker is able to dedicate so much time, technology and brain-power to enhancing poker to such a degree.

Looking Back after two whole years

2 years, 1 million downloads, 60 countries and 7 continents later, UPoker is still the pioneer of poker technology. It is still the one & only online mobile poker application with the drive to keep on reinventing poker. UPoker’s goal is not just to bring bigger better poker to poker lovers, but to extend the reach of the mind-sport to the rest of the world. UPoker in principle believes that the game of poker is truly a human-game that is found on skill and a sense of community. For the second UAnniversary, UPoker has prepared a generous number of discount events, giveaways and competitions to give the ultimate anniversary experience. If you are a poker lover, UPoker is where you belong. Join a community of like-minded poker enthusiasts and explore a tailor made poker universe. Download UPoker today!

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